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Listen Online

You can listen to or download all the lectures for free. There are two formats available. Please click on your preferred format. You can also purchase a complete MP3 set described on CD/DVD page.
MP3 32kbps CBR
These are the same files as on the MP3 CD/DVD sets. Suitable for listeners with fast internet connection.
RealAudio 8.5kbps
Suitable for listeners with slow internet connection. You need to download a free RealPlayer from real.com.

Some lectures in China that have not been processed yet

Srila Prabhupada Lectures with Chinese Translations
(If you cannot access this link, try here.)


The following video is in RealVideo format (80kbps). You can also purchase the DVD from us.
LEFT click on the LENGTH to watch online, RIGHT click on the SIZE to download.
God, Demigods and Incarnations 73:57 43.2M