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Year 1983 Lectures

While listening to any lectures by His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami, please keep in mind that these lectures were given over three decades. The times changed and therefore some of the comments are obviously relevant to that point in time only. However, at the same time, most of the content is inspired from the eternal teachings of the Vedic Literatures and Gaudiya Vaisnava sampradaya (disciplic succession). In that light, the messages on these lectures have eternal instructions that can benefit listeners regardless of time, place, and circumstances.

Term of Use: You can download the lectures for your personal use or to share with other devotees. You are not allowed to charge others for the lectures. You are not allowed to host the lectures on your own website. Feel free to link to our website from your website.

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Date   PlaceVerseLengthSizeTitleSeries
1983.01.03Dallas, USInitiation48:4811.2MAssociate With the Holy Name 
1983.01.15Norman, USConversation58:2413.4MAt the Krsna Yoga Center 
1983.01.16Dallas, USSB 3.12.4837:478.6MOur Devotees Must Be First-class 
1983.01.17Dallas, US 101:5423.3MTest Out the Movement 
1983.01.20Houston, USSB 1.12.1954:0112.4MA Vaisnava Is the Servant of Everyone 
1983.01.31Hong KongSB 1.8.4240:4011.6M  
1983.02Houston, US 90:5320.8MMeeting With Tennis Pro's 
1983.02.02Hong KongSB 1.8.4426:167.5MWho We Hear From Is Very Important 
1983.02.04Hong KongSB 1.8.4629:198.4MBhismadeva's Departure 
1983.02.12Dallas, USSB 3.13.4336:468.4MThe Devotees Enjoy Seeing Krsna 
1983.02.13Dallas, USSB 3.13.4439:399.1MSucking the Juice of Material Pleasure 
1983.02.14Dallas, US 75:2617.3MKrsna Is the Original Valentine 
1983.02.16Dallas, USSB 3.13.4967:4815.5MMake the One Lifetime Experiment 
1983.02.17Houston, USSB 1.13.956:2712.9MThese Books Are Deities 
1983.02.18Houston, USSB 1.13.1056:2412.9MPure Devotees Are Places of Pilgrimage 
1983.02.19Houston, USSB 1.13.1147:5311.0MEveryone Should Become a Mahatma 
1983.02.21Dallas, USSB 3.14.973:0316.7MSex Life Must Be Regulated 
1983.02.22New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.6.4967:1915.4MCreating New Kuruksetra Dhama 
1983.02.23New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.7.258:3913.4MDiplomatic Immunity of a Devotee 
1983.02.25Houston, USNityananda Trayodasi SB 1.13.1772:0216.5MThe Krsna Consciousness Movement Is Making a Revolution 
1983.02.26Houston, USSB 1.13.1860:0013.7MA Devotee Must Be Sober 
1983.02.27Dallas, USSB 3.14.1280:5318.5MThe Way to Control Sex EnergyIdeal Grhastha Series
1983.03.01Dallas, USSB 3.14.1749:3911.4MPreaching Means to Upset the Status QuoIdeal Grhastha Series
1983.03.02Dallas, USSB 3.14.1843:4110.0MFollowing the Orders of the GuruIdeal Grhastha Series
1983.03.04Dallas, USSB 3.14.2176:1317.4MNow Is the Time to Strengthen the RanksIdeal Grhastha Series
1983.03.07New York, USSB 3.8.23-2441:509.6MThe Beauty of Radha Govinda 
1983.03.09Villa Vrindavana, ItalySB 2.2.480:3418.4MWe Don't Want Shooting Stars, w/ Italian 
1983.03.24Mayapur, IndiaSB 3.25.1960:4413.9MWe Can Please Krsna by Our Devotion 
1983.03.30Bombay, IndiaSB 2.8.539:579.1MBecome a Bhagavata Devotee 
1983.04.14Hong KongSB 1.10.2252:0714.9MGet the Mercy - Preach 
1983.04.15Hong KongSB 1.10.2348:4814.0MSankirtana Yoga 
1983.04.17Hong KongSB 1.10.2555:4516.0MKrsna Pioneers 
1983.04.20Dallas, USArrival30:357.0MYou Must Persevere in Spiritual Life 
1983.04.24Dallas, USSB 3.15.3544:1510.1MReal Strength Is Purity 
1983.04.25Dallas, USSB 3.15.3689:1020.4MSouls Don't Get Disconnected 
1983.04.30Houston, USSB 1.14.3478:3718.0MTwo-legged Animals Don't Recognize Chastity 
1983.05.01 SFL53:4812.3MPlease Become Krsna's Devotee 
1983.05.05Dallas, USSB 3.15.4656:2612.9M  
1983.05.06Dallas, USSB 3.15.4867:0215.3MLife Is a Preparation for Death 
1983.05.08Dallas, USSB 3.15.5074:0116.9MA Devotee Never Falls Down 
1983.05.08Dallas, USSFL70:2716.1MAssociate With Those Close to God 
1983.05.09Dallas, USSB 3.16.1-248:1911.1MFaith Develops From Good Examples 
1983.05.11Houston, USSB 1.15.124:445.7MBecome Pure and Give Your Association 
1983.05.22Hong KongSB 1.12.159:3517.0MOur Devotees Are the Best Saints 
1983.05.28Dallas, USArrival SB 3.16.2368:4115.7MNot Only the Books Have to Be Perfect 
1983.05.29Dallas, USSB 3.16.2484:0119.2MKrsna Consciousness Is Faultless 
1983.05.30Dallas, USSB 3.16.2567:1715.4MThe Acarya Is Faultless 
1983.06Dallas, USSB 3.16.3579:2118.2MWe Are All Failures at Control 
1983.06.03Houston, USSB 1.15.2157:4313.2MFailure Is a Stepping Stone to Success 
1983.06.04Houston, USSB 1.15.22-2463:3014.5MMolding Our Transcendental Character 
1983.06.05Dallas, USSB 3.17.1559:0313.5MDo Not Identify With Superficial Covering 
1983.06.05Dallas, USSFL BG 5.2664:1614.7MWe Should Listen to Krsna 
1983.06.07New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.8.3632:157.4MShaving Off Material Desires 
1983.06.08New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.8.3739:219.0MKeeping Our Spiritual Appetite Strong 
1983.07.12New Kuruksetra, USRatha-yatra Cc74:4417.1M  
1983.07.16New Kuruksetra, USSB 4.8.8247:0410.8MMarriage Means Trouble 
1983.07.20Houston, USSB 1.16.763:2414.5MTake Advantage of the Human Form of Life 
1983.07.20Dallas, USSB 3.19.29-3071:0216.3MNo One Falls Down if They Are Pure 
1983.07.22Dallas, USSB 3.19.3348:2911.1MService Is a Science 
1983.07.23Dallas, USInterview42:269.7MOn the Ed Busch Show 
1983.07.26Dallas, USSB 3.19.3734:448.0MHearing Requires Following 
1983.07.27Dallas, USSB 3.19.3855:3412.7MOn the Battlefield One Becomes Strong 
1983.07.29Dallas, USSB 3.20.246:0910.6MGetting Out of the Material World 
1983.08.02Dallas, USSB 3.20.873:3416.8MOnly Outstanding Devotees Go Back to Godhead 
1983.08.03Dallas, USSB 3.20.973:4416.9MNo Breaks in an Airtight Schedule 
1983.08.10Dallas, USSB 3.20.2253:3712.3MLife Is Meant for Preaching 
1983.08.23Dallas, USBalarama Purnima25:495.9MOnly Have Krsna to Lean On 
1983.08.25Hong KongSB 1.14.255:0212.6MGive Your Life to Your Guru 
1983.08.27Hong KongSB 1.14.441:499.6MHearing From the Proper Authorities 
1983.08.28Hong KongSFL BG 2.16105:3724.2MThis Knowledge Is Priceless, w/ Cantonese 
1983.08.29Hong KongSB 1.14.6-843:3310.0MKrsna Consciousness Is Like a Diamond 
1983.09.04Taipei, TaiwanSB 5.11.531:227.2MOur Center Has to Be a Beacon 
1983.09.05Taipei, TaiwanSB 5.1.1240:359.3MConnecting Everything With Krsna 
1983.09.07Manila, PHEve Darsana BG 4.9120:5627.7MThe Guru Lives According to Scripture 
1983.09.08Cebu, PHArrival28:306.5MOur Main Duty Is to Spread the Holy Name 
1983.09.08Cebu, PHLecture60:2513.8MReal Religion Means to Love God 
1983.09.09Cebu, PHLecture83:3719.1MThe Science of The Kingdom of God; We Are Giving Degrees in Sainthood 
1983.09.11Cebu, PHSFL BG 8.2179:0518.1MThe World Needs More Saints 
1983.09.13Cebu, PHSB 1.6.159:2313.6MFollow the Spiritually Wealthy Spiritual Master 
1983.09.15Manila, PHEve Darsana43:149.9MKrsna Is Controlled by His Devotees 
1983.09.16Manila, PHSB 4.13.8-959:5213.7MTo Be a Vaisnava Is Not a Cheap Thing 
1983.09.16Manila, PHEve Darsana NOD 379:3118.2M  
1983.09.17Manila, PHEve Darsana CcAdi 3.5858:2113.4MReal Progress Means Solutions to Birth, Disease, Old Age and Death 
1983.09.18Cebu, PHSFL BG 3.2191:3020.9MStop Giving This Movement a Bad Name 
1983.09.19Cebu, PHSB 1.6.355:1412.6MThere Is No Love in This Material World 
1983.09.20Cebu, PHBhaktivinoda App21:435.0M  
1983.09.20Cebu, PHInterview46:2910.6MRadio Interview 
1983.09.21Cebu, PHHaridasa Thakura Disapp11:132.6MYe Anilo Prema Dhana Prayer 
1983.09.23Manila, PHCcM 19.150-15741:309.5MThis Body Is a Good Packaging Job Only 
1983.09.23Manila, PHEve Darsana BG 18.5029:346.8MDon't Expect Instant Success in Spiritual Life 
1983.09.24Manila, PHEve Darsana BG 17.440:169.2MFree From Mundane Aspirations 
1983.09.28Manila, PHArrival26:576.2MEven Narada Muni Doesn't Travel Alone 
1983.10.01Cebu, PHSB 1.6.1658:0713.3MChanting Will Take Us Out of the Material World 
1983.10.02Cebu, PHSB 1.6.1776:2417.5MWe Cannot See God With Material Senses 
1983.10.03Cebu, PHSB 1.6.1884:1819.3MThe Whole World Is Our Family 
1983.10.04Cebu, PHSB 1.6.1981:3618.7MA Devotee Is a Wise Man 
1983.10.14Manila, PHSB 1.3.948:2211.1MMaterial Desires Inhibit Strict Following 
1983.10.16Manila, PHSB 1.3.10,1362:0714.2MDon't Be a Hoodlum 
1983.10.17Dallas, USArrival20:424.7MOur Real Wealth Is Austerity 
1983.10.18Dallas, USSB 3.21.5266:5815.3MBe Fearful of Maya 
1983.10.21Dallas, USSB 3.22.270:3316.2MGetting Out of the Rat Race 
1983.10.23Dallas, USSB 3.22.466:4815.3MKrsna Acts Through His Devotees 
1983.10.27Manila, PHSB 1.3.2150:1811.5MIn Case of Fire (Samsara) Do Not Panic 
1983.10.29Manila, PHSB 1.3.2363:3614.6MKrsna Is Ever Youthful 
1983.10.30Manila, PHSB 1.3.2461:4214.1MStrict Devotees Can Wear Vaisnava Symbols 
1983.10.31Manila, PHSB 1.3.2559:2313.6MTo Be a Devotee Is So Fortunate 
1983.10.31Manila, PHEve Darsana58:5313.5MWe Don't Follow Dog Philosophy 
1983.11.04Manila, PHSB 1.3.2925:545.9MContinuous Falldown Hardens the Heart 
1983.11.08Vrndavana, IndiaPrabhupada Disapp47:1110.8MWithout Prabhupada This World Is Hell 
1983.11.17Hong KongSB 1.16.1145:3510.4MBring Forth Proper Leaders 
1983.11.17Hong KongEve Darsana44:0010.1MWe Have Few Because We Follow Everything, w/ Cantonese 
1983.11.19Hong KongSB 1.16.13-1545:0010.3MThe Spiritual Connection 
1983.11.21Hong KongSB 1.16.1738:538.9MSadhu-sanga Is Our Fortification 
1983.11.21Manila, PHEve Darsana59:3513.6MVrndavana Is Our Real Home 
1983.11.22Manila, PHSB 1.3.3855:1612.7MSee God Through Your Guru 
1983.11.22Manila, PHLecture45:1210.3MSaved From Death of the Soul 
1983.11.23Manila, PHEve Darsana BG 7.660:5714.0MWe Need Fixed-up Devotees 
1983.11.26Cebu, PHEve Darsana51:2411.8MSankirtana Makes One Humble 
1983.11.27Cebu, PHSFL BG 9.1442:549.8MWork for Krsna 
1983.11.28Cebu, PHEve Darsana50:4511.6MRead These Books! 
1983.11.30Cebu, PHSB 1.7.4128:066.4MSankirtana Yoga 
1983.12TaiwanSB 5.5.227:536.4MNothing Risked, Nothing Gained 
1983.12.02Taipei, TaiwanSB 5.5.159:5613.7MHuman Life Is Meant for Austerity 
1983.12.06Dallas, USSB 3.23.750:2411.5MAdvanced Devotees Do Sankirtana