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Year 1992 Lectures

While listening to any lectures by His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami, please keep in mind that these lectures were given over three decades. The times changed and therefore some of the comments are obviously relevant to that point in time only. However, at the same time, most of the content is inspired from the eternal teachings of the Vedic Literatures and Gaudiya Vaisnava sampradaya (disciplic succession). In that light, the messages on these lectures have eternal instructions that can benefit listeners regardless of time, place, and circumstances.

Term of Use: You can download the lectures for your personal use or to share with other devotees. You are not allowed to charge others for the lectures. You are not allowed to host the lectures on your own website. Feel free to link to our website from your website.

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Date   PlaceVerseLengthSizeTitleSeries
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 1.1-1350:4211.6M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 1.14-3151:0911.7M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 1.32-3648:4911.2M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 1.37-4450:5111.6M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 1.45-5452:0311.9M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 1.55-5659:0013.5M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 1.57-6652:5912.1M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 1.67-8468:5715.8M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 1.85-9940:349.3M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 2.1-3358:5013.5M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 2.34-5649:5011.4M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 2.57-56:0712.8M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 2.88-9950:3111.6M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 3.1-55:1812.7M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 3.17-46:4310.7M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 3.71-4.3052:2912.0M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 4.31-53:0412.1M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 4.53-45:3710.4M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE V.Mahimamrta 4.71-9645:3110.4M Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana
1992.01.01Hong KongSB 1.1.148:5914.0MFoundation of Srimad Bhagavatam, w/ Cantonese 
1992.01.02Manila, PHArrival19:474.5MBe Happy With Krsna, w/ Lokanatha Swami 
1992.01.02Manila, PH 85:0319.5MGauranga Bolite Habe - Spit On Sense GratificationSadhu-sanga Series Vol I
1992.01.03Manila, PHSB 1.2.3130:056.9MA Hero Is One Who Controls His Senses 
1992.01.06Manila, PHSB 1.2.3230:317.0M  
1992.01.06PHLecture92:5021.2MReal Progress 
1992.01.07Manila, PHSB 1.2.3356:2912.9MGrhastha Means Double Strength for Preaching 
1992.01.07Manila, PH 91:1620.9MSamsara Prayers - The Mercy of the Spiritual Master, w/ Giridhari Swami, Purnacandra PrabhuSadhu-sanga Series Vol I
1992.01.08Manila, PHSB 1.2.3444:2410.2MBlessings Are Offered, Not Grasped 
1992.01.09Manila, PHSB 1.3.135:018.0MAbsolute Understanding 
1992.01.09Manila, PHEve Darsana46:2610.6MPadayatra Preaching Strategies 
1992.01.11Hong KongSB 1.1.140:5011.7MFoundation of Srimad Bhagavatam, w/ Cantonese 
1992.01.12Guangzhou, China 64:1814.7MMeeting In Park, w/ Mandarin 
1992.02Vrndavana, IndiaParikrama90:0320.6MVarsana, w/ Giriraja Swami, Pundarika PrabhuGovardhana and Varsana Parikrama 1992
1992.02Vrndavana, IndiaParikrama33:257.7MTer Kadamba, w/ Giriraja Swami 
1992.02.09Vrndavana, IndiaParikrama92:2721.2MGovardhana, w/ Giriraja Swami, Pundarika PrabhuGovardhana and Varsana Parikrama 1992
1992.03Mayapur, IndiaCcAdi 3.1-101:1223.2MCauses of Lord Caitanya's DescentJaya Sacinandana!
1992.03Mayapur, IndiaCcAdi 3.52-79:1818.2MCauses of Lord Caitanya's DescentJaya Sacinandana!
1992.03Mayapur, IndiaCcAdi 4.1-65:2315.0MCauses of Lord Caitanya's DescentJaya Sacinandana!
1992.03Mayapur, IndiaCcAdi 4.54-80:0918.3MCauses of Lord Caitanya's DescentJaya Sacinandana!
1992.03Mayapur, IndiaCcAdi 4.160-81:3918.7MCauses of Lord Caitanya's DescentJaya Sacinandana!
1992.03.24Manila, PHSB 1.3.3942:509.8MSomehow, Become Greedy for KrsnaGlories of Reading Srimad-bhagavatam
1992.03.25Manila, PHSB 1.3.4032:587.5MNo Time to Read SB Means You Are Living in HellGlories of Reading Srimad-bhagavatam
1992.03.25Manila, PHBG 341:199.5MThe Cycle of SacrificeFrom Karma-yoga to Bhakti
1992.03.26Manila, PHSB 1.3.4131:107.1MSrimad Bhagavatam, Cream of VedasGlories of Reading Srimad-bhagavatam
1992.03.26Manila, PHBG 3.8-37:518.7MAll Debts Are Paid by SankirtanaFrom Karma-yoga to Bhakti
1992.03.27Manila, PHBG 3.3359:2113.6MMake Krsna the Goal of All You DoFrom Karma-yoga to Bhakti
1992.04.14Hong KongSB 1.3.2538:2011.0MAdvent of Lord Kalki, w/ Cantonese 
1992.04.15Hong KongSB 1.3.2633:499.7MUnlimited Incarnations, w/ Mandarin 
1992.04.16Hong KongSB 1.3.27-2847:3913.6MKrsna Is the Source of All Avataras, w/ Mandarin 
1992.04.17Hong KongSB 1.3.2937:0110.6MMysterious Appearance, w/ Cantonese 
1992.04.19Mayapur, IndiaSB 11.5.3266:1715.2MSurrender to Lord Caitanya or Prepare for Kali-yugaPreaching to Bengali Students
1992.04.19Mayapur, India 93:1821.4MUse Your Youth for Krsna, Go and PreachPreaching to Bengali Students
1992.04.22Bombay, IndiaCcAdi69:2615.9MCauses of the Descent of Lord Caitanya 
1992.04.23Bombay, IndiaSB 5.17.13-1459:3513.6MHold On to the Lifeboats Krsna Sends 
1992.04.23Bombay, IndiaCcAdi52:2412.0M  
1992.04.23Bombay, IndiaDarsana8:582.1MCome to Vrndavana 
1992.04.24Bombay, IndiaCcAdi71:0416.3M  
1992.04.25Bombay, IndiaCcAdi61:5714.2M  
1992.04.26Bombay, IndiaCcAdi68:5815.8M  
1992.05GermanyCcM 878:3318.0M  
1992.05ItalyCcAdi 940:579.4Mw/ Satsvarupa dasa Goswami, w/ Italian 
1992.05.01B. Manor, UKSB 1.6.2253:0212.1MWe Want Uttama-bhakti 
1992.05.01B. Manor, UKLecture24:405.6MPractice Giving to Krsna 
1992.05.01B. Manor, UKIsta-gosthi81:5318.7M  
1992.05.02Soho Street, UKSB 4.2.1641:349.5MBeware of Vaisnava Aparadha 
1992.05.03B. Manor, UKCcAdi 3.41-64:5514.9MLord Caitanya, Giver of Vraja BhaktiVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1992.05.03Soho Street, UK 57:4613.2MSankirtana Darsana, w/ Kesava Bharati Prabhu 
1992.05.06Zurich, SwitzerlandCcM 12.13568:1215.6MCleansing the Heart Through SankirtanaPilgrimage to Zurich
1992.05.07Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 5.13.750:1311.5MSankirtana: Frontline Training for Going Back to GodheadPilgrimage to Zurich
1992.05.08Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 5.13.845:2010.4MGo On Distributing These Books!Pilgrimage to Zurich
1992.05.09Medolago, ItalySB 5.7.1351:5911.9Mw/ Italian 
1992.05.09Milan, ItalyHome Program83:1419.1MSri Panca Tattva - Their Positions and Mission, w/ Italian 
1992.05.11New York, USSB 2.4.9-1055:5712.8MA Devotee Is More Merciful Than KrsnaPreaching in New York
1992.05.16Dallas, USNrsimha Caturdasi SB 7.9.258:1713.3MNrsimhadeva, Remover of ObstaclesVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1992.05.17Dallas, USRatha-yatra CcM 12.13567:4515.5MGundica Marjana: Cleansing the HeartVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1992.05.19Dallas, USSB 7.9.652:3112.0MServe Krsna Now, Stop Wasting Time 
1992.05.20Dallas, USSB 7.9.745:2210.4MBecome Sold Out Exclusively to Krsna 
1992.05.21Dallas, USSB 7.9.856:0912.9MHumility Is Vaisnava's Most Important Quality 
1992.06.02Dallas, USSB 7.9.1841:549.6MOffering Prayers 
1992.06.04Dallas, USSB 7.9.2061:3014.1MScientific Foolishness 
1992.06.06Dallas, US 75:5217.4MBhagavad-gita Is Meant for Everyone's Benefit, w/ Bhakticaru Swami 
1992.06.07Dallas, USSB 7.9.2354:0912.4MTraversing the Path on Cruise Control 
1992.06.13Houston, USHome Program76:5617.6MCreation of Universe and Lord Krsna 
1992.06.14Houston, USPanihati SFL49:5011.4M  
1992.06.17Dallas, USSB 7.9.3146:5410.7M  
1992.06.20Dallas, USSB 7.9.3459:0513.5MThe Goal of Creation: To Enter Krsna's Rasa Dance 
1992.06.20Dallas, US 64:4014.8MChanting JapaChanting Japa
1992.06.26Dallas, USSB 7.9.4057:5213.2MTranscendental Sense Gratification 
1992.06.29Houston, US 87:1420.0MWhy Bad Things Happen to Good People? 
1992.06.30Houston, US 89:1820.4MAll That Glitters Is Not Gold 
1992.07Dallas, US 32:167.4MThe Story of Lord Jagannatha 
1992.07.01Houston, US 108:4924.9MWho Am I? Am I God? 
1992.07.02Houston, US 133:0730.5MGod, Demigods and Incarnations 
1992.07.03Houston, US 85:0019.5MBhakti: The Perfect Yoga 
1992.07.14Dallas, USSB 7.10.337:188.5MSincere Devotees Suffer for Others' Benefit 
1992.07.19Lautoka, FijiArrival15:433.6M  
1992.07.19Lautoka, FijiDarsana30:257.0MHari Hari Bifale 
1992.07.19Lautoka, FijiSFL60:5213.9MHow Time Gets Wasted 
1992.07.20Labasa, FijiGopala Bhatta Disapp17:174.0M  
1992.07.20Lautoka, FijiSB 3.25.3843:189.9MDevotee's Indestructible Opulences 
1992.07.21Lautoka, FijiSB 3.25.39-4052:2212.0MDevotees Change Our Life 
1992.07.23Labasa, Fiji 92:2521.2MOn Dharma, w/ Hindi 
1992.07.24Labasa, FijiSB 4.30.28117:5327.0Mw/ Hindi 
1992.07.25Labasa, FijiSB 3.25.3762:4614.4MDesire - Get Mercy of Vaisnavas 
1992.07.25Labasa, FijiWedding14:093.2MPreaching: The Greatest Charity 
1992.07.27Labasa, FijiSB 3.25.2059:5713.7MThe Nature of Association 
1992.07.28Suva, FijiArrival16:123.7MMaking Fiji Krsna Conscious 
1992.07.28FijiSB 3.29.1670:1016.1M  
1992.07.30Suva, Fiji 141:1532.3MMeditation - Medicine for the Mind 
1992.07.31Suva, Fiji 108:4424.9MHuman Destiny - How It Can Be Controlled 
1992.08FijiSB 3.29.1828:006.4M  
1992.08Fiji 52:3312.0MGauranga Bolite, Sri Rupa Manjari Pada 
1992.08.01FijiInterview56:0812.9Mw/ Fiji Times Reporter Anitra Chaudary 
1992.08.01Nausori, Fiji 90:1020.6MYajna for the Age 
1992.08.02Nausori, Fiji 88:2120.2MEducation in Society 
1992.08.03Suva, Fiji 111:4025.6MSimple Solution to Quarrel 
1992.08.04Suva, FijiSB 3.32.4282:3618.9MChoosing a Guru 
1992.08.05Lautoka, FijiSB 1.11.3845:4910.5MKrsna Devotees and Internal Energy 
1992.08.06Lautoka, FijiSB 1.11.3943:269.9M  
1992.08.07Lautoka, FijiSB 4.30.3237:038.5M  
1992.08.07FijiSB 7.15.6582:0718.8MUltimate Goal for Me and My Family 
1992.08.10FijiRupa Disapp54:3512.5M  
1992.08.11Lautoka, FijiSB 4.30.3632:447.5M  
1992.08.12Lautoka, FijiSB 4.30.3729:416.8MA Preacher's Satisfaction - He Has Krsna 
1992.08.13NZBalarama Purnima SB 10.1.2490:5720.8MThe Glories of Sri BaladevaVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1992.08.13Christchurch, NZBalarama Purnima SB 10.2.1351:4311.8M  
1992.08.14NZSB 5.5.170:4916.2MAusterity - Wealth of the Renounced OrderTeachings of Lord Rsabhadeva
1992.08.14Christchurch, NZManah-siksa72:2916.6M  
1992.08.15NZSB 5.5.261:2914.1MServing the MahatmasTeachings of Lord Rsabhadeva
1992.08.16Christchurch, NZInitiation SB 11.17.2775:3017.3M  
1992.08.16NZBalarama Purnima SFL35:328.1MLord Balarama's Appearance Day 
1992.08.17New Varsana, NZSB 5.12.1250:5711.7MAbsolute Truth Can Only Be Realized by the Mercy of Great Devotees 
1992.08.17NZNOD40:129.2MVaidhi-sadhana-bhaktiNectar of Devotion Overview
1992.08.18NZNOD 15-1651:0411.7M  
1992.08.19New Varsana, NZSB 7.9.1942:449.8MDon't Expect This Material World to Be Smooth Going 
1992.08.19New Varsana, NZNOD 1658:5413.5MRaganuga-sadhana-bhaktiNectar of Devotion Overview
1992.08.20New Varsana, NZSB 5.20.3760:2213.8MEverything Depends on Faith 
1992.08.20NZNOD 16-1843:199.9M Nectar of Devotion Overview
1992.08.21NZNOD46:4910.7MTranscendental Rasas with KrsnaNectar of Devotion Overview
1992.08.22New Varsana, NZJanmastami SB 10.3.163:2414.5M  
1992.08.22New Varsana, NZJanmastami56:3513.0M  
1992.08.23NZPrabhupada Vyasa-puja29:466.8MSrila Prabhupada's Appearance DayVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1992.08.24Melbourne, AU 76:0417.4MPrarthana 43&28 
1992.08.25Melbourne, AUSB 1.17.3665:1014.9MSadhana Bhakti Is Not Enough 
1992.08.26Melbourne, AUSB 1.17.3738:418.9M  
1992.08.26Sydney, AU 56:5513.0MPrarthana 38 
1992.08.27Sydney, AUSB 4.24.6673:1716.8M  
1992.08.27New Gokula, AU 87:1620.0MPrarthana 1 & Ista-gosthi 
1992.08.28New Gokula, AUSB 5.14.3873:0016.7M  
1992.08.28New Gokula, AU 55:4212.7MVibhavari Sesa & Suddha Bhakata 
1992.08.29New Gokula, AUSB 5.14.3924:185.6MA Servant Has No Anxiety 
1992.08.29New Gokula, AU 34:007.8MGopinatha Mama Nivedana Suno 
1992.08.30Sydney, AUSB 4.24.7037:018.5MAdvance Comes From Effort 
1992.09.01Hong Kong 29:566.9MNitai Pada Kamalam, w/ Cantonese 
1992.09.02Hong KongLalita App62:1917.8Mw/ Cantonese 
1992.09.03Hong Kong 55:1915.8MGauranga Bolite Habe, w/ Cantonese 
1992.09.04Hong KongRadhastami76:1421.8Mw/ Cantonese 
1992.09.04Hong Kong 31:579.1MChristianity and Veda, w/ Cantonese 
1992.09.12Kunming, ChinaSB 9.4.6342:179.7M  
1992.09.13Kunming, ChinaSB 9.4.6517:043.9M  
1992.09.14Kunming, ChinaSB 9.4.6633:507.7Mw/ Mandarin 
1992.09.16Hong KongSB 1.7.1155:3812.7Mw/ Cantonese 
1992.09.28Vrndavana, IndiaDarsana69:0715.8MCorrection Is the Greatest MercyKartika Series
1992.09.29Vrndavana, IndiaSB 4.22.2360:1013.8MDetachment Comes From Higher TasteKartika Series
1992.09.29Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE PBC 1 Prarthana 260:1913.8M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.09.29Vrndavana, IndiaPBC 17:243.4MSri Guru Carana Padma, Song OnlyNamasvadanam CD 1
1992.09.30Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 2,458:5813.5M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.09.30Vrndavana, IndiaPrarthana 416:527.7MSong OnlyPrayers of Narottama dasa Thakura CD
1992.10Vrndavana, IndiaParikrama40:149.2MNanda Bhavan, Sanatana Goswami Bhajan Kutir, w/ Dhanudhara Swami, Giriraja Swami, Giridhari SwamiKartika Series
1992.10Vrndavana, IndiaParikrama90:4320.8MVarsana, Sankari-chor, Uchagrama, Javat etc, w/ Giriraja Swami, Giridhari SwamiKartika Series
1992.10Vrndavana, India 57:0613.1MLife of Srila Prabhupada: The Final Lesson, w/ Satsvarupa dasa Goswami, Giriraja SwamiKartika Series
1992.10.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 4,550:1611.5M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.02Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 18,1651:2111.8M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.02Vrndavana, IndiaPrarthana 1610:434.9MSong OnlyPrayers of Narottama dasa Thakura CD
1992.10.03Vrndavana, IndiaSB 4.22.2759:1413.6MLiberation Means No Other Desire Than to Serve GuruKartika Series
1992.10.03Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE PBC 258:3813.4M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.05Vrndavana, IndiaDarsana64:2214.7MLearning How to Pray in the Mood of the GoswamisKartika Series
1992.10.06Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 7,858:5113.5M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.07Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 950:2411.5M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.07Vrndavana, IndiaPrarthana 914:456.8MSong OnlyPrayers of Narottama dasa Thakura CD
1992.10.08Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 40 PBC 351:5611.9M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.09Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE PBC 462:2514.3M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.10Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE PBC 752:1412.0M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.13Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE PBC 855:0612.6M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.13Vrndavana, IndiaIsta-gosthi CcM 22.11862:0814.2MWhen Are We Ready to Read the Goswamis' Books?, w/ Giriraja Swami, Dhanurdhara SwamiKartika Series
1992.10.14Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE PBC 8 Prarthana 3760:2613.8M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.14Vrndavana, IndiaPrarthana 379:444.5MSong OnlyPrayers of Narottama dasa Thakura CD
1992.10.15Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 45,48,3454:4612.5M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.16Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 17,46,1558:1713.3M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.16Vrndavana, IndiaPrarthana 4613:166.1MSong OnlyPrayers of Narottama dasa Thakura CD
1992.10.17Vrndavana, IndiaSB 4.22.41-4248:5211.2MDevotional EmotionsKartika Series
1992.10.17Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 43,24,1348:2811.1M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.19Vrndavana, IndiaManah-siksa 273:3616.8MMake Krsna the Center of Your LifeKartika Series
1992.10.20Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 26,2856:1212.9M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.20Vrndavana, India 80:5518.5MSrila Prabhupada Nectar Night, w/ Various Speakers 
1992.10.21Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE Prarthana 27,49,4862:4614.4M Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura
1992.10.21Vrndavana, IndiaPrarthana 2713:506.3MSong OnlyPrayers of Narottama dasa Thakura CD
1992.10.22Vrndavana, IndiaInitiation45:0410.3MOnly Owls Say ISKCON Has No Pure DevoteesKartika Series
1992.11Mayapur, IndiaDamodarastaka 156:4113.0M Kartika Series
1992.11Mayapur, IndiaDamodarastaka 232:047.3M Kartika Series
1992.11Mayapur, IndiaDamodarastaka 353:1512.2M Kartika Series
1992.11Mayapur, IndiaDamodarastaka 452:2212.0M Kartika Series
1992.11Mayapur, IndiaDamodarastaka 541:579.6M Kartika Series
1992.11Mayapur, IndiaDamodarastaka 638:508.9M Kartika Series
1992.11Mayapur, IndiaDamodarastaka 752:1712.0M Kartika Series
1992.11Mayapur, IndiaDamodarastaka 851:5211.9M Kartika Series
1992.11.04Mayapur, IndiaParikrama55:3312.7MChampahati, Jayadeva Goswami 
1992.11.07Mayapur, IndiaCcM 2067:4015.5MSanatana Siksa 
1992.11.08Mayapur, IndiaSB 3.16.3157:4213.2M  
1992.11.08Mayapur, IndiaCcM 2094:1821.6MSanatana Siksa 
1992.11.15Bombay, IndiaSB 6.1.23-2571:1516.3M  
1992.11.22Bombay, IndiaSB 6.1.32-3379:1118.1M  
1992.11.26B. Manor, UKSB 1.9.4152:5212.1M  
1992.11.27Soho Street, UKSB 4.8.1352:1011.9MTaking Birth in Krsna's Village 
1992.11.29B. Manor, UKCcAdi 5.11455:0812.6MLord Nityananda Rama and Sankirtana 
1992.11.30B. Manor, UK 38:038.7MTo Indian Youth Forum 
1992.11.30Zurich, Switzerland 78:5818.1MNama-Sankirtana Will Cure the Disease of the HeartPilgrimage to Zurich
1992.12.01Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 6.3.1151:5611.9MLord Gauranga's Mercy Will Turn Reverence Into LovePilgrimage to Zurich
1992.12.01Zurich, Switzerland 74:3417.1MBeg, Borrow or Steal: Go After Mahaprabhu's MercyPilgrimage to Zurich
1992.12.02Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 2.9.3053:5412.3MCompetition Without PridePilgrimage to Zurich
1992.12.03New York, USSB 2.9.14-1541:339.5MSankirtana Yajna Qualifies One for Spontaneous LovePreaching in New York
1992.12.04Dallas, USHome Program92:1921.1MGlories of Vrndavana lifeIntroduction to Lord Krsna
1992.12.05Dallas, USSB 7.15.1-246:0910.6MTarget Your Devotion to the Highest DestinationInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.06Dallas, USSB 7.15.349:3711.4MWho Is a Vaisnava?Instruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.06Dallas, USDarsana57:3613.2MBecome Attached to Krsna and Detachment Will Follow 
1992.12.06Dallas, USSFL37:498.7MMotivated Service Means Sowing Your Own Distress 
1992.12.07Dallas, USSB 7.15.4-641:469.6MSpiritual Equality, Material DifferencesInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.09Dallas, USSB 7.15.1034:087.8MCompassion, Nature of a VaisnavaInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.09Dallas, USBG 1.3047:3610.9MPleasing Krsna Is Our Real Self Interest 
1992.12.10Dallas, USSB 7.15.1156:4013.0MPurification Comes From Satisfying the Pure DevoteesInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.11Dallas, USSB 7.15.1392:2621.2MBogus ReligionsInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.12Houston, USSB 4.24.33119:4727.4MEverything Is Not OneSong of Lord Siva
1992.12.13Houston, USSB 5.14.34-3550:1311.5MSearching Krsna's Compassion 
1992.12.13Houston, USSFL SB 4.24.4444:4610.2MWorship Krsna for the Sake of KrsnaSong of Lord Siva
1992.12.14Houston, USSB 5.14.36-3729:026.6MPleasing the Mind and Senses and Wasting Life 
1992.12.14Houston, USSB 4.24.5272:0316.5MHow to Overcome FearSong of Lord Siva
1992.12.15Houston, USSB 4.24.53102:0923.4MConquering the Unconquerable by LoveSong of Lord Siva
1992.12.16Houston, USSB 4.24.5780:5618.5M  
1992.12.17Houston, USSB 4.24.5967:5715.6MDon't Be Afraid of the SadhuSong of Lord Siva
1992.12.18Houston, USSB 4.24.61111:3425.5MStudying Krsna's EnergiesSong of Lord Siva
1992.12.19Houston, USSB 4.24.6664:0714.7MThe Madness of Material LifeSong of Lord Siva
1992.12.20Houston, USSB 4.24.68128:3429.4MUltimate ProtectionSong of Lord Siva
1992.12.20Houston, USSFL SB 4.24.1825:415.9MLord Siva's PositionSong of Lord Siva
1992.12.22Dallas, USSB 7.15.2345:0410.3MSadhana Prepares the Heart for MercyInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.23Dallas, USSB 7.15.2449:2511.3MRemain Healthy & Preach Krsna ConsciousnessInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.24Dallas, USSB 7.15.2563:3414.6MFaith in Guru Is EverythingInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.27Dallas, USSB 7.15.2749:3611.4MDeveloping Loving RelationshipsInstruction for Civilized Human Beings
1992.12.31Taipei, TaiwanBG 12.260:3217.3Mw/ Mandarin