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Year 1995 Lectures

While listening to any lectures by His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami, please keep in mind that these lectures were given over three decades. The times changed and therefore some of the comments are obviously relevant to that point in time only. However, at the same time, most of the content is inspired from the eternal teachings of the Vedic Literatures and Gaudiya Vaisnava sampradaya (disciplic succession). In that light, the messages on these lectures have eternal instructions that can benefit listeners regardless of time, place, and circumstances.

Term of Use: You can download the lectures for your personal use or to share with other devotees. You are not allowed to charge others for the lectures. You are not allowed to host the lectures on your own website. Feel free to link to our website from your website.

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Date   PlaceVerseLengthSizeTitleSeries
1995  61:0014.0M  
1995Hong Kong 43:1112.4MQ&A, w/ Cantonese 
1995 Compilation90:5620.8MPlease Distribute Books! On the Nectar of Book DistributionPlease Distribute Books!
1995.01.05Dallas, USEve Darsana58:4813.5MAdvanced Association Is Where the Nectar Is 
1995.01.06Dallas, USCcAdi 9.2878:0917.9MThe Mood of a PreacherSankirtana Classic
1995.01.06Dallas, USInitiation129:1929.6M  
1995.01.07Dallas, USSB 1.3.143:109.9MGive Up the Impossible Dream 
1995.01.07Dallas, USEve Darsana43:4210.0MDrink the Nectar From the Bhagavatam 
1995.01.14Taipei, TaiwanSB 2.7.3752:4915.1M  
1995.01.15Taipei, TaiwanSB 2.7.3848:0613.8MFix Up to Be a Devotee 
1995.01.17Hong KongSB 2.7.2864:4514.8MKrsna Chastises KaliyaGovinda Lila
1995.01.17Hong Kong 46:2110.6MChristmas Marathon Festival 
1995.01.17Hong Kong 46:0510.5MFour Principles in Religion, w/ Cantonese 
1995.01.19Hong KongSB 2.7.3045:4510.5MMother Yasoda Tries to Bind KrsnaGovinda Lila
1995.01.20Hong KongSB 2.7.3153:4812.3MThe Glories of Nanda Maharaja & MoreGovinda Lila
1995.01.21Hong KongSB 2.7.3248:3611.1MLifting Govardhana HillGovinda Lila
1995.01.22Hong KongJayadeva Disapp13:533.2M  
1995.01.22Hong KongInitiation84:2319.3Mw/ Cantonese 
1995.02.01Iloilo, PHSB 2.1.1251:5811.9MDon't Be Casual With Your Spiritual LifeParivrajakacarya
1995.02.01Iloilo, PH 63:2214.5MQuestions People AskQuestions People Ask
1995.02.02Iloilo, PHSB 3.29.1046:5510.7MGo for Pure Devotional ServiceParivrajakacarya
1995.02.03Iloilo, PHSB 3.29.1640:499.3MRise Above the Kanistha PlatformParivrajakacarya
1995.02.03Iloilo, PH 44:1110.1MQuestions People AskQuestions People Ask
1995.02.04Iloilo, PHVasant Pancami55:3212.7MAppearance of Pundarika, Raghunatha, RaghunandanaVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1995.02.05Iloilo, PHSB 3.29.1865:3815.0M  
1995.02.06Iloilo, PHAdvaita App Initiation87:4320.1MAdvaita Acarya Appearance Day, w/ Giridhari SwamiVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1995.02.08Hong KongSB 2.7.4636:158.3MThe Power of SurrenderParivrajakacarya
1995.02.09Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaInitiation79:0918.1M  
1995.02.10Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaSB 5.5.1637:258.6MThe Shortchange of Sense GratificationParivrajakacarya
1995.02.10Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaWedding32:267.4MVedic Marriage Is TranscendentalParivrajakacarya
1995.02.13Mayapur, IndiaNityananda Trayodasi91:1920.9Mw/ Bhakticaru Swami, Jayapataka Swami 
1995.02.14Mayapur, IndiaSB 4.8.2642:579.8MThrough Purity We Can Affect the World 
1995.03.09Vrndavana, IndiaSB 5.20.43-4644:0310.1MRemain True to Prabhupada's TeachingsComing Home to Vrndavana
1995.03.09Vrndavana, IndiaCcAdi 1.50-5338:438.9MIntroduction to Catuh-sloki BhagavatamComing Home to Vrndavana
1995.03.13Vrndavana, IndiaCcAdi 1.61-6358:2513.4MWhat to Pray for at Govardhana, w/ Kesava Bharati PrabhuComing Home to Vrndavana
1995.03.14Vrndavana, IndiaMadhavendra Puri Disapp48:4811.2MGovinda Kunda Parikrama; The Glories of Madhavendra PuriComing Home to Vrndavana
1995.03.16Vrndavana, IndiaDarsana CcAdi 1.10069:3015.9MGuru's Trust Is a Disciple's PrideComing Home to Vrndavana
1995.03.19Hong KongSB 2.8.1735:468.2MBecome Deathless by Hearing Srimad BhagavatamParivrajakacarya
1995.03.19Hong KongBG 3.2847:4710.9Mw/ Cantonese 
1995.03.20Hong Kong 47:2710.9MQ&A, w/ Cantonese 
1995.03.21Hong KongSB 2.8.19-2052:4512.1MA Devotee Is Delivered by Krsna's MercyParivrajakacarya
1995.03.23Hong KongBG 3.3458:5213.5M  
1995.03.24Hong KongBG 3.3544:2510.2M  
1995.03.25Hong KongBG 3.3733:347.7M  
1995.04.05Hong KongSB 2.9.242:1612.1MViodism 
1995.04.05Hong KongBG 9.1641:5912.0MQing Ming Festival (Tomb-Sweeping Day), w/ Cantonese 
1995.04.07Hong KongSB 2.9.338:5511.1MMe and Mine Concept 
1995.04.07Hong Kong 55:4215.9MCity Civilization, w/ Cantonese 
1995.04.09Hong KongRama Navami59:1413.6M  
1995.04.09Manila, PH 8:462.0MOpening of New Temple 
1995.04.09Manila, PHRama Navami64:5914.9M  
1995.04.10Cebu, PHArrival6:351.5MA Very Auspicious Beginning 
1995.04.11Cebu, PHSB 4.19.1238:598.9M  
1995.04.12Hong KongSB 2.9.741:019.4M  
1995.04.13New Delhi, IndiaSB 7.2.56-5763:2214.5MBecome Mad for Pleasing Guru and KrsnaComing Home to Vrndavana
1995.04.14Paris, FranceArrival7:411.8MLet Krsna Take Over ParisParivrajakacarya
1995.04.14Paris, France 56:3412.9MToday's Society & Awakening of ConsciousnessParivrajakacarya
1995.04.15New Mayapur, FranceCcAdi 1.4671:5716.5MThe Guru-Disciple Relationship Is Very Intimate, w/ FrenchParivrajakacarya
1995.04.16New Mayapur, FranceSB 1.14.3038:018.7MThe Preacher and Prema BhaktiParivrajakacarya
1995.04.16New Mayapur, FranceCcM 22.5444:1510.1MOur Progress Depends on Sadhu-sangaParivrajakacarya
1995.04.17Tel Aviv, IsraelArrival61:1514.0MBridging the Gap - Preaching TacticsPraising Krsna in the Promised Land
1995.04.18Tel Aviv, IsraelSB 1.8.2940:529.4MIs Krsna Equal to All ?Praising Krsna in the Promised Land
1995.04.18Tel Aviv, Israel 60:0513.8MKrsna Consciousness Means Faith Combined With KnowledgePraising Krsna in the Promised Land
1995.04.18IsraelDarsana9:042.1MCut Your Misplaced Feelings 
1995.04.18Israel 11:132.6MKirtana 
1995.04.19Tel Aviv, IsraelSB 1.8.3043:4210.0MBecome an Expert Judge of ConsciousnessPraising Krsna in the Promised Land
1995.04.19Jerusalem, Israel 152:0134.8MGod Realization in This AgePraising Krsna in the Promised Land
1995.04.20Tel Aviv, IsraelDeparture12:282.9MShow People That Their God Is KrsnaPraising Krsna in the Promised Land
1995.04.21New York, US 64:4914.8MIsraeli Preaching ReportPraising Krsna in the Promised Land
1995.04.22New York, USSB 3.21.3344:3210.2M  
1995.04.22New York, USBG 10.974:5017.1M  
1995.04.23New York, USSB 3.21.3442:469.8M  
1995.04.23New York, USSFL54:5012.6MEarth Day 
1995.04.25New York, USSB 3.21.2726:356.1M  
1995.04.25New York, USEve Program41:139.4M  
1995.04.27Dallas, USEve Darsana34:468.0MRaghunatha Dasa Becomes Krsna's Puppet 
1995.04.28Dallas, USSB 1.5.741:089.4M  
1995.04.28Dallas, USEve Darsana37:518.7MA Devotee Takes Lessons From Everything 
1995.04.29Austin, USEve Program150:5234.5MAn Evening of Krsna ConsciousnessEverfresh
1995.04.30Austin, USSB 3.6.472:5816.7M  
1995.05.02Dallas, USSB 1.5.1059:3413.6M  
1995.05.03Dallas, USSB 1.5.1154:5312.6MRevolutionaries Against MayaSankirtana Spirit
1995.05.04Dallas, USSB 1.5.1254:5612.6MPurify Your Devotional Service 
1995.05.04Dallas, USHome Program62:0814.2M  
1995.05.07Dallas, USSFL31:107.1MThe Glories of the Holy Name 
1995.05.08Dallas, USSita App Jahnava App49:2011.3M  
1995.05.08Houston, USBG 7.1-373:1916.8M  
1995.05.09Houston, USBG Ch773:1916.8M  
1995.05.10Houston, USSB 7.6.846:1710.6MRise Above Your Attachments by PreachingSankirtana Spirit
1995.05.10Houston, USBG Ch764:4914.8M  
1995.05.11Houston, USBG Ch748:5411.2M  
1995.05.12Houston, USSB 7.6.1043:209.9M  
1995.05.12Houston, USBG Ch767:4215.5M  
1995.05.13Houston, USNrsimha Caturdasi52:5112.1M  
1995.05.14Houston, USMadhavendra Puri App39:269.0M  
1995.05.15Dallas, USHome Program BG Ch761:1614.0M  
1995.05.18Alachua, USSB 3.6.1058:1913.4MOur Austerity Is to PreachSankirtana Spirit
1995.05.24Dallas, USHome Program BG Ch775:0117.2M  
1995.05.27Los Angeles, USSB 3.15.1976:3617.5MEnvy - The Cause and the Cure 
1995.05.29Los Angeles, US 139:4532.0MInterview With ITV for "Memories of Srila Prabhupada" 
1995.05.30Los Angeles, US 56:5613.0MSankirtana MeetingSankirtana Spirit
1995.06.04Dallas, USRatha-yatra CcM 13.55-50:4611.6M  
1995.06.09Houston, USSB 7.7.2137:308.6M  
1995.06.09Houston, US 81:5218.7MSrila Prabhupada's Preaching MoodSankirtana Spirit
1995.06.10Houston, USSB 7.7.2253:2512.2MSincere Faith Is All You Need to PreachSankirtana Spirit
1995.06.11Houston, USHome Program BG Ch7108:0124.7M  
1995.06.11Houston, USPanihati39:149.0M  
1995.06.14Houston, USSB 7.7.2538:238.8M  
1995.06.15Dallas, USSB 1.6.6-943:009.8MKrsna Looks After His DevoteesTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1995.06.16Dallas, USSB 1.6.1056:0412.8MAdversities as Special MercyTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1995.06.17Dallas, USVyasa-puja61:4514.1M  
1995.06.18Dallas, USLecture31:037.1MThe Basic Tenets of Krsna ConsciousnessGifts of a Sadhu
1995.06.20Dallas, USSB 1.6.14-1540:549.4MEveryone Should Give ClassTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1995.06.23Dallas, USSB 1.6.1840:239.2MYou Must Study the BooksTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1995.06.24Dallas, USSB 1.6.1949:4511.4MPatience and Diligence Secures ProgressTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1995.06.24Houston, USHome Program89:1620.4M  
1995.06.25Houston, USSFL25:505.9M  
1995.07.22Ojai, USSB 5.14.2591:4521.0M  
1995.07.23Santa Barbara, USSFL28:296.5MDoes Bhakti Have a Cause?, w/ Hrdayananda dasa GoswamiTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1995.08.01NZSB 10.1.4464:5414.9MOn Envy, Piety and BhaktiAustralian Adventure
1995.08.01NZCcM 19.123-13251:5211.9MBecoming an Object of MercyAustralian Adventure
1995.08.02NZSB 10.1.45-4759:0113.5MTake Shelter of Lord NityanandaAustralian Adventure
1995.08.02NZCcM 19.133-13538:138.8M  
1995.08.03NZSB 10.1.4858:2613.4MFeel Guru's Presence by ServingAustralian Adventure
1995.08.03NZCcM 19.15837:488.7MDevotees Should Be StraightforwardTending to the Bhakti Creeper
1995.08.04NZCcM 19.16060:5413.9MDetecting the Unwanted CreepersTending to the Bhakti Creeper
1995.08.06Melbourne, AUSFL52:2612.0MOn Balarama, Jhulan Yatra & EkadasiAustralian Adventure
1995.08.07Melbourne, AUSB 3.24.1261:3914.1MGuru's Order Is a Disciple's WealthAustralian Adventure
1995.08.07Melbourne, AUCcM 15.102-641:0616.5M  
1995.08.08Melbourne, AUSB 3.24.1359:3313.6MWhy Lord Caitanya's Teachings Are TopmostAustralian Adventure
1995.08.08Melbourne, AURupa Disapp NOI42:0819.5M  
1995.08.08Melbourne, AUCcAdi 10.4142:0816.9M  
1995.08.09Melbourne, AUSB 3.24.14-1571:1016.3MKrsna Conscious Family PlanningAustralian Adventure
1995.08.09Melbourne, AUMorning Walk45:4518.3M  
1995.08.10Melbourne, AUBalarama Purnima45:2010.4MBalarama, the Original ServantAustralian Adventure
1995.08.11Melbourne, AUSB 3.24.1729:406.8MNo One Can Ignore GodAustralian Adventure
1995.08.11Melbourne, AUDarsana32:297.4MQ&AAustralian Adventure
1995.08.11Melbourne, AUMorning Walk61:0224.5M  
1995.08.12Melbourne, AUSB 3.24.1861:5114.2MAttachment to Krsna Will Cut the KnotAustralian Adventure
1995.08.12Melbourne, AUDarsana28:536.6MQ&AAustralian Adventure
1995.08.13Melbourne, AUSB 5.5.152:3512.0MDon't Be Afraid of Full SurrenderAustralian Adventure
1995.08.15Hong KongSB 2.10.4433:279.6M  
1995.08.15Hong Kong 43:259.9MAll Types of Questions to the Vaisnava Forum, w/ Umapati Swami, B.V. Narasimha Swami 
1995.08.16Hong KongSB 2.10.4557:0613.1M  
1995.08.16Hong Kong 81:1618.6MAll Types of Questions to the Vaisnava Forum, w/ Umapati Swami, B.V. Narasimha SwamiQuestions People Ask
1995.08.17Hong KongSB 2.10.4676:2817.5M  
1995.08.17Hong Kong 61:5614.2MAll Types of Questions to the Vaisnava Forum, w/ Umapati Swami, B.V. Narasimha SwamiQuestions People Ask
1995.08.18Hong KongJanmastami49:5711.4Mw/ Umapati Swami, B.V. Narasimha Swami, Giridhari Swami 
1995.08.19Hong KongPrabhupada Vyasa-puja89:5220.6M  
1995.08.20Hong KongSB 2.10.47-4833:317.7M  
1995.08.20Hong KongSFL BG 8.252:3312.0M  
1995.10.07Dallas, USSB 1.8.2738:518.9MDevotees Want Krsna as Their Primary PropertyTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1995.10.14Dallas, USSB 1.8.3337:318.6MKrsna's Descent AnalyzedTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1995.10.20Dallas, USSB 1.8.3945:5610.5MPersevering in the Subtle FightTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1995.10.27Dallas, USPrabhupada Disapp43:269.9M  
1995.11.11Dallas, USSB 1.9.230:577.1M  
1995.11.17Dallas, USSB 1.9.1159:5213.7M  
1995.11.18Dallas, USSB 1.9.1262:3514.3MWhy Do We Suffer?Taste of the Ripened Fruit
1995.12.20Houston, USIso 1468:3315.7MKnow Maya and Krsna and Conquer FearFrontiers