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Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II

While listening to any lectures by His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami, please keep in mind that these lectures were given over three decades. The times changed and therefore some of the comments are obviously relevant to that point in time only. However, at the same time, most of the content is inspired from the eternal teachings of the Vedic Literatures and Gaudiya Vaisnava sampradaya (disciplic succession). In that light, the messages on these lectures have eternal instructions that can benefit listeners regardless of time, place, and circumstances.

Term of Use: You can download the lectures for your personal use or to share with other devotees. You are not allowed to charge others for the lectures. You are not allowed to host the lectures on your own website. Feel free to link to our website from your website.

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Description: Now you can celebrate every festival with Tamal Krishna Goswami! After a period of intensive mining in the archives of the Tape Ministry, here are the fruits for all devotees to relish: * Thirty-two tapes containing forty-one (!) lectures on all the major festivals of the Vaisnava-calendar year. * Follow how His Holiness preaches over the years and all over the world. * Classes go from as early as 1979 up to 1995, from Australia to Zurich, and just about everywhere in between! * Now you can have all this complete in two beautiful vinyl albums with first-class covers. * This is a Milestone, a series which you can listen to for the rest of your life, year after year after year ...... Volume Two Appearance and Disappearance Days of the Lord's Pure Devotees A wonderful collection of sixteen tapes containing twenty-three (!) complete lectures glorifying the previous acaryas on the occasion of their Appearance and Disappearance Days. Madhavendra Puri, Raghunatha dasa Gosvami, Srinivasacarya, Ramananda Raya, Srivasa Thakura, Bhaktivinoda Thakura and Gadadhara Pandita, Rupa and Sanatana Gosvamis, Lokanatha Swami, Haridasa Thakura, Gaurakishora dasa Babaji, Gadadhara dasa, Dhananjaya dasa, Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Maharaja, Madhvacarya, everyone is there! And of course our beloved Srila Prabhupada. This series include some very special tapes from the old days, with His Holiness commenting on Srila Prabhupada's arrival prayers in Boston, and proudly recounting the early days of Prabhupada's preaching in America. Two beautiful classes on Prabhupada's Appearance Day given in Mayapura '84 and New Zealand '92, plus two on his Disappearance Day, given in Dallas '79 and '84. So as you see, a lot of Prabhupada-katha! This series will definitely increase your attachment and love for the members of our disciplic succession.

Date   PlaceVerseLengthSizeTitleSeries
1979.07.13Chicago, US 49:2611.3MThe Founding of ISKCONVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1979.10.25Dallas, USPrabhupada Disapp66:5215.3MKrsna's Viceroy Is the Spiritual MasterVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1981.09.17Sydney, AU 57:0913.1MSrila Prabhupada's Arrival in USAVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1984.02.21New Delhi, IndiaBhaktisiddhanta App SB 2.5.3857:3013.2MScientist BluffersVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1984.08.21Mayapur, IndiaPrabhupada Vyasa-puja47:0110.8MThe Vaisnavas Are Eternally PresentVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1984.10.28Dallas, USPrabhupada Disapp43:3310.0MForce Us to PreachVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1984.10.28Dallas, USPrabhupada Disapp8:201.9MOfferingVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1985.09.26Houston, USBhaktivinoda App45:3810.4M Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1986.12New York, USSB 4.12.49-5023:315.4MTake Up Selfless Service SpiritVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1986.12.20New York, USBhaktisiddhanta Disapp36:558.5M Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1989.06.15NZCcAntya 368:2615.7MThe Glories of Haridasa ThakuraVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1990.05.09Houston, USSrinivasa App60:1613.8MAppearance of Madhavendra Puri, Srinivasa & Radha-DamodaraVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1990.10.30Houston, USGaurakisora Disapp30:477.0MSrila Gaurakisora dasa Babaji MaharajaVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1990.10.31Houston, US 41:549.6MSrila Gaurakisora dasa Babaji MaharajaVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1991.06.02Dallas, USRamananda Raya Disapp CcM 38.24534:137.8MDisappearance Day of Sri Ramananda RayaVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1991.07.07Dallas, USSrivasa Disapp CcAdi 1736:278.3MDisappearance Day of Srivasa ThakuraVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1991.07.11Dallas, USBhaktivinoda Disapp49:2611.3MDisappearance of Bhaktivinoda & GadadharaVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1991.07.26Dallas, USSanatana Disapp CcM 20.2527:346.3MPerfection of RenunciationVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1991.08.03Houston, USLokanatha Disapp31:047.1MDisappearance of Lokanatha GoswamiVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1991.08.22Labasa, FijiRupa Disapp45:0110.3MDisappearance of Rupa Goswami & Gauridasa PanditaVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1992.08.23NZPrabhupada Vyasa-puja29:466.8MSrila Prabhupada's Appearance DayVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1993.02.01SingaporeMadhvacarya Disapp64:0014.6MThe Teachings of MadhvacaryaVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1993.11.21Houston, USSrinivasa Disapp71:0116.3MDisappearance Day of Srinivasa Acarya, Gadadhara Dasa Goswami & Dhananjaya PanditaVaisnava Festival Days Vol II
1995.02.04Iloilo, PHVasant Pancami55:3212.7MAppearance of Pundarika, Raghunatha, RaghunandanaVaisnava Festival Days Vol II