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While listening to any lectures by His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami, please keep in mind that these lectures were given over three decades. The times changed and therefore some of the comments are obviously relevant to that point in time only. However, at the same time, most of the content is inspired from the eternal teachings of the Vedic Literatures and Gaudiya Vaisnava sampradaya (disciplic succession). In that light, the messages on these lectures have eternal instructions that can benefit listeners regardless of time, place, and circumstances.

Term of Use: You can download the lectures for your personal use or to share with other devotees. You are not allowed to charge others for the lectures. You are not allowed to host the lectures on your own website. Feel free to link to our website from your website.

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Date Place Festival Occasion Verse Title Others Translation Series Length Size ID DVD#
1974   SB 2.1.12-21 Visnujana Swami  42:409.8ML336001
1977.01.24 Vasant Pancami SB 3.22.14    32:467.5ML334201
1978.02.21AU-Melbourne  SB 1.14.4Nothing Is Worthwhile Without Krsna Consciousness   36:238.3ML368201
1978.02.22AU-Melbourne  SB 1.14.5-8Krsna Comes Just to Satisfy His Devotees   39:3015.8ML368301
1978.09.05UK-London Arrival The Guru Is One   12:342.9ML296901
1978.09.06UK-London  SB 3.22.2Realization Possible Only When Blessed by the Spiritual Master   24:335.6ML297001
1978.09.06US-New York, NY Arrival Prepare for Increase   16:543.9ML297101
1978.09.07US-New York, NY  SB 6.9.34We Require Guru's Help to Get Out of Suffering Condition   42:179.7ML297201
1978.09.08US-St. Louis, MO Arrival The Modern History of the Sankirtana Party   21:144.9ML297301
1978.09.09US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk College for Brahmanas   23:085.3ML297401
1978.09.09US-St. Louis, MO  SB 1.17.21Cleanse Your Heart by the Bhagavata Process   45:4210.5ML297801
1978.09.09US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana Happiness and Distress Are Relative Terms   58:1713.3ML297601
1978.09.10US-St. Louis, MORadhastami SB 1.17.22    53:2412.2ML298001
1978.09.10US-St. Louis, MORadhastami  Abhiseka Lecture   27:486.4ML297901
1978.09.10US-St. Louis, MORadhastami  Gift Opening   20:314.7ML297701
1978.09.11US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk     23:485.5ML298101
1978.09.12US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk     34:017.8ML298201
1978.09.12US-St. Louis, MO  SB 1.17.24How To Maintain the Four Pillars of Religion   57:2913.2ML297501
1978.09.12US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana Krsna Can Give Us the Whole USA   66:1615.2ML298301
1978.09.14US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk Liberated Devotees Still Follow Regulative Principles   44:1810.1ML298401
1978.09.14US-St. Louis, MO  SB 1.17.26-27Our Method of Mass Education   39:569.1ML298501
1978.09.14US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana Sex Life Is Like a Mosquito Bite   73:2716.8ML298601
1978.09.15US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk Our Book Distributors Are Like Maharathis   25:055.7ML298701
1978.09.16US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk Obstacles Come From Your Mind   24:135.5ML298801
1978.09.16US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana Who Is Guru?   131:3530.1ML298901
1978.09.17US-St. Louis, MO  SB 1.17.29Our Duty Is to Speak Strongly   29:456.8ML299801
1978.09.17US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana Prabhupada Is Nitya Siddha   49:0511.2ML299101
1978.09.18US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk Identifying an Incarnation of God   34:207.9ML299201
1978.09.18US-St. Louis, MO  SB 1.17.30-31Avoid Milk Touched by the Snake   39:038.9ML299301
1978.09.19US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk Sankirtan and Dancing Are Sufficient Exercise   29:336.8ML299401
1978.09.19US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana Become Attached to the Spiritual Master   76:4117.6ML299501
1978.09.21US-St. Louis, MO  SB 1.17.34Preaching  Brhad Mrdanga Series47:2110.8ML000101
1978.09.21US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana Some "Basic" Philosophy   84:3719.4ML299601
1978.09.22US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk Preach Inside Their Homes   29:306.8ML299701
1978.09.23US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk 100 Buses Is Not Enough   27:106.2ML299901
1978.09.24US-St. Louis, MO Conversation w/ a Sunday Feast Guest   22:075.1ML284301
1978.09.26US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana Taste the Honey   144:1033.0ML300001
1978.09.27US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk The Fruits of Book DistributionSubhananda Dasa  26:246.0ML300101
1978.09.28US-St. Louis, MO  SB 1.17.42    45:0210.3ML300201
1978.09.28US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana Book Distribution Is Mass Inoculation   70:1516.1ML300301
1978.09.29US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk     15:403.6ML300401
1978.09.30US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk Chanting Means Pure Chanting   24:165.6ML300501
1978.09.30US-St. Louis, MO  SB 1.17.45    57:2313.1ML300601
1978.09.30US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana Krsna Consciousness Is Less Painful Than Karma   60:2813.8ML300701
1978.10.01US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk Bring the Temple to the People   31:027.1ML300801
1978.10.02US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk Hippy Seeds in the Heart   23:365.4ML300901
1978.10.02US-St. Louis, MO  SB 1.18.2Distribute Books for the Next 9500 Years   61:1014.0ML301001
1978.10.03US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk     3:500.9ML301201
1978.10.03US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana     85:1919.5ML301101
1978.10.04US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk Be Satisfied With the Service Itself   26:066.0ML301301
1978.10.04US-Bloomington, IL Eve Darsana The Glories of Bhagavad Gita   18:144.2ML301401
1978.10.05US-Bloomington, IL Morning Walk Fishing for God   12:482.9ML301601
1978.10.05US-Bloomington, IL Eve Darsana The Yoga System   76:0217.4ML301701
1978.10.06US-Bloomington, IL Morning Walk     21:164.9ML301801
1978.10.06US-Bloomington, IL Room Conversation There Is No Such Thing as Privacy   59:1013.5ML334501
1978.10.06US-Bloomington, IL Eve Lecture Attaining the Supreme   61:0114.0ML301901
1978.10.07US-Bloomington, IL Morning Walk Prabhupada Was in Trance Not Sleep   35:508.2ML301501
1978.10.08US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk Example Is Better Than Precept   33:077.6ML302001
1978.10.08US-St. Louis, MO SFL You Cannot Get Everything With Money   40:599.4ML302101
1978.10.10US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana     64:0514.7ML302201
1978.10.11US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk Become the Good Son of Your Guru   33:317.7ML302301
1978.10.12US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana Temporary Reality Is so Fleeting That You Go Mad   92:0521.1ML302501
1978.10.14US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk First Be Merciful to Yourself   30:437.0ML302701
1978.10.14US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana Where Is Peace and Love in Animal Kingdom   115:0126.3ML302801
1978.10.15US-St. Louis, MO Morning Walk     37:018.5ML302901
1978.10.17US-Memphis, TN Eve Lecture Learn How to Serve Krsna   88:3820.3ML303001
1978.10.18US-Nashville, TN Eve Lecture Material Nature Is Under Krsna's Control   78:3418.0ML303101
1978.10.19US-Nashville, TN Morning Walk Finding a Bonafide Spiritual Master   32:447.5ML303501
1978.10.19US-Nashville, TN Lecture History of the Bhagavad Gita   45:4510.5ML303201
1978.10.19US-Nashville, TN Eve Lecture The Process of Surrender   63:1014.5ML303401
1978.10.20US-Nashville, TN Morning Walk Accepting Initiation   40:509.3ML303301
1978.10.21US-Knoxville, TN Morning Walk Value of the Human Form   32:357.5ML303901
1978.10.21US-Knoxville, TN Darsana Building a KC Community in Tennessee   74:5017.1ML303601
1978.10.21US-Knoxville, TN Eve LectureSB 1.1.1Explanation of Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya   79:0018.1ML303701
1978.10.22US-Knoxville, TN Morning Walk Sin No More   44:2110.2ML303801
1978.10.22US-Knoxville, TN Eve LectureSB 1.1.1I Meditate on Sri Krsna   174:4340.0ML304001
1978.10.23US-Knoxville, TN Morning Walk Household Life in Krsna Consciousness   45:5010.5ML304201
1978.10.23US-Knoxville, TN Eve LectureSB 1.1.1The Cause of All Causes   64:0214.7ML304101
1978.10.24US-Knoxville, TN Eve LectureSB 1.1.1Pouring Ghee Over Fire; Even the Great Sages & Demigods Are Placed Into Illusion   65:1714.9ML304301
1978.10.26US-Mulberry, TN  SB 7.10.24The Vaisnava & the Varnasrama   49:5511.4ML304501
1978.10.28US-Nashville, TN Morning Walk Night and Day Dream   37:168.5ML304601
1978.11.05US-Houston, TXPrabhupada Disapp      143:3532.9ML304701
1978.11.05US-Houston, TX SFL Govardhana Puja   81:5918.8ML304801
1978.11.08US-Houston, TX  SB 3.13.49Controlling the Senses   58:5713.5ML305001
1978.11.11US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.14.38-40Leave Maya Alone   54:3212.5ML305101
1978.11.12US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.1.2    54:2112.4ML305201
1978.11.13US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.1.2Become Ideal and Krsna Will Reveal Himself   49:2611.3ML305301
1978.11.14US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.1.2Constitutionally We Are the Same Species as God   51:5011.9ML305401
1978.11.19US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.1.2Distinguished Now Extinguished   83:1219.0ML305601
1978.11.19US-Dallas, TX SFL The Yoga System   74:2117.0ML305501
1978.11.20US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.1.3    76:4617.6ML305701
1978.11.21US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.1.5Preaching Is the Sign of a Vaisnava   72:0516.5ML305801
1978.11.22US-Houston, TX Arrival Not Just Another Philosophy   67:0015.3ML305901
1978.11.23US-Houston, TX  SB 1.1.4Surrender to Krsna   77:5017.8ML306101
1978.11.23US-Houston, TX Conversation w/ Indian Community   123:3528.3ML306001
1978.11.24US-Houston, TX  SB 1.1.4The Only Yajna for Kali-yuga  Brhad Mrdanga Series61:5814.2ML000201
1978.11.24US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana     45:3010.4ML306201
1978.11.25US-Houston, TX  SB 1.1.6Vyasasana Is for Those Spotless in Character   54:3712.5ML306401
1978.11.25US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana     39:549.1ML306301
1978.11.26US-Houston, TX  SB 1.1.7We Have Much Work to Do   75:4117.3ML306501
1978.11.26US-Houston, TX SFLBG 4.10The Best Mangoes Are the Highest   76:3617.5ML306601
1978.11.26US-Houston, TX Room Conversation Ritual or Religion   57:4013.2ML306701
1978.11.27US-Houston, TX  SB 1.1.8Don't Be Angry at Conditioned Souls   48:1611.0ML306801
1978.11.27US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana He Who Hesitates Is Lost   48:1011.0ML306901
1978.11.28US-St. Louis, MO  SB 1.1.9    32:217.4ML307001
1978.11.28US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana     74:4517.1ML307201
1978.11.29US-St. Louis, MO  SB 1.1.10A Little Suffering Is Required   32:287.4ML307301
1978.11.29US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana Napoleon Was a Devotee of Htimself   112:0825.7ML307101
1978.12.01US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.1.10Symptoms of the Kali Yuga - Laziness   60:0113.7ML307501
1978.12.03US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.1.10Symptoms of the Kali Yuga - Misguided   66:5315.3ML307601
1978.12.04US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.1.10Don't Do Your Own Thing   62:1914.3ML307701
1978.12.07US-Houston, TX  SB 1.1.11Successful Means to Act on Jnana  Brhad Mrdanga Series58:0613.3ML000301
1978.12.08US-Houston, TX  SB 1.1.12The Two Bhagavatas   55:5612.8ML307801
1978.12.10US-Houston, TX  SB 1.1.12Avoid Nondevotees Like the Plague   50:0711.5ML307901
1978.12.10US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana To Be Happy, First Know Who You Are   90:4620.8ML334901
1978.12.12US-Houston, TX  SB 1.1.14    70:4216.2ML308001
1978.12.13US-Houston, TX  SB 1.1.15Krsna Can't Be Bought   76:5317.6ML308101
1978.12.15US-Houston, TX  SB 1.1.16Gambling Gives Rise to Cheating   70:4916.2ML308201
1978.12.16US-Houston, TX  SB 1.1.17Material World Is Like Quicksand   57:5713.3ML308301
1978.12.17US-Houston, TX  SB 1.1.18Becoming an Incarnation  Brhad Mrdanga Series58:0113.3ML000401
1978.12.17US-Houston, TX SFLSB 1.2.6Pravrtti and Nivrtti Marga   84:5819.5ML308401
1978.12.24US-Houston, TX SFLSB 2.1.12Burn the Material Seeds in the Heart   69:5816.0ML308501
1978.12.25US-Houston, TX  SB 1.1.19Beating the Brhad-mrdanga  Brhad Mrdanga Series67:4115.5ML000501
1978.12.27US-Houston, TX  SB 1.1.20False Incarnations   71:0916.3ML308601
1978.12.30US-Houston, TX  SB 1.1.21Counter Kali With These Books   62:1014.2ML308701
1978.12.31US-Houston, TX  SB 1.1.22Always Connected to Krsna via Service   27:196.3ML308901
1978.12.31US-Houston, TX Conversation Bogus Gurus   225:3751.6ML309001
1979.01.01US-Dallas, TX Arrival The Empowered Preacher's Weapons  Brhad Mrdanga Series58:1013.3ML000601
1979.01.03US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.2.1-2The Guru's Mind Is Not a Garbage Can   73:2516.8ML309201
1979.01.07US-Dallas, TX Initiation Sannyasa Initiation for Kesava Bharati Dasa Goswami   66:0915.1ML309301
1979.01.07US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Ten Million Names a Year   88:4320.3ML309401
1979.01.08US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.2.7Intelligence Guided by Supersoul   35:438.2ML309501
1979.01.08US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Failing Materially Is the Qualification   70:2516.1ML309601
1979.01.09US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.2.8    53:5612.3ML309701
1979.01.09US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Real Research Is of the Self   81:2318.6ML309801
1979.01.10US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana God's Law Is Ultimate Morality   88:2620.2ML309901
1979.01.11US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana First Step in Training Is Tapasya   88:4920.3ML310001
1979.01.14US-Dallas, TX Darsana     81:3918.7ML310101
1979.01.14US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana How Can Everything Personal Come From Impersonal   123:2128.2ML310201
1979.01.19US-St. Louis, MO  SB 2.1.8From the Perfect Source   41:059.4ML310501
1979.01.21US-Houston, TX  SB 1.2.20An Intelligent Transcendentalist   62:2914.3ML310601
1979.01.21US-Houston, TX SFLSB 1.1.2Anthill Civilization   87:0119.9ML310701
1979.01.22US-Houston, TX  SB 1.2.21    50:1411.5ML310901
1979.01.22US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Chanters Can't Again Become Non-chanters   77:0917.7ML311001
1979.01.23US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.2.22More Preachers, Less Temple Sitters   86:3219.8ML311101
1979.01.23US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana You Have No Excuse   91:5821.1ML311201
1979.01.24US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.2.23No One Wants to Accept Death   33:187.6ML311401
1979.01.24US-Dallas, TX Eve DarsanaNOD 18God Centered Society   144:2833.1ML311301
1979.01.25US-Dallas, TX Eve DarsanaNOD 18Sadhus Should Be Heard Not Seen   88:4320.3ML311601
1979.01.26US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.2.25We Don't Advocate This Temple Sitting Process   71:5016.4ML311701
1979.01.26US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana     83:1019.0ML335001
1979.01.27US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.2.26Material Boons Are Obstacles   73:0816.7ML311801
1979.01.27US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Pure Devotees See No Duality   71:0916.3ML311901
1979.01.28US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Everyone Here Has No Anxiety   37:528.7ML312001
1979.01.29US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.2.28-29An Attractive Salesman   37:468.6ML311501
1979.01.30US-Los Angeles, LA  SB 4.2.26Don't Be a "So-Called" Brahmana   84:4219.4ML312101
1979.02.01Fiji  SB 1.2.1-2Householder Life Without Krsna Consciousness Is a Dark Well   60:1013.8ML317901
1979.02.01Fiji Eve LectureBG 2Approach a Bonafide Guru   86:2019.8ML318001
1979.02.02Fiji Morning Walk All Services Are Required   17:404.0ML335801
1979.02.02FijiAdvaita App      55:3212.7ML320301
1979.02.02Fiji-Ba  BG 9.34    34:267.9ML312201
1979.02.03Fiji Morning Walk This Body Is Not Yours   6:521.6ML320401
1979.02.03Fiji  SB 1.2.3The Problem Isn't the Fruit but the Tree   45:5610.5ML312301
1979.02.03Fiji  SB 1.2.17    60:4613.9ML331201
1979.02.04Fiji  SB 1.2.4    38:208.8ML331301
1979.02.04Fiji-Tavua  SB 7.5.30Without Krsna Everything Is Zero Hindi 58:1313.3ML331401
1979.02.05Fiji  SB 1.2.5No Questions Means Sleeping Consciousnesss   31:407.3ML331501
1979.02.05Fiji-Ba LectureSB 7.5.31  Hindi 63:1614.5ML331601
1979.02.06Fiji Morning Walk Staying at Temple vs. Going on Pilgrimage   11:452.7ML331701
1979.02.06Fiji  SB 1.2.6Stop Dancing on the Pravrtti Marga   40:589.4ML331801
1979.02.08Fiji Morning Walk     14:503.4ML331901
1979.02.08Fiji  SB 1.2.7Guru Is More Merciful Than Krsna   27:356.3ML332001
1979.02.08Fiji-Nadi Eve LectureSB 7.5.32  Hindi 94:3121.6ML332101
1979.02.09Fiji-Suva Lecture     70:0816.1ML332201
1979.02.11Fiji-Nausori  BG 10.9    43:169.9ML332301
1979.02.13Fiji  SB 1.2.8Don't Maintain, Increase   48:5811.2ML332501
1979.02.13Fiji Eve LectureNODDevotional Principles 1-10 Hindi 33:067.6ML332701
1979.02.14Fiji  SB 1.2.9Material Life: Ocean of Emotion   44:0110.1ML332601
1979.02.14Fiji Eve LectureNODDevotional Principles 11-20 Hindi 58:3613.4ML332801
1979.02.15Fiji  SB 1.2.10All Karma Is Bad Karma   38:458.9ML332901
1979.02.15Fiji Eve LectureNODFurther Devotional Principles Explained Hindi 61:4014.1ML333001
1979.02.16Fiji  SB 1.2.11Three Levels of Transcendence   37:598.7ML333101
1979.02.16Fiji Eve LectureNODPrinciples of Bhakti-yoga Hindi 69:4916.0ML333201
1979.02.17Fiji Eve LectureNODFurther Devotional Principles Explained Hindi 59:2313.6ML333301
1979.02.18Fiji  SB 1.2.12Following These Principles Gives Intelligence   43:219.9ML333401
1979.02.19Fiji-Lautoka  SB 1.2.13Equal Rights in Worshiping Krsna   34:217.9ML333501
1979.02.20Fiji-Lautoka  SB 1.2.14Dependent on Krsna, Independent of Maya   47:0010.8ML333601
1979.02.20Fiji Eve LectureNODService to Krsna Goes Through the Guru Hindi 53:5112.3ML333701
1979.02.21Fiji-Lautoka  SB 1.2.15This Knowledge Is Like a Sword   33:437.7ML333801
1979.02.21Fiji-Lautoka Eve LectureNODOne Day a Week Isn't Sufficient Hindi 49:1711.3ML333901
1979.02.22Fiji  SB 1.2.16No One Jokes About Prasadam   36:598.5ML334001
1979.02.22Fiji Eve LectureNODFirst Solve the Basic Problems Hindi 30:066.9ML334101
1979.03.01India-Mayapur  NOI 1Place Intelligent Inquiries   40:339.3ML312401
1979.03.03India-Mayapur  NOI 1Real Atonement Is Krsna Consciousness   24:585.7ML312501
1979.03.05India-Mayapur  NOI 1    19:434.5ML312601
1979.03.25US-New York, NY Arrival Gurvastakam With Examples From Prabhupada Lila   42:409.8ML312701
1979.03.26US-New York, NY  SB 7.2.43Transform This Prison House by Purity   57:0913.1ML312801
1979.03.27US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Preaching Report   35:148.1ML312901
1979.03.27US-Dallas, TX Arrival Give Them Direct, Not Indirect   18:134.2ML338701
1979.03.28US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.4.10Renunciation Is the Real Wealth   42:239.7ML313001
1979.03.28US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Garland of Jivas   35:468.2ML313101
1979.03.29US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.4.12Lord Caitanya Is the Puppeteer   51:3711.8ML313301
1979.03.29US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana It Is Realistic Not Pessimistic   42:319.7ML313201
1979.03.30US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Krsna Consciousness Is Not Mundane Academics   51:2511.8ML313401
1979.03.31US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.4.14-16Restoring Real Religion in the World   56:0412.8ML313501
1979.03.31US-Dallas, TX Conversation Come Into the Society of Devotees   79:5018.3ML313601
1979.03.31US-Dallas, TX Conversation Krsna Is a Positive Alternative   76:4517.6ML313701
1979.04.01US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.4.17-18Devotional Service Is the Key to Happiness   67:3615.5ML335101
1979.04.01US-Dallas, TX SFLBG 13.22Spirit Is Willing but the Flesh Is Weak   64:1414.7ML313801
1979.04.02US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Always Keep the Destination in Mind   107:2724.6ML313901
1979.04.03US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.4.20-25The "Essence" of Krsna Consciousness   68:5215.8ML314001
1979.04.03US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Chant Purely and Realize Vrndavana   53:4612.3ML314101
1979.04.04US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.4.26-31Pure Devotional Service: The Only Real Satisfaction for the Self   56:2112.9ML314201
1979.04.04US-Dallas, TX Eve DarsanaCcM 24.229-Better to Die on the Battlefield   58:5313.5ML314301
1979.04.05US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.4.32-1.5.2Devotional Service Is a Gift   73:1516.8ML314401
1979.04.05US-Dallas, TX Eve DarsanaCcM 24.314-The Duties of the Brahmana   58:5913.5ML314501
1979.04.06US-Houston, TX Eve DarsanaCcM 9.24.331-Cut the Web of Maya   72:0216.5ML314601
1979.04.08US-Houston, TX SFLSB 1.5.8-10Bring This Light to the World   73:5416.9ML314701
1979.04.09US-Houston, TX  SB 1.5.11Krsna Conscious Leadership   64:5414.9ML314801
1979.04.09US-Houston, TX Eve DarsanaCcM 25.9-The Absolute Platform   88:0320.2ML314901
1979.04.10US-Houston, TX  SB 1.5.13Simply Eat the Pastimes of Krsna Through Your Ears   49:2111.3ML315001
1979.04.11US-St. Louis, MO Eve DarsanaCcM 25.120-You Are Not Your Body   77:1417.7ML315101
1979.04.12US-St. Louis, MO  SB 1.5.14Become a Lover of Krsna   50:5311.6ML315201
1979.04.12US-St. Louis, MO Eve DarsanaCcM 25.131-Vedic Authority Is Blind Faith   136:4031.3ML315301
1979.04.13US-St. Louis, MO  SB 1.5.15The Guru Is Always Present   44:3310.2ML315401
1979.04.13US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana     90:5720.8ML315501
1979.04.14US-Chicago, IL ArrivalSB 1.5.16Work Now, Samadhi Later   86:4019.8ML315601
1979.04.14US-Chicago, IL Eve Darsana Don't Hesitate to Surrender to Krsna   89:0020.4ML315701
1979.04.15US-Chicago, IL Initiation     55:0212.6ML315801
1979.04.15US-Chicago, IL Eve DarsanaSB 1.1.2Follow the Standard Process   88:3520.3ML315901
1979.04.16US-Chicago, IL Eve Darsana     58:1613.3ML316001
1979.04.17US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.5.19A Preacher Is Awarded by Krsna   48:4011.1ML316201
1979.04.17US-Chicago, IL Eve DarsanaCcM 25.270A Devotee Is Fully Dependent on Radha & Krsna   57:4013.2ML316101
1979.04.20US-Chicago, IL Lecture The Science of Krsna Consciousness   57:2513.1ML316601
1979.04.20US-Chicago, IL Conversation     46:5310.7ML316701
1979.04.21US-Chicago, IL Eve Darsana Being Empowered by Lord Caitanya - Giving Krsna to Others   43:039.9ML316501
1979.04.22US-Chicago, IL Eve Darsana Why Not Join ISKCON?   87:0819.9ML316801
1979.04.23US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.5.25The Transcendental Nature of Prasadam   47:3210.9ML316901
1979.04.23US-Chicago, IL Eve Darsana The Humility of the Spiritual Master   45:0210.3ML317001
1979.04.24US-Chicago, IL Eve Darsana There's Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain   30:046.9ML317101
1979.04.25US-Chicago, IL Eve Darsana The Guru Is the Best Teacher   49:0311.2ML317201
1979.04.26US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.5.28Devotees Are "Re-conditioned" Souls   52:5012.1ML317301
1979.04.26US-Chicago, IL Eve Darsana The Love of Caitanya Mahaprabhu   53:2012.2ML317401
1979.04.29Canada-Toronto  SB 2.6.40-41We Do Not Need Money, We Need Purity   83:0919.0ML317501
1979.04.29Canada-Toronto SFL No Noisy Kids in Naimisaranya   67:3515.5ML317601
1979.05.01US-Chicago, IL Eve Darsana How to Preach Effectively   30:206.9ML317701
1979.05.02US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.5.34The Train of Bhakti   48:1011.0ML317801
1979.05.05US-Denver, CO  SB 4.5.5-8The Glories of Vaisnavas   60:0313.7ML320101
1979.05.10US-Los Angeles, LA Eve Darsana The Glories of JayanandaRamesvara Swami  50:4111.6ML319101
1979.05.13US-Los Angeles, LA  SB 4.7.9Simplicity, Purity & Prasadam   88:0720.2ML319301
1979.05.13US-Los Angeles, LA SFL Liquid Beauty   59:2613.6ML319201
1979.05.13US-Los Angeles, LA Conversation w/ Parents   41:129.4ML319901
1979.05.17US-Los Angeles, LA  SB 4.7.15Devotional Service: The Reward for Chanting Hare Krsna   34:568.0ML319801
1979.05.19US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana The Lord Is Well-Wisher, Not Wishing Well   77:0217.6ML318901
1979.05.20US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.6.22First Learn the Principle of Austerity   51:5411.9ML319001
1979.05.21US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.6.23Attaining Fixed Intelligence   72:4316.6ML318801
1979.05.22US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Transcendental Johnny Appleseeds   33:447.7ML318101
1979.05.23US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Please Identify Yourself   54:1712.4ML318201
1979.05.24US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Law of the Time Factor   22:275.1ML318401
1979.05.25US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.6.27No Comfort in a Dying Body   52:1612.0ML318301
1979.05.25US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana From Sinner to Saint   49:3911.4ML335201
1979.05.26US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Defeating All Mayavadi Arguments   114:2926.2ML318601
1979.05.27US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.6.29Personalism Is the Answer   82:1318.8ML318701
1979.05.28US-Dallas, TX Departure Try to Increase Your Numbers   12:332.9ML320501
1979.05.28US-Houston, TX Arrival     79:1018.1ML320601
1979.05.29US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana The Real Guru Is Krsna Dasa   71:2316.3ML320701
1979.05.30US-Houston, TX  SB 1.6.33Book Distribution Means Presenting Krsna  Brhad Mrdanga Series52:4012.1ML000701
1979.05.30US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana The Price Is Intense Eagerness   61:4014.1ML320801
1979.06.01US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana Everything Here Is Transcendental   74:4717.1ML320901
1979.06.02US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana Celibacy Is Important   62:4814.4ML321001
1979.06.03US-St. Louis, MO  SB 2.5.3    48:3711.1ML321101
1979.06.03US-Chicago, IL Arrival Make Your Family Krsna Conscious   23:395.4ML321201
1979.06.03US-Chicago, IL Eve Darsana The Real Life of a Disciple   43:229.9ML321301
1979.06.04US-Chicago, IL Eve Darsana     87:5820.1ML321401
1979.06.05US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.6.34Preachers Must Come on Platform of Realization   45:3110.4ML321501
1979.06.06US-Chicago, IL Eve Darsana The Mercy of the Vaisnavas   55:5912.8ML321601
1979.06.07US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.6.36Analyzing Devotional Service   50:0911.5ML321701
1979.06.07US-Chicago, IL Eve Darsana The Real Thing Is to Win Krsna   45:2110.4ML321801
1979.06.14US-Dallas, TXVyasa-puja      182:0041.7ML322401
1979.06.14US-Dallas, TX Initiation Sold Out to the Spiritual Master   82:1918.8ML322301
1979.06.16US-Dallas, TX Eve DarsanaCcAdi 3.53-The Award of Pure Love of God   73:3216.8ML322501
1979.06.17US-Dallas, TX Eve DarsanaCcAdi 4.15-22Attaining the Pure Serving Mood   38:358.8ML322601
1979.06.18US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.7.9Sankirtana Is Meditation on Krsna   43:079.9ML322701
1979.06.18US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Always Thinking of Krsna   58:5013.5ML322801
1979.06.19US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.7.10Atmarama Verse - Serve the Topmost Person   42:269.7ML322901
1979.06.19US-Dallas, TX Eve DarsanaCcAdi 3.69-91,4.3.92-106It Is Not New, but Futher Knowledge   67:1615.4ML323001
1979.06.20US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.7.10Atmarama Verse - Krsna Has Unlimited Qualities   50:2611.5ML323101
1979.06.20US-Dallas, TX Eve DarsanaCcAdi 3.92-Developing Preaching Zeal   70:2716.1ML323201
1979.06.21US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.7.11Advancing to Krsna Consciousness   50:2511.5ML323301
1979.06.21US-Houston, TX Eve DarsanaCcM 15.1-42Sri Caitanya - The Avatara   66:4915.3ML323401
1979.06.22US-Houston, TX  SB 1.6.36The Process of Following Spiritual Master   46:0610.6ML323501
1979.06.22US-Houston, TX Eve DarsanaCcM 15.43-Liberation Through Eating   30:507.1ML323601
1979.06.23US-Houston, TX  SB 1.6.37Freedom From Material Nature   48:5411.2ML323701
1979.06.23US-Houston, TX  BG 3.10Material World, Refugee Camp   168:3438.6ML323801
1979.06.24US-Houston, TX SFLBG 4.43Using Everything to Serve Krsna   62:1214.2ML323901
1979.06.25US-Houston, TX  SB 1.6.38Perfecting the Preaching   45:4510.5ML324001
1979.06.27US-Chicago, IL Eve DarsanaCcAntya 10.140-Introducing the Harmonist   78:1017.9ML324101
1979.06.28US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.7.24Getting Free From Maya   58:2713.4ML324201
1979.06.28US-Chicago, IL  CcM 19.17Approaching the Transcendental Authority   73:3716.9ML324301
1979.06.29US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.7.25Understanding the Qualities of God   63:4914.6ML324401
1979.06.29US-Chicago, IL Eve DarsanaCcM 19.42-56The Confidential Devotee   45:0610.3ML324501
1979.06.30US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.7.26-27The Real Value of Vedic Culture   56:4713.0ML324601
1979.07.03US-Chicago, IL  CcM 19.87-110Little Medicine Is Better Than No Medicine   57:1313.1ML324902
1979.07.04US-Chicago, IL  CcM 19.111-Beating the Big Mrdanga   69:2115.9ML325002
1979.07.05US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.7.33You Have to Control Your Senses   15:423.6ML325102
1979.07.05US-Chicago, IL  CcM 19.133-144We Are Not an Escapist Organization   35:298.1ML325202
1979.07.07US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.7.35-36The Four Principles of Religion   73:2316.8ML325302
1979.07.07US-Chicago, IL  BG 3.10Sacrifice Yajna via Visnu Gujarati 73:1316.8ML325402
1979.07.08US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.7.37Following the Natural Laws of God   64:5614.9ML325502
1979.07.09US-Chicago, IL  CcM 19.146-150Pure Devotional Service   67:2915.4ML325602
1979.07.10US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.7.40Krsna Resolves All Contradictions   65:0714.9ML325702
1979.07.10US-Chicago, IL  CcM 19.151-156Watering the Bhakti Creeper   39:519.1ML325802
1979.07.11US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.7.41Striving to Please Krsna   25:025.7ML325902
1979.07.12US-Chicago, IL  CcM 19.156-159On Whom Can We Depend?   65:5515.1ML326002
1979.07.13US-Chicago, IL   The Founding of ISKCON  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II49:2611.3ML000802
1979.07.14US-Chicago, IL  CcM 19.160Cured of Material Infection   45:2410.4ML326102
1979.07.16US-Chicago, IL  CcM 19.161-165Setting the Uncompromising Standard   53:3512.3ML326202
1979.07.17US-Chicago, IL   The Deep Meaning of Sankirtana   84:1119.3ML326302
1979.07.17US-Chicago, IL  CcM 19.166-176Cleansing the Heart   45:2110.4ML326402
1979.07.18US-Chicago, IL  CcM 19.177Bhakti as a Scientific Practice   40:259.3ML326502
1979.07.19US-St. Louis, MO  CcM 19.178-184Teachings of Lord Caitanya   81:3818.7ML326702
1979.07.20US-St. Louis, MO  SB 2.6.18Surrender to God or Surrender to Death   60:3913.9ML326802
1979.07.20US-St. Louis, MO   Understanding Who I Am   86:0119.7ML326902
1979.07.21US-St. Louis, MO  SB 2.6.19-    38:008.7ML327002
1979.07.21US-St. Louis, MO  CcM 11.1-34Setting the Mood for Ratha-yatra   37:578.7ML327102
1979.07.22US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.7.56-58A Disciple Should Know the Guru's Desire   60:4213.9ML327202
1979.07.24US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.8.5The Responsibility of Being a Devotee   64:4714.8ML327302
1979.07.25US-Chicago, IL Eve Darsana Finding the Spiritual Master   112:0325.7ML327402
1979.07.26US-St. Louis, MO       74:5817.2ML327502
1979.07.27US-St. Louis, MO  SB 2.6.24-26Making Everything Sacred   72:4316.6ML327602
1979.07.28US-St. Louis, MO   The Principles of Religion   76:0217.4ML327702
1979.07.28US-Chicago, IL   Making the Right Choice   85:1719.5ML327802
1979.07.29US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.8.10Choose Which Aspect of Krsna to Approach   42:369.8ML327902
1979.07.29US-Chicago, IL   The Purpose of Everything   54:1612.4ML328002
1979.07.29US-Chicago, IL Room Conversation w/ Chater Jees   39:449.1ML328102
1979.08US-Chicago, IL Conversation w/ a Social Worker   16:013.7ML335502
1979.08.02US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.8.14    59:4313.7ML328202
1979.08.04US-Chicago, IL Eve Darsana Demons Without Horns   76:2817.5ML328302
1979.08.05US-Chicago, IL Eve Darsana We Do Not Judge, We Apply God's Judgement   66:2915.2ML328402
1979.08.07US-Chicago, IL Eve Darsana     64:2614.7ML335402
1979.08.08US-Chicago, IL Eve Darsana War Strategy   38:208.8ML328602
1979.08.09US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.8.20The Secret to Krsna Consciousness   49:5711.4ML328702
1979.08.11US-Chicago, IL       127:0129.1ML328802
1979.08.12US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.8.23    53:4512.3ML328902
1979.08.13US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.8.24A Devotee Prays for Difficulties   53:2512.2ML329002
1979.08.14US-Dallas, TX Arrival Serve the Guru With Pure Heart   57:0413.1ML329102
1979.08.15US-Dallas, TXJanmastami SB 1.8.35    75:1617.2ML329202
1979.08.16US-Dallas, TXPrabhupada Vyasa-puja      87:0119.9ML329302
1979.08.17US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.8.36The Preacher Gets Double Benefit   71:3616.4ML329402
1979.08.18US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Dovetail All Your Activities in God's Service   88:4620.3ML329502
1979.08.19US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Taking Sannyasa Is Not Reccommended for Everyone   57:4713.2ML335302
1979.08.21US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana The Perfection of Yoga   58:2713.4ML335702
1979.08.22US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Remain True to Your Sampradaya   37:208.5ML329602
1979.08.24US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.8.43It's Time to Get Serious   80:2218.4ML329702
1979.08.26US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.8.45Put Your Life in the Hands of the Guru   57:5113.2ML329802
1979.08.26US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Organizing the Indian community   52:0011.9ML329902
1979.08.27US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.8.46The Servant's Pleasure Is to Please the Master   55:2412.7ML330002
1979.08.27US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Come Out of Your Dream World   52:5812.1ML330102
1979.08.28US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.8.47Become a Pure Devotee in This Lifetime   61:2214.0ML330202
1979.08.28US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Reading From Hari Sauri Prabhu's DiaryHari Sauri Prabhu  38:188.8ML330302
1979.08.31US-Memphis, TNRadhastami   Hrdayananda dasa Goswami  88:3020.3ML330402
1979.09.05US-St. Louis, MO    Jayapataka Swami  112:3325.8ML330502
1979.09.10US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.9.10Preaching Is a Natural Result of Hearing   66:0815.1ML330602
1979.09.10US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana You Cannot Have Your Cake and Eat It   22:105.1ML330702
1979.09.13US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.9.13Take Shelter of Brahmanas, Vaisnavas, and Sastra   56:1112.9ML330802
1979.09.14US-Houston, TX Eve DarsanaIso InvocationKarmis Are Intelligent... At Breaking Laws of God   75:5017.4ML330902
1979.09.15US-Houston, TX  SB 1.8.28Devotee Waits to Deliver All Before Himself   57:2513.1ML331002
1979.09.16US-Houston, TX SFLIso 2News Today, Gone Tomorrow  Sri Isopanisad Series69:1315.8ML000902
1979.09.17US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana     18:594.3ML296402
1979.09.23US-Chicago, IL  SB 1.9.12A Devotee Is Tested by Krsna   46:2610.6ML331102
1979.09.24US-Los Angeles, LA  SB 4.9.16Spiritual Life Is Like a Razor's Edge   59:5213.7ML339302
1979.09.26US-Honolulu, HI  SB 1.5.9Always Be Ready to Be Corrected   60:4613.9ML284802
1979.09.27Fiji Arrival Make Fiji Krsna Conscious  Queen Kunti Series19:434.5ML001002
1979.09.28Fiji-Lautoka  SB 1.8.18Krsna Kaliya Is Not an Ordinary Boy  Queen Kunti Series52:1011.9ML001202
1979.09.28Fiji LectureIso InvocationBhagavan Realization Is Full Realization  Sri Isopanisad Series44:1110.1ML001102
1979.09.29Fiji  SB 1.8.19The Preacher Is a Lawyer and a Doctor  Queen Kunti Series41:469.6ML001402
1979.09.29Fiji LectureIso 1This World Is a Punishment  Sri Isopanisad Series42:349.7ML001302
1979.09.29Fiji  SB 1.8.20Devotees Inherit All Godly Qualities   40:339.3ML295502
1979.09.30Fiji  SB 1.8.21First Follow Scripture, Then Debate  Queen Kunti Series41:349.5ML001702
1979.09.30Fiji-Lautoka   Srila Prabhupada Murti Installation   37:348.6ML001602
1979.10Fiji   Perfect Questions, Perfect Answers  Fiji 1979 Series43:5010.0ML003502
1979.10.01Fiji-Suva LectureIso 2Progressive Means Back to Godhead  Sri Isopanisad Series59:3213.6ML001802
1979.10.02Fiji-Suva  SB 1.8.22First See the Deity From the Lotus Feet  Queen Kunti Series21:234.9ML002002
1979.10.02Fiji-Suva LectureIso 3First Catch Me, Then Bury Me  Sri Isopanisad Series51:0711.7ML001902
1979.10.03Fiji-Suva Eve Darsana Krsna is God the Father   87:0519.9ML284602
1979.10.04Fiji-Nandi LectureIso 4You Can Become a Brahma Also  Sri Isopanisad Series59:0113.5ML002102
1979.10.05Fiji-Lautoka  SB 1.8.23Krsna Can Give You Fiji, What Would You Do With it  Queen Kunti Series35:318.1ML002302
1979.10.05Fiji-Lautoka LectureIso 5Those Attached to Krsna Do Not Require Alarm Clock  Sri Isopanisad Series67:4715.5ML002202
1979.10.06Fiji-Lautoka LectureIso 6Learn How to Hear Krsna  Sri Isopanisad Series44:4910.3ML002402
1979.10.07Fiji-Lautoka  SB 1.8.24The Cheating of Asvatthama  Queen Kunti Series36:038.3ML002602
1979.10.07Fiji-Lautoka Initiation Extract Krsna Out of Every Jiva  Fiji 1979 Series44:1710.1ML002502
1979.10.07Fiji-Lautoka Initiation Name Giving Ceremony   25:245.8ML296502
1979.10.08Fiji-Lautoka  SB 1.8.25Reality Is That Which Endures  Queen Kunti Series34:207.9ML002702
1979.10.08Fiji Wedding Importance of Married Life   28:556.6ML284702
1979.10.09Fiji-Lautoka  SB 1.8.26Real Wealth Goes With You to Next Life  Queen Kunti Series30:146.9ML002802
1979.10.10Fiji-Lautoka  SB 1.8.27Material Failure as God's Favor  Queen Kunti Series29:206.7ML003002
1979.10.10Fiji-Lautoka LectureIso 7Krsna Conscious Sandwich  Sri Isopanisad Series58:5613.5ML002902
1979.10.11Fiji-Lautoka  SB 1.8.28One Can Only Blame Oneself  Queen Kunti Series30:457.0ML003202
1979.10.11Fiji-Lautoka LectureIso 8The Preachers' Marketplace  Sri Isopanisad Series58:4113.4ML003102
1979.10.13Fiji-Nausori Pandal Program The Path of Religion  Fiji 1979 Series44:2610.2ML003302
1979.10.14Fiji-Suva   God, Demigods & Incarnations  Fiji 1979 Series72:2016.6ML003402
1979.10.15Fiji-Suva   Who Am I  Fiji 1979 Series159:2936.5ML003602
1979.10.16Fiji-Suva LectureIso 9If You Do Not Believe Me Try It  Sri Isopanisad Series56:0812.8ML003702
1979.10.17Fiji-Suva   University of South Pacific: The King of Knowledge  Fiji 1979 Series46:3810.7ML003802
1979.10.17Fiji-Suva LectureIso 10Purity Means to Transcend Animal Activities  Sri Isopanisad Series43:3710.0ML003902
1979.10.18Fiji-Lautoka   The Golden Rules  Fiji 1979 Series39:489.1ML004002
1979.10.21US-Dallas, TXGovardhana-pujaSFL     59:0513.5ML004102
1979.10.25US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.1.1Shouldering the Burden of the World  Ajamila Series44:1710.1ML004202
1979.10.25US-Dallas, TXPrabhupada Disapp  Krsna's Viceroy Is the Spiritual Master  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II66:5215.3ML004302
1979.10.27US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.1.6Don't Jump Over the Guru  Ajamila Series57:0913.1ML004502
1979.10.28US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.1.15Uproot All Sins by Bhakti Yoga  Ajamila Series81:4418.7ML004402
1979.10.29US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.1.16We Are Pushing to Stop Pushing  Ajamila Series58:1613.3ML004702
1979.10.30US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.1.19The Power of the Holy Name  Ajamila Series59:0513.5ML004802
1979.10.30US-Dallas, TX   Surrenderloka Kirtana  Surrenderloka Kirtans56:5913.0ML004902
1979.11.01US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.1.22Practice Now Rememberance of Krsna  Ajamila Series54:2012.4ML005002
1979.11.01US-Dallas, TX Darsana No One More Fortunate Than a Pujari   1:250.3ML294002
1979.11.02US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.1.28-29Cleanse at All Levels  Ajamila Series46:3110.7ML005102
1979.11.03US-Houston, TX  SB 6.1.33A Devotee Is Never Frustrated  Ajamila Series56:2712.9ML005202
1979.11.04US-Houston, TX  SB 6.1.39Guru Is the Heart Specialist  Ajamila Series46:3810.7ML005302
1979.11.04US-Houston, TX LectureIso 11Simplify Your 'Needs'  Sri Isopanisad Series58:3413.4ML005402
1979.11.07US-Chicago, IL  SB 6.1.44All Needs Are Met by Chanting  Ajamila Series56:0512.8ML005502
1979.11.08US-Chicago, IL  SB 6.1.49Don't Stop Desire, but Change Desire  Ajamila Series49:4411.4ML005602
1979.11.09US-Chicago, IL  SB 6.1.56-57Preaching Isn't Something Mechanical  Ajamila Series59:1113.5ML005702
1979.11.11US-Chicago, IL  SB 6.1.58-62No One Is Too Poor to Approach God  Ajamila Series46:0910.6ML005802
1979.11.12US-Chicago, IL  SB 6.1.63-6.2.1Hearing Strengthens Faith  Ajamila Series58:1413.3ML005902
1979.11.17US-Chicago, IL  SB 6.2.2-6Kali Yuga's Great Lack of Mercy  Ajamila Series32:527.5ML006002
1979.11.18US-Chicago, IL  SB 6.2.7One Is Known by the Company He Keeps  Ajamila Series59:2713.6ML006102
1979.11.18US-Chicago, IL LectureIso 12Class C to Class B Prison  Sri Isopanisad Series50:2511.5ML006202
1979.11.22US-Chicago, IL  SB 6.2.8-11A Bad King Is Better Than No King  Ajamila Series53:1012.2ML006302
1979.11.23US-Chicago, IL  SB 6.2.12-16No One Looks for These Anxieties  Ajamila Series40:199.2ML006402
1979.11.24US-Chicago, IL  SB 6.2.17-22Chanting Doesn't Require Prior Understanding  Ajamila Series30:537.1ML006502
1979.11.25US-St. Louis, MO LectureIso 13Krsna Is That Attractive Force  Sri Isopanisad Series82:0818.8ML006602
1979.11.26US-St. Louis, MO  SB 6.2.23-31Modern Religion Is a Means for Begging  Ajamila Series51:2211.8ML006702
1979.11.29US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.2.32-35Associate With Associates of the Spiritual Master  Ajamila Series56:1412.9ML006802
1979.12US-Dallas, TX Darsana Our Austerity Is Preaching   10:242.4ML296602
1979.12.01US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.2.36-37Consider the Welfare of Others  Ajamila Series25:425.9ML006902
1979.12.01US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Understanding the Suffering of Others   38:168.8ML007002
1979.12.02US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.2.41-44Our Temples Are the Transcendental Realm  Ajamila Series52:0411.9ML007102
1979.12.03US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.2.45-49Bhakti Can Control Even Krsna  Ajamila Series36:518.4ML007202
1979.12.06US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.3.1-11The Supreme Judge  Ajamila Series51:3611.8ML007302
1979.12.07US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.3.12The Servant Position Is Wonderful  Ajamila Series27:256.3ML007402
1979.12.07US-Houston, TX LectureIso 14The Form of the Culture of Living  Sri Isopanisad Series42:039.6ML007502
1979.12.08US-Houston, TX  SB 6.3.13We Have to Situate Ourselves Ideally  Ajamila Series58:1013.3ML007602
1979.12.09US-Houston, TX  SB 6.3.14-16Fearless Means to Have Faith  Ajamila Series53:3512.3ML007702
1979.12.09US-Houston, TX LectureIso 15Add Krsna Into Your Dream  Sri Isopanisad Series59:3913.7ML007802
1979.12.10US-Houston, TX  SB 6.3.17-21The Yamadutas Didn't Know About Bhagavata Dharma  Ajamila Series52:0911.9ML007902
1979.12.10US-Dallas, TX Darsana Live Simply but Sufficiently   14:103.2ML292902
1979.12.11US-Dallas, TX Darsana     16:263.8ML296702
1979.12.12US-Dallas, TX Darsana Who Is Actually Tired   5:161.2ML293002
1979.12.13US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.3.22-25Simply by Chanting the Heart Is Cleansed  Ajamila Series29:426.8ML008002
1979.12.15US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.3.26-29Friends and Enemy Is Material Consciousness  Ajamila Series29:376.8ML284902
1979.12.18US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.3.30-35Beyond Platform of Piety and Impiety  Ajamila Series29:416.8ML008102
1979.12.20US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.1.1-5Humility With Intelligence Is Required  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 129:076.7ML008202
1979.12.25US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.1.6-9The Modes Are Not So Simple  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 152:0011.9ML008302
1979.12.27US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Connecting Material Energy to God   10:162.4ML294102
1979.12.28US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.1.23-26No Insult or Praise for the Soul  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 136:438.4ML008402
1979.12.29US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.1.26-32Envy of Krsna Means Sense Gratification  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 136:058.3ML008502
1979.12.29US-Dallas, TX Darsana Fault Finding Means Enviousness   32:417.5ML292802
1979.12.30US-Dallas, TX Initiation Let Krsna Come Into Your Life   88:3220.3ML008602
1979.12.30US-Dallas, TX   New Year's Address: A New Preaching Approach   11:302.6ML296802
1979.12.31US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.1.33-48Pushing Ahead Through Icy Winds  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 147:3410.9ML008702
1980.01US-Chicago, IL Arrival Kishor Kishori's Special Plan for Chicago   16:473.8ML292702
1980.01.01US-St. Louis, MO Arrival New Year's Resolution   29:406.8ML285002
1980.01.05US-Chicago, IL Eve Darsana Preaching to Indian Community   62:5014.4ML009002
1980.01.06US-Chicago, IL LectureIso 16You Can't Approach God Directly  Sri Isopanisad Series49:1811.3ML009202
1980.01.07US-Chicago, IL  SB 7.2.1-8God's Potencies Are Incomprehensible  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 150:0811.5ML009302
1980.01.08US-Chicago, IL  SB 7.2.9-11Demoniac Means Full of Bodily Conceptions  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 153:2212.2ML009402
1980.01.10US-Chicago, IL  SB 7.2.12-20From Demon to Devotee  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 138:328.8ML009502
1980.01.11US-Chicago, IL  SB 7.2.21-26Krsna Is That Lover You'll Never Lose  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 136:298.4ML009602
1980.01.12US-Chicago, IL  SB 7.2.27-31Don't Scratch the Itch Called Maya  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 150:2411.5ML009702
1980.01.13US-Chicago, IL Initiation The Guru Speaks and Acts Religion   59:0213.5ML009802
1980.01.15US-St. Louis, MO  SB 7.2.32-61Widen Your Perspective for Preaching  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 121:485.0ML009902
1980.01.18US-Harmony Farm, OK  SB 7.3.1-5A Real Yogi Connects With God   60:2313.8ML010002
1980.01.20US-Harmony Farm, OK  SB 7.3.9-12Love and Trust Develops by Association   50:5911.7ML010202
1980.01.23US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Love Means Where There Is Krsna   85:5219.7ML010302
1980.01.24US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.3.13The Austerities of the Devotees   52:1412.0ML010402
1980.02.01US-Harmony Farm, OK  SB 7.3.30Avoiding Service Means Mental Platform   35:478.2ML010802
1980.02.01US-Houston, TX Eve LectureIso 17Try All the Nine Activities  Sri Isopanisad Series35:088.0ML010702
1980.02.02US-Houston, TX  SB 7.3.35-38Stop Cheating Krsna   98:5222.6ML011002
1980.02.02US-Houston, TX Darsana Distinguishing Supreme and Individual Spirit   23:505.5ML293202
1980.02.03US-Houston, TX  SB 7.4.1Materialists Want More Power Than God   55:5312.8ML011102
1980.02.04US-Houston, TX  SB 7.4.20Hankering for Sense Gratification Kills Determination   55:3412.7ML011202
1980.02.04US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana Preaching to a Christian   88:3820.3ML014702
1980.02.05US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana Good Chanting Means Good Hearing   73:3816.9ML011302
1980.02.06US-Austin, TX Eve Darsana It's Very Hard to Serve the Void   68:3515.7ML011402
1980.02.07US-Austin, TX  SB 7.4.22-25Act to Please Krsna   41:249.5ML011502
1980.02.07US-Austin, TX Eve Darsana The Cure for All Diseases   73:3716.9ML011602
1980.02.08US-Austin, TX  SB 7.4.27Time to Get Out of Maya's Lap   32:467.5ML011702
1980.02.08US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana Abstract Conception of God Makes One Feelingless   89:5620.6ML011802
1980.02.09US-Houston, TX  SB 7.4.30-32Glories of the Pure Devotees   57:0413.1ML011902
1980.02.09US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana Suit and Shaved Head   46:2310.6ML012002
1980.02.10US-Houston, TX  SB 7.4.33-35Pick a Path and Follow It   52:1612.0ML012202
1980.02.10US-Houston, TX LectureIso 18More Struggle Means More Anxiety  Sri Isopanisad Series48:1411.0ML012102
1980.02.11US-Houston, TX  SB 7.4.37-41Satisfied in the Lap of Krsna   42:359.7ML012302
1980.02.12US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.4.42Consciousness Determines Material From Spiritual   51:5611.9ML012402
1980.02.12US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Krsna's Form Isn't a Concoction   68:5515.8ML012502
1980.02.15US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana WE Should Support ISKCON   67:4215.5ML012602
1980.02.17US-Harmony Farm, OK  SB 7.5.5Living Together in Peace   36:348.4ML012702
1980.02.23India-Mayapur  SB 2.1.2Together We Can Save the World   54:5412.6ML012902
1980.03.07UK-B. Manor Arrival Real Taste Comes From Connection to Krsna   61:2914.1ML013002
1980.03.09US-New York, NY  SB 7.12.17-24Devotees Should Have Simple Goals   87:4920.1ML013102
1980.03.23US-Chicago, ILRama Navami  The Rule of Lord Ramacandra  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol I35:108.1ML013302
1980.03.26US-Kenosha, WI Eve Darsana Building for Krsna   74:1517.0ML013502
1980.03.27US-Kenosha, WI  SB 7.5.22We Should Open Our Own Bank  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 189:1820.4ML013602
1980.03.27US-Kenosha, WI Eve Darsana Contemporary Preaching Strategies   152:2134.9ML013702
1980.03.27US-Kenosha, WI Eve Darsana Harmony Farm Masterplan   122:0728.0ML293902
1980.03.28US-St. Louis, MO Eve Darsana Reconditioning Oneself   58:0613.3ML013902
1980.03.29US-St. Louis, MO  SB 7.5.23-24Sravanam, Kirtanam  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 144:0010.1ML014002
1980.03.29US-St. Louis, MO Darsana Expanding the Circle   133:1830.5ML014102
1980.03.30US-St. Louis, MO  SB 7.5.23-24Ten Offenses to the Holy Name  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 154:4112.5ML013402
1980.03.31US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Accept an Authorized Process   43:5710.1ML014202
1980.04.01US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.23-24Smaranam, Pada-sevanam  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 137:518.7ML014302
1980.04.01US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Sankirtana: the Self Realization Process   42:579.8ML014402
1980.04.03US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana To Meditate on God You Must Know Him   59:2013.6ML014502
1980.04.04US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.23-24Arcanam  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 132:027.3ML014602
1980.04.05US-Los Angeles, LA  SB 4.16.3Bhakti Yoga Is Easy to Perform   53:2512.2ML014802
1980.04.17US-Chicago, IL  SB 7.5.23-24Vandanam, Dasyam, Sakhyam, Atma-nivedanam  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 150:3111.6ML015002
1980.04.18US-Chicago, IL  SB 7.5.25-26Revive Your Spiritual Vision Through Devotional Service  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 140:049.2ML015102
1980.04.19US-Chicago, IL  SB 7.5.30Transcending the Modes  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 161:3814.1ML015202
1980.04.19US-Chicago, IL Eve DarsanaCcAdi 3.12-66Even a Gorilla Is Vegetarian   114:3726.2ML015302
1980.04.20US-Chicago, IL SFL Why We Should Worship Krsna   81:1118.6ML015402
1980.04.23US-Wisconsin Eve Darsana Join Krsna's Navy and See the World   148:2334.0ML015502
1980.07.16US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Devotees Are Not Affected by Time   87:1820.0ML284402
1980.07.17US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.17.20Depriving Our Children of Prison Life   40:319.3ML015902
1980.07.17US-Dallas, TX Eve DarsanaCcAdi 8.1-Who Is Older, You or Your Mother   89:2320.5ML338902
1980.07.18US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.17.21-22Find the Glories of the Devotees   43:4910.0ML016002
1980.07.20US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.17.24We Can Create Satya Yuga   47:3810.9ML016102
1980.07.20US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Reading Diary   138:5631.8ML294302
1980.07.21US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.17.25    38:348.8ML294402
1980.07.21US-Dallas, TXVyasa-puja  The Most Important Relationship in Our Life   35:168.1ML016202
1980.07.21US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Reading Diary   66:0215.1ML294502
1980.07.24US-Dallas, TX Debate Chicken Eating Sannyasis Don't Go Back to Godhead   90:2120.7ML016302
1980.07.30US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana Once Burned, Twice Shy   71:2616.4ML010502
1980.07.31US-Houston, TX  SB 1.15.30Fools Cannot Understand Krsna's Appearance   49:2711.3ML016402
1980.07.31US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana We Are Always on Vacation   90:5520.8ML010602
1980.08US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana Prasadam Cures Death   91:2120.9ML294602
1980.08.07Fiji-Lautoka Arrival Someone Is Worried About Us   43:5810.1ML016602
1980.08.08Fiji-Lautoka  SB 1.12.10-11Krsna Is Within Our Heart   41:419.5ML016702
1980.08.10Fiji-Lautoka SFL The Story of Prahlada   44:0910.1ML016802
1980.08.11Fiji-Lautoka  SB 1.12.13Prabhupada's Words Are Better Than Cinema   44:2210.2ML017002
1980.08.11Fiji-Lautoka Eve Darsana Steadiness and Determination   41:269.5ML016902
1980.08.12Fiji-Lautoka  SB 1.12.14The Qualification Is Devotion   37:308.6ML017102
1980.08.12Fiji-Lautoka Eve Darsana Stopping Crime   37:088.5ML017202
1980.08.13Fiji-Lautoka  SB 1.12.15-16Protected by the All-Pervasive   23:215.3ML017302
1980.08.13Fiji-Lautoka   Preaching to the Son of a Village Chief   63:1114.5ML294702
1980.08.13Fiji-Lautoka Eve Darsana Who Are You?   44:3510.2ML017402
1980.09.20AU-Sydney  SB 7.15.4A Yajna Fit Even for Animals   54:0212.4ML017602
1980.09.21Hong Kong SFLBG 7.28Bhakti: The Posession of Pure Devotees Hindi 46:1710.6ML017702
1980.09.23Hong Kong  BG 15.1Not False but Temporary   27:186.3ML017802
1980.09.28Hong Kong SFLBG 15.5Induce Bhakti to Come Out   38:048.7ML017902
1980.10.05Hong Kong SFLBG 16.23Seven Days Bhagavata Isn't Enough Hindi 74:2117.0ML018002
1980.10.24US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.19.26Take the Recommended Method   37:378.6ML018102
1980.10.28US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.19.30Open Your Eyes, Don't Be an Owl   51:0311.7ML018402
1980.10.30US-Dallas, TX Darsana The Highest Form of Psychiatry   176:4540.5ML018602
1980.10.31US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.19.33Everything Is a Facility for Krsna's Service   30:487.1ML018502
1980.10.31US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana w/ Mr. Tarun Kanti Ghosh   30:086.9ML284502
1980.11.02US-Houston, TX  SB 1.18.4The Higher Taste   27:506.4ML018802
1980.11.02US-Houston, TX SFLBG 10.2Beg, Borrow or Steal Love of God   58:4613.5ML018702
1980.11.04US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.19.37Spiritual Life Is a One Way Street   44:2110.2ML033502
1980.12US Darsana No Lack of Variety in Krsna   28:366.5ML294902
1980.12  Darsana There Are Many Degrees of Devotees   5:591.4ML295402
1980.12.15US-Dallas, TX  SB 2.2.2Gain More by Regulation   20:574.8ML019302
1980.12.15US-Dallas, TX Darsana Divorce Now More Popular Than Marriage   68:0015.6ML294802
1980.12.25US-Houston, TXBhaktisiddhanta Disapp      83:3519.1ML019702
1980.12.25US-Houston, TX Darsana Giving a Blessing by Cursing   53:0912.2ML295002
1980.12.26US-Houston, TX   Mrdanga Lesson   14:443.4ML019802
1980.12.26US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana What Is to Be Done and Why   116:3626.7ML019902
1980.12.26US-Houston, TX Darsana Discussing Jaipur Visit   25:415.9ML295102
1980.12.27US-Houston, TX  SB 1.19.5Don't Be a Kali Yuga Coward   35:538.2ML020202
1980.12.27US-Houston, TX Conversation w/ a Lawyer   35:488.2ML020102
1980.12.27US-Houston, TX Conversation w/ a Mother and a Daughter   3:390.8ML295302
1980.12.27US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana Choose by Whom to Be Controlled   82:5819.0ML020302
1980.12.28US-Houston, TX  SB 1.19.6How Many Devotees and How Many Books   30:126.9ML019102
1980.12.28US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana There's Always Another Chance   62:2414.3ML020402
1981US-Dallas, TX   Kirtana & Nrsimha Prayer   42:169.7ML283102
1981US-Dallas, TX   Kirtana   42:489.8ML283202
1981.01.02US-Harmony Farm, OK Eve DarsanaKB Ch80    66:5415.3ML283302
1981.01.03US-Harmony Farm, OK Eve Darsana Planting the Seed   93:2921.4ML008802
1981.01.04US-Harmony Farm, OK Darsana Brahma Muhurta Is Like a Peaceful Lake   23:425.4ML020602
1981.01.04US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana I Scratch Your Back   160:5936.9ML008902
1981.01.05US-Dallas, TX Initiation     27:146.2ML009102
1981.01.05US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Half of Preaching Success Is the Attempt   90:1720.7ML020702
1981.01.10US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.5.35Measuring the Ocean With a Thimble   62:3514.3ML020802
1981.01.14US-Dallas, TX   Temple Inauguration Kirtana   19:304.5ML020902
1981.01.16US-Dallas, TX Eve DarsanaKB Ch76-77    82:4618.9ML021002
1981.01.17US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana The Disease Is Forgetfulness of Krsna   84:2619.3ML021102
1981.01.18US-Laguna Beach, CA SFL Rebuild America With Krsna in Center   45:1310.3ML010102
1981.01.23Hong Kong  SB 7.5.5Practice Fixing Your Mind on Krsna  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 231:417.3ML021402
1981.01.24Hong Kong  SB 7.5.6Act on the Platform of Liberation  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 229:126.7ML021502
1981.01.25Hong Kong SFL Prabhupada's Letter to Gandhi   49:0911.3ML021602
1981.01.25Hong Kong   Kirtan   15:523.6ML339702
1981.01.28Hong Kong Lecture Simply Add This Meditation and Yoga   61:3914.1ML021702
1981.01.29Hong Kong  SB 7.5.7   Sri Prahlada Series Vol 228:396.6ML021802
1981.02.01Hong Kong  SB 7.5.8-10Don't Let Them Be Cheated  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 228:556.6ML021902
1981.02.01Hong Kong SFL The Qualities of Knowledge   75:3317.3ML022002
1981.02.01Hong Kong SFLBG 16.9Learn to Think of Someone Beyond Ourselves   49:1811.3ML010902
1981.02.02Hong Kong  SB 7.5.11A Devotee Doesn't Live by Bread and Butter  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 230:447.0ML022102
1981.02.05Hong Kong  SB 7.5.12Mining Away Our Sinful Activities  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 252:5712.1ML022202
1981.02.07Hong Kong  SB 7.5.13-14Relatives Are Relative  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 255:3412.7ML022302
1981.02.08Hong Kong SFL Srila Prabhupada's Letter to Pandit Nehru   57:5713.3ML022502
1981.02.10Hong Kong  SB 7.5.15Maya's Game Is Rigged  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 233:547.8ML022602
1981.02.13China  BGDeath Is Only for the Body Cantonese 47:4810.9ML283402
1981.02.15Hong Kong   God Has No Cause   90:2120.7ML022702
1981.02.15Hong Kong SFLBG 5.22Suffering Is a Disease of the Soul   50:1111.5ML022802
1981.02.16Hong Kong  SB 7.5.16Keep to the Family Business  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 232:367.5ML022902
1981.02.19India-Bombay  SB 7.5.18Save the People of Bombay  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 257:5613.3ML023002
1981.02.20India-Bombay Lecture To Life Members Hindi 27:286.3ML023102
1981.02.25India-Mayapur  SB 2.10.42Not an Institution for Eating and Sleeping Bengali 41:429.5ML023202
1981.03.27Hong Kong  SB 7.5.23-24There's No Such Thing as Two Religions  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 230:507.1ML023402
1981.03.29Hong Kong  SB 7.5.23-24   Sri Prahlada Series Vol 274:1417.0ML023502
1981.04US-Houston, TX Darsana Serve God Do Not Merge   16:503.9ML285102
1981.04  Darsana w/ Husband and Wife   17:454.1ML285302
1981.04.02US-Houston, TX  SB 7.5.23-24Sravanam  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 281:5718.8ML017502
1981.04.02US-Houston, TX DarsanaKB Ch10    23:305.4ML339902
1981.04.03US-Houston, TX  SB 7.5.23-24Kirtanam  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 271:0816.3ML023702
1981.04.03US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana The Biggest Deficiency Is Not Knowing Krsna   84:0419.2ML023802
1981.04.04US-Houston, TX  SB 7.5.23-24Smaranam  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 272:0916.5ML023902
1981.04.04US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana Yogic Powers Aren't So Great   45:1810.4ML024002
1981.04.05US-Houston, TX  SB 7.5.23-24Pada-sevanam  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 276:5217.6ML024102
1981.04.05US-Houston, TX SFLBG 2.12Keep Your Hand Out of the Fan!   78:2818.0ML024202
1981.04.06US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.23-24Arcanam  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 242:489.8ML024302
1981.04.07US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.23-24Vandanam, Dasyam, Sakhyam, Atma-nivedanam  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 258:4613.5ML024402
1981.04.07US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Follow the Instructions, Then Realize Everything   36:028.3ML024502
1981.04.08US-Dallas, TX Eve DarsanaKB Ch47There Are Emotions in the Spiritual World   41:359.5ML024702
1981.04.11US-Dallas, TX Darsana Without Gaura Nitai You Can't Understand Radha Krsna   27:176.2ML024802
1981.04.12US-Dallas, TXRama Navami  The Perfect King   49:4711.4ML024902
1981.04.13US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.25-26Accepting Austerity Voluntarily  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 239:048.9ML025302
1981.04.13US-Dallas, TX Meeting Sankirtana Meeting: Don't Let Anyone Miss a Day   67:0015.3ML025102
1981.04.13US-Dallas, TX Lecture Preaching to Students   35:568.2ML025002
1981.04.14US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.27Friends and Enemies  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 255:2912.7ML025502
1981.04.16US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.30Blind Faith Doesn't Endure  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 258:3613.4ML025402
1981.04.17US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.31Floundering on the Waves of Maya  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 269:5416.0ML025602
1981.04.18US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.32Don't Be Simply the Dandavats Class  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 250:1111.5ML025702
1981.04.19US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.33-35You Have Only One Obligation  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 251:5111.9ML025802
1981.04.21US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.36-37Real Happiness Is With Krsna  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 243:029.9ML025902
1981.04.22US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.38-41Don't Bank on Fallible Soldiers  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 243:3110.0ML026102
1981.04.28Hong Kong  SB 7.5.42-46Family Attachment Will Take You to Hell  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 238:398.8ML026202
1981.05.04China Initiation     53:3212.3ML283503
1981.05.16US-Dallas, TXJayananda Disapp CcAdi 9.36The Order of Caitanya Mahaprabhu   58:5413.5ML026403
1981.05.17US-Dallas, TX  SB 9.4.26Race Against Death   57:1113.1ML026603
1981.05.17US-Dallas, TXNrsimha CaturdasiSFLSB 7.8.29   Sri Prahlada Series Vol 266:5015.3ML026503
1981.05.18US-Dallas, TX  CcAdi 9.44Fruits and Flowers   73:0516.7ML026703
1981.05.19US-Dallas, TX  SB 9.4.64Sense Gratification Is Masochism   43:3010.0ML026803
1981.05.20US-Dallas, TX  SB 9.4.65Don't Be a Soul Killer   37:448.6ML027303
1981.05.23Hong Kong  SB 9.4.66Don't Dovetail Service With Sense Gratification   49:0311.2ML027103
1981.05.25Hong Kong  SB 9.4.68Don't See the Guru as Ordinary Cantonese 47:5111.0ML026903
1981.05.26Hong Kong  SB 9.6.51Purify Senses by Proper Engagement Cantonese 36:008.2ML027003
1981.06.21US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Preaching Means Removing Ignorance   45:3310.4ML027403
1981.06.24US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.38More Kind to Be Strict  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 250:1811.5ML027603
1981.06.25US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.41Don't Envy Others' Service  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 250:2311.5ML027703
1981.06.26US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.42-51We Have to Be Like Prahlada  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 241:229.5ML027803
1981.06.27US-Houston, TX  SB 7.5.53Salvation Isn't a Secure PositionAlanatha Swami Sri Prahlada Series Vol 269:2115.9ML027903
1981.06.28US-Houston, TX  SB 7.5.55You Can't Be Happy Seeing Others Suffer  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 273:1416.8ML028003
1981.06.29US-Houston, TX Darsana To Preach, Better Stay Brahmacari   25:385.9ML028103
1981.06.30US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.56-57No Outside Force Can Stop Krsna Conciousness  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 251:4011.8ML028203
1981.07.02US-Honolulu, HI Eve Darsana Always Remember "I'm a Servant"   55:2212.7ML028303
1981.07.03US-Honolulu, HI  SB 1.19.14A Wise Man Is Always Pessimistic   50:3111.6ML340003
1981.08.02US-Houston, TX  SB 7.6.1Krsna Consciousness Doesn't Stop Problems, but Gives Solutions  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 376:2717.5ML028403
1981.08.03US-Houston, TX  SB 7.6.2Protected From the Infections of Maya  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 367:1615.4ML028503
1981.08.04US-Houston, TX  SB 7.6.3The Soul Is Buried Alive  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 351:0611.7ML028603
1981.08.05US-Houston, TX  SB 7.6.5Sober People Get Up Early  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 342:159.7ML028703
1981.08.07US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.6.25A Devotee Prefers More Service Than Ecstacy   46:1710.6ML028803
1981.08.15US-Houston, TX  SB 1.2.18Perform Sankirtana Yajna Amongst the Cow Killers   50:1411.5ML028903
1981.08.21Fiji-Lautoka Arrival Show Your Love by Preaching   48:4911.2ML029103
1981.08.21Fiji-Lautoka Eve DarsanaSB 5.26.1-20The Hellish Planets   59:2913.6ML029003
1981.08.22Fiji-Lautoka  SB 7.6.6-7Practicing Eating and Sleeping Less  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 342:039.6ML029203
1981.08.23Fiji-Lautoka  SB 7.6.8-9All Material Plans Are Smashed by Time  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 328:316.5ML029303
1981.08.23Fiji-LautokaJanmastami  There's Nothing Ordinary About Krsna Hindi 54:3212.5ML283803
1981.08.24Fiji-LautokaPrabhupada Vyasa-puja      55:4312.8ML029403
1981.08.25Fiji-Lautoka  SB 7.6.10   Sri Prahlada Series Vol 333:187.6ML029603
1981.08.25Fiji-Sigatoka Eve Lecture at Satyam Theatre   58:3513.4ML029503
1981.08.27Fiji-Suva Eve Darsana Saving People From Misguidance   41:319.5ML029703
1981.08.28Fiji-Suva  SB 7.6.14Hear This News of the Spiritual World  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 340:379.3ML029803
1981.08.28Fiji-Nausori Eve LectureBG 18.61at Sita Rama Mandir Hindi 48:4211.1ML029903
1981.08.29Fiji-Suva  SB 7.6.16Everyone Is Meant to Be a Preacher  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 329:556.9ML283703
1981.08.29Fiji-Suva Eve Lecture at Fiji College of Agriculture   58:5113.5ML030003
1981.08.30Fiji-Suva  SB 7.6.17-18Doing Service, Not Taking Service  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 347:1810.8ML030303
1981.08.30Fiji-Suva SFL The Yoga System   60:0913.8ML030403
1981.08.31Fiji-Suva  SB 7.6.19Regulation Is Essential in Spiritual Life  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 341:219.5ML030503
1981.09.01Fiji-Suva  SB 7.6.20-23   Sri Prahlada Series Vol 352:0811.9ML030603
1981.09.01Fiji-Suva Eve LectureBG 16.23at Gyan Mandir Hindi 55:2112.7ML030703
1981.09.02Fiji-Suva  SB 7.6.24Hear Perfectly Then Speak Perfectly  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 339:519.1ML030803
1981.09.02Fiji-Suva Eve Lecture at Civic Center Auditorium   59:1113.5ML030903
1981.09.03Fiji-Suva  SB 7.6.25Getting Out of Ignorance and Passion  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 337:158.5ML031003
1981.09.05Fiji-Lautoka  SB 7.6.26Do Not Get Caught Up in Rituals  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 335:478.2ML031103
1981.09.05Fiji-Nadi Eve Lecture at Civic Center   33:377.7ML031203
1981.09.06Fiji-Lautoka  SB 7.6.27Guru's Instructions Are Never Material  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 329:276.7ML031303
1981.09.06Fiji-Lautoka Initiation Be Strict and Make Fiji Krsna Conscious   35:308.1ML031403
1981.09.09Fiji-Lautoka  SB 7.6.28-7.7.1A Devotee Is Never Covered Over  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 329:486.8ML031503
1981.09.10Fiji-Lautoka  SB 7.7.2-14A Devotee's Words Are Never Vanquished  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 328:476.6ML284003
1981.09.10Fiji-Lautoka Eve Lecture The ABC of Spiritual Life   53:0212.1ML031603
1981.09.11Fiji-Lautoka  SB 7.7.15A Devotee Is Swanlike  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 329:076.7ML285903
1981.09.12Fiji-Lautoka  SB 7.7.16Unique Position of Prahlada Maharaja  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 332:447.5ML284103
1981.09.12Fiji-Rakiraki Eve Lecture at Visnu Mandir Hindi 50:1311.5ML031803
1981.09.13Fiji-Lautoka Eve Darsana Take Risks for Preaching, Krsna Will Reciprocate   53:5012.3ML031903
1981.09.16AU-Sydney Arrival Become Inspired by Sankirtana   35:298.1ML032003
1981.09.17AU-Sydney   Srila Prabhupada's Arrival in USA  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II57:0913.1ML032203
1981.09.17AU-Sydney  SB 7.7.28You Can't Catch the Soul  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 326:226.0ML285503
1981.09.18AU-Melbourne  SB 7.7.36Devotees Are Transcendental to Varnasrama  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 383:1319.0ML032303
1981.09.19AU-Melbourne  SB 7.7.37Humble Devotees Are Successful on Sankirtana  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 374:3317.1ML032403
1981.09.19AU-Melbourne Eve Darsana Guru Gives Shelter Under All Conditions   50:0311.5ML032503
1981.09.20AU-Melbourne  SB 7.7.39The Material World Is Like a Cheap Plaster Job  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 366:1915.2ML032603
1981.09.20AU-Melbourne SFLSB 7.7.38Once Burned, Twice Shy   74:5030.0ML368703
1981.10.10US-Dallas, TX Arrival Krishna Is Here, Just Take Him   67:2415.4ML032703
1981.10.11US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.7.46Service Is the Only Answer  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 373:1316.8ML032803
1981.10.11US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana Vaisnavas Always Pray for Forgiveness   43:2910.0ML032903
1981.10.12US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.7.47Matchbox Floating in the Ocean  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 379:2518.2ML033103
1981.10.12US-Dallas, TX Initiation  Sridhara Swami  76:2117.5ML033203
1981.10.14US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.7.51-52Minimize Eating and Sleeping, Maximize Service  Sri Prahlada Series Vol 362:3114.3ML033303
1981.10.29US-Dallas, TX   Zonal Preaching Report   8:181.9ML033403
1981.10.31USPrabhupada Disapp  Offering   8:121.9ML285703
1981.11.14Hong Kong Darsana w/ British Army Officer   61:4414.1ML284203
1981.11.15Hong Kong  BG 2.23You Can't Cut Off Spirit   55:5212.8ML033603
1981.11.28Hong Kong  BG 2.31Modern Weapons Are Creations of Cowards   37:088.5ML033703
1981.12.10Hong Kong LectureCcM 9.49To Buddhist Monk Cantonese 78:1717.9ML033803
1981.12.10Hong Kong Lecture To Yoga Students: Knowing the Supreme Energetic Source   18:514.3ML033903
1981.12.20Hong Kong Lecture To New Life Member and Family   34:257.9ML034103
1982US-Gitanagari, PA  SB 3.12.17-19You Cannot Maintain Unless You Increase   59:5413.7ML034203
1982.01.02US-Houston, TX Arrival Modern Life Worse Than a Zoo   25:535.9ML034403
1982.01.03US-Houston, TX  SB 1.5.29More Tolerant Than a Tree   43:5410.1ML034503
1982.01.03US-Houston, TX SFL Animal Forms Aren't Pleasant   86:3119.8ML034603
1982.01.04US-Houston, TX  SB 1.5.30Very Simple Formula: Chant Hare Krsna   56:5813.0ML034703
1982.01.06US-Houston, TX  SB 1.5.31How Can You Challenge God?   68:1715.6ML034803
1982.01.07US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.5.32Krsna Reveals a Devotee's Identity   51:2411.8ML034903
1982.01.08US-Dallas, TX  SB 1.5.33Modern Religions Are All Impersonalist   67:4415.5ML035103
1982.01.09US-Dallas, TX   Kirtana   77:0117.6ML035003
1982.01.31US-Dallas, TX   Watering the Root   59:3113.6ML046103
1982.03India-Mayapur   Reading Lilamrta   65:1314.9ML034303
1982.03.03India-Mayapur  SB 4.22.19There's No Limit to What You Can Do   74:4117.1ML035503
1982.03.14India-Vrndavana  SB 3.25.20Following in Prabhupada's Footsteps   82:1418.8ML035603
1982.04.16US-Houston, TX Arrival Offering Krsna to the Mass of People   87:2920.0ML035903
1982.04.17US-Houston, TX  SB 1.7.33Cheered for Coming Down   73:2716.8ML036003
1982.04.18US-Houston, TX  SB 1.7.34Sattva Is the Springboard for Spiritual Life   81:5418.7ML036203
1982.04.18US-Houston, TX SFLBG 5.2Service Never Runs Out   38:408.9ML036103
1982.04.19US-Houston, TX  SB 1.7.35Enthusiastic to Restrict Sense Gratification   78:3718.0ML282403
1982.04.19US-Houston, TX Home ProgramBG 5.11    74:5117.1ML036303
1982.04.20US-Houston, TX  SB 1.7.36Even Our New Bhaktas Are Strong in Philosophy   83:3219.1ML340203
1982.04.20US-Houston, TX Home ProgramCcM 22.88-90The Guru Only Blesses   64:4814.8ML036403
1982.04.21US-Houston, TX  SB 1.7.37Our Philosophy Is Practical   28:586.6ML036603
1982.04.21US-Austin, TX Eve DarsanaBG 9.29We Chose to Come Here   164:4537.7ML036703
1982.04.23US-Dallas, TX Arrival Better Be a Sweeper Than Charlatan Meditator   48:1511.0ML036803
1982.04.24US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.4.34Know a Devotee by Their Service   59:4613.7ML036903
1982.04.25US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.4.35Devotional Service Is the Basis of Relationships   52:1512.0ML037003
1982.04.26US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.5.1Know How to Push Hard   66:1315.2ML037103
1982.04.28US-Harmony Farm, OK  SB 6.16.21Everybody Is Homesick   44:1310.1ML037303
1982.04.28US-Dallas, TX Eve Lecture An Evening of Bliss With Srila Gurudeva   160:5336.8ML037203
1982.04.29US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.5.4Preach to Attract Not to Defeat   57:3013.2ML037403
1982.05.03Fiji-Lautoka Arrival Learn This Preaching Mood   44:1010.1ML037503
1982.05.04Fiji-Lautoka  SB 2.4.17Fiji Devotees Don't Have Special Rules   44:3110.2ML037703
1982.05.04Fiji-Lautoka  BG 9.34Chanting Is Easiest Way of Spiritual Perfection Hindi 51:4111.8ML037603
1982.05.05Fiji-Lautoka  SB 2.4.18Pushing You Towards Krsna   29:146.7ML038003
1982.05.05Fiji-Sigatoka Darsana Don't Stop but Change Direction   68:1015.6ML037803
1982.05.05Fiji-Sigatoka Lecture How to Realize God Hindi 25:125.8ML037903
1982.05.06Fiji-Lautoka  SB 2.4.19Fill Your Krsna Consciousness Bank Account   42:259.7ML282603
1982.05.06Fiji-Lautoka Interview w/ Fiji Sun Reporter   43:4310.0ML038103
1982.05.07Fiji-Lautoka  SB 2.4.20Become Wealthy by Generosity   39:399.1ML038203
1982.05.09Fiji-Lautoka  SB 2.4.22Krsna Conscious Means Guru Conscious   29:336.8ML038303
1982.05.09Fiji-Lautoka Initiation     55:5612.8ML038403
1982.05.10Fiji-Lautoka  SB 2.4.23Develop These Krsna Clubs All Over Fiji   23:445.4ML038503
1982.05.10Fiji-Sabeto   Krsna Isn't a God Only for Hindus Hindi 30:056.9ML282703
1982.05.12Fiji-Suva  SB 2.6.10Maya and Krsna Don't Share   72:2416.6ML038603
1982.05.13Fiji-Suva  SB 2.6.11No Feet No Head Society   53:5812.4ML038803
1982.05.13Fiji-Suva  BG 13.26Happy Means Dead, Crazy or Devotee Hindi 60:0313.7ML038703
1982.05.14Fiji-Nausori  BG 4.7at Vunimono High School Hindi 60:5714.0ML038903
1982.05.15Fiji-Suva  SB 2.6.17at Suva Civic Center: Our Baptism Is Initiation   60:1213.8ML039103
1982.05.15Fiji Lecture at Fiji College of Agriculture: Transmigration Stops When You Become Pure   79:3018.2ML039003
1982.05.16Fiji-Suva Lecture at Suva Civic Center   76:0717.4ML039203
1982.06.05US-Dallas, TX Arrival I Want to See This Temple Full   18:494.3ML039403
1982.06.09US-Dallas, TX Arrival Give Up Expecting Happiness and It Will Come   23:145.3ML039503
1982.06.10US-Dallas, TXVyasa-puja      110:3125.3ML039703
1982.06.15US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.5.46Spiritual Life Begins Early in the Day   56:3613.0ML039803
1982.06.16US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.5.47Yogis, Jnanis and Bhaktas   60:0513.8ML039903
1982.06.19US-Houston, TX  SB 1.8.36Love of God Means Going on Sankirtana   65:4815.1ML040003
1982.06.21US-Houston, TXBhaktivinoda Disapp SB 1.8.38Flowers in the SkyIndradyumna Swami  71:3916.4ML039303
1982.07.01US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.6.35Come to the Morning Program & Do Sankirtana   37:368.6ML040103
1982.07.03US-Harmony Farm, OK  BG 7.22Coming Onto the Spiritual Platform   68:2815.7ML040203
1982.07.03US-Harmony Farm, OK   Reading From Krsna Book Sudama Brahmana   69:2715.9ML040303
1982.07.04US-Harmony Farm, OK   Defeating the Doubters   85:4519.6ML040403
1982.07.05US-Houston, TX  BG 16.20To Love God We Must Know Who He Is   67:3915.5ML040603
1982.07.06US-Houston, TX  SB 1.8.48Making a New Devotee   65:4115.0ML040703
1982.07.06US-Houston, TX Eve LectureBG 9.22We Aren't Idolaters   85:0519.5ML040803
1982.07.07US-Houston, TX  SB 1.8.49We Are Meant to Supply Krsna's Order   48:0011.0ML040903
1982.07.08US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.7.2Krsna Can Only Be Understood by Bhakti   58:1013.3ML041003
1982.07.09US-Dallas, TX  BG 15.16How to Join F.O.L.K.   102:4923.5ML041103
1982.07.12US-Los Angeles, LA  SB 5.1.13Living in the Order of the Guru   48:5211.2ML041303
1982.07.27US-Houston, TX  SB 1.9.16Follow the Guru, Not the Mind   70:3316.1ML041403
1982.07.27US-Houston, TX Interview w/ Houston Chronicle   61:0014.0ML340303
1982.07.28US-Houston, TX  SB 1.9.17Our Leadership Is Through Enlivening   72:0116.5ML041503
1982.08.02US-Houston, TX  SB 1.9.21No Time to Think About Being Depressed   51:5511.9ML041603
1982.08.03US-Houston, TX  SB 1.9.22Advance by Following Instructions   72:2616.6ML041703
1982.08.04US-Houston, TXBalarama Purnima SB 1.9.23Take Risks For Krsna  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol I97:3422.3ML042003
1982.08.07US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.7.41Krsna Consciousness Means to Reveal the Beauty of the Soul   61:4014.1ML042103
1982.08.09US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.8.2Gaining the Potency to Carry out Spiritual Life   48:5011.2ML042203
1982.08.12US-Dallas, TXJanmastami  Take the Hare Krsna Road   44:3610.2ML042303
1982.08.13US-Dallas, TXPrabhupada Vyasa-puja      89:5720.6ML042403
1982.08.16US-Houston, TX  SB 1.9.30Control the Mind by This Dedication   51:2111.8ML042603
1982.08.18US-Houston, TX  SB 1.9.31Knowledge Drives Away Fear   36:118.3ML282903
1982.08.18US-Dallas, TX Eve Program You Can't Love a God With No Description   154:0535.3ML042903
1982.08.20US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.8.12A Devotee Doesn't Sleep But Be in Trance   35:288.1ML043003
1982.09.02US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.8.24The Highest Perfection   43:179.9ML043103
1982.09.08US-Dallas, TX Interview On the Ed Busch Show   42:129.7ML283003
1982.09.13US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.2.1Remember That This World Is Temporary   17:394.0ML043203
1982.09.14US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.2.2Atmarama Means No Interest in Maya   48:0311.0ML042503
1982.09.15US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.2.3-7Life Is Meant for Sacrifice   23:255.4ML043303
1982.09.16US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.2.8Great Personalities Are Renounced   48:3011.1ML042803
1982.10.04US-Houston, TX Arrival Empowerment Comes From Purity   47:3210.9ML043403
1982.10.05US-Houston, TX  SB 1.10.15-16Etiquette Is Required If We Are Embodied   75:1817.2ML043503
1982.10.06US-Houston, TX  SB 1.10.17Using Everything for Krsna's Pleasure   53:5712.3ML043603
1982.10.07US-Houston, TX  SB 1.10.19Go Naked in Front of God   55:0712.6ML043703
1982.10.15US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.3.5-7Don't Get Dragged Down Again   46:0910.6ML043803
1982.10.16US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.3.8-9A Devotee Is Appreciated Ultimately   35:038.0ML043903
1982.10.17US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.3.10-11Restrict Association With the Opposite Sex   43:5210.0ML044003
1982.10.18US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.3.12Put Yourself on the Line for Krsna   40:109.2ML044103
1982.10.18US-Houston, TX Arrival This Is the Best Zone   72:5716.7ML044203
1982.10.19US-Houston, TX  SB 1.10.29Devotion Requires Purity   56:5413.0ML340403
1982.10.27India-BombayRama VijayaArrival This Is an Army Barrack   18:244.2ML044303
1982.10.28India-Bombay   Role of Life Members and Devotees in Krsna Consciousness Hindi 106:5624.5ML044403
1982.10.29India-Bombay  SB 2.4.24This Country Is Full of Sahajiyas Hindi 65:4115.0ML044503
1982.11.08US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 3.6.34Convince Others by Your Example   53:2912.2ML044603
1982.11.27Hong Kong  SB 1.7.19China Is the Hardest Country to Preach in   73:1020.9ML342303
1982.11.29US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana Good Management Facilitates Preaching   86:2919.8ML044703
1982.11.30US-Houston, TX  SB 1.11.26The World Needs Heroes and Heroines   49:5811.4ML044803
1982.12US-Houston, TX  SB 1.11.38Increasing the Preaching   77:2417.7ML044903
1982.12US-Houston, TX  SB 1.12.1The Material Energy Has No Life   43:189.9ML045003
1982.12.01US-Houston, TX  SB 1.11.27Transferring the Consciousness    59:1313.6ML045103
1982.12.02US-Houston, TX  SB 1.11.28Joining the Spiritual Family   59:1313.6ML045203
1982.12.03US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.4.20Dressed Up Animals   51:2111.8ML045303
1982.12.04US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.4.21Defend This Movement From Blasphemy   46:2010.6ML045403
1982.12.05US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.4.22-23Blood, Stool and Sweat Relationship   62:3314.3ML035803
1982.12.06US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.4.24-25Our Patients Should Be Doctors   46:5510.7ML035303
1982.12.07US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.4.26Nothing Is Missing in This Process   50:2911.6ML045503
1982.12.08US-Dallas, TX Arrival Journey to the East   44:2410.2ML045703
1982.12.08US-Dallas, TX Darsana One Good Thing About Everyone   43:3210.0ML045603
1982.12.09US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.12.4The Guru Is Kinder Than Krsna   55:5912.8ML045803
1982.12.10US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.12.5Real Mercy Is Love of God   33:277.7ML045903
1982.12.11US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.12.6Become Expert in Loving God   31:367.2ML046003
1983.01.03US-Dallas, TX Initiation Associate With the Holy Name   48:4811.2ML046203
1983.01.15US-Norman, OK Conversation At the Krsna Yoga Center   58:2413.4ML046403
1983.01.16US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.12.48Our Devotees Must Be First-class   37:478.6ML046503
1983.01.17US-Dallas, TX   Test Out the Movement   101:5423.3ML046603
1983.01.20US-Houston, TX  SB 1.12.19A Vaisnava Is the Servant of Everyone   54:0112.4ML046703
1983.01.31Hong Kong  SB 1.8.42    40:4011.6ML342403
1983.02US-Houston, TX   Meeting With Tennis Pro's   90:5320.8ML281503
1983.02.02Hong Kong  SB 1.8.44Who We Hear From Is Very Important   26:167.5ML342503
1983.02.04Hong Kong  SB 1.8.46Bhismadeva's Departure   29:198.4ML342603
1983.02.12US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.13.43The Devotees Enjoy Seeing Krsna   36:468.4ML046803
1983.02.13US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.13.44Sucking the Juice of Material Pleasure   39:399.1ML046903
1983.02.14US-Dallas, TX   Krsna Is the Original Valentine   75:2617.3ML281603
1983.02.16US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.13.49Make the One Lifetime Experiment   67:4815.5ML047003
1983.02.17US-Houston, TX  SB 1.13.9These Books Are Deities   56:2712.9ML047103
1983.02.18US-Houston, TX  SB 1.13.10Pure Devotees Are Places of Pilgrimage   56:2412.9ML047203
1983.02.19US-Houston, TX  SB 1.13.11Everyone Should Become a Mahatma   47:5311.0ML047303
1983.02.21US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.14.9Sex Life Must Be Regulated   73:0316.7ML047403
1983.02.22US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.6.49Creating New Kuruksetra Dhama   67:1915.4ML047503
1983.02.23US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.7.2Diplomatic Immunity of a Devotee   58:3913.4ML047603
1983.02.25US-Houston, TXNityananda Trayodasi SB 1.13.17The Krsna Consciousness Movement Is Making a Revolution   72:0216.5ML047703
1983.02.26US-Houston, TX  SB 1.13.18A Devotee Must Be Sober   60:0013.7ML047803
1983.02.27US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.14.12The Way to Control Sex Energy  Ideal Grhastha Series80:5318.5ML047903
1983.03.01US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.14.17Preaching Means to Upset the Status Quo  Ideal Grhastha Series49:3911.4ML048003
1983.03.02US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.14.18Following the Orders of the Guru  Ideal Grhastha Series43:4110.0ML048203
1983.03.04US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.14.21Now Is the Time to Strengthen the Ranks  Ideal Grhastha Series76:1317.4ML048303
1983.03.07US-New York, NY  SB 3.8.23-24The Beauty of Radha Govinda   41:509.6ML048103
1983.03.09Italy-Villa Vrindavana  SB 2.2.4We Don't Want Shooting Stars Italian 80:3418.4ML048403
1983.03.24India-Mayapur  SB 3.25.19We Can Please Krsna by Our Devotion   60:4413.9ML048503
1983.03.30India-Bombay  SB 2.8.5Become a Bhagavata Devotee   39:579.1ML048603
1983.04.14Hong Kong  SB 1.10.22Get the Mercy - Preach   52:0714.9ML342703
1983.04.15Hong Kong  SB 1.10.23Sankirtana Yoga   48:4814.0ML342803
1983.04.17Hong Kong  SB 1.10.25Krsna Pioneers   55:4516.0ML342903
1983.04.20US-Dallas, TX Arrival You Must Persevere in Spiritual Life   30:357.0ML048703
1983.04.24US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.15.35Real Strength Is Purity   44:1510.1ML048803
1983.04.25US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.15.36Souls Don't Get Disconnected   89:1020.4ML285603
1983.04.30US-Houston, TX  SB 1.14.34Two-legged Animals Don't Recognize Chastity   78:3718.0ML048903
1983.05.01  SFL Please Become Krsna's Devotee   53:4812.3ML049003
1983.05.05US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.15.46    56:2612.9ML281703
1983.05.06US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.15.48Life Is a Preparation for Death   67:0215.3ML049203
1983.05.08US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.15.50A Devotee Never Falls Down   74:0116.9ML049303
1983.05.08US-Dallas, TX SFL Associate With Those Close to God   70:2716.1ML049403
1983.05.09US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.16.1-2Faith Develops From Good Examples   48:1911.1ML049503
1983.05.11US-Houston, TX  SB 1.15.1Become Pure and Give Your Association   24:445.7ML049603
1983.05.22Hong Kong  SB 1.12.1Our Devotees Are the Best Saints   59:3517.0ML343003
1983.05.28US-Dallas, TX ArrivalSB 3.16.23Not Only the Books Have to Be Perfect   68:4115.7ML049703
1983.05.29US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.16.24Krsna Consciousness Is Faultless   84:0119.2ML049803
1983.05.30US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.16.25The Acarya Is Faultless   67:1715.4ML049903
1983.06US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.16.35We Are All Failures at Control   79:2118.2ML049103
1983.06.03US-Houston, TX  SB 1.15.21Failure Is a Stepping Stone to Success   57:4313.2ML050003
1983.06.04US-Houston, TX  SB 1.15.22-24Molding Our Transcendental Character   63:3014.5ML050103
1983.06.05US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.17.15Do Not Identify With Superficial Covering   59:0313.5ML050203
1983.06.05US-Dallas, TX SFLBG 5.26We Should Listen to Krsna   64:1614.7ML050303
1983.06.07US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.8.36Shaving Off Material Desires   32:157.4ML281803
1983.06.08US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.8.37Keeping Our Spiritual Appetite Strong   39:219.0ML281903
1983.07.12US-New Kuruksetra, OK Ratha-yatraCc    74:4417.1ML050503
1983.07.16US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.8.82Marriage Means Trouble   47:0410.8ML340603
1983.07.20US-Houston, TX  SB 1.16.7Take Advantage of the Human Form of Life   63:2414.5ML050603
1983.07.20US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.19.29-30No One Falls Down if They Are Pure   71:0216.3ML050403
1983.07.22US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.19.33Service Is a Science   48:2911.1ML050903
1983.07.23US-Dallas, TX Interview On the Ed Busch Show   42:269.7ML282003
1983.07.26US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.19.37Hearing Requires Following   34:448.0ML051003
1983.07.27US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.19.38On the Battlefield One Becomes Strong   55:3412.7ML050803
1983.07.29US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.20.2Getting Out of the Material World   46:0910.6ML051103
1983.08.02US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.20.8Only Outstanding Devotees Go Back to Godhead   73:3416.8ML051203
1983.08.03US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.20.9No Breaks in an Airtight Schedule   73:4416.9ML051303
1983.08.10US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.20.22Life Is Meant for Preaching   53:3712.3ML051403
1983.08.23US-Dallas, TXBalarama Purnima  Only Have Krsna to Lean On   25:495.9ML051603
1983.08.25Hong Kong  SB 1.14.2Give Your Life to Your Guru   55:0212.6ML051703
1983.08.27Hong Kong  SB 1.14.4Hearing From the Proper Authorities   41:499.6ML051803
1983.08.28Hong Kong SFLBG 2.16This Knowledge Is Priceless Cantonese 105:3724.2ML051903
1983.08.29Hong Kong  SB 1.14.6-8Krsna Consciousness Is Like a Diamond   43:3310.0ML052003
1983.09.04Taiwan-Taipei  SB 5.11.5Our Center Has to Be a Beacon   31:227.2ML052103
1983.09.05Taiwan-Taipei  SB 5.1.12Connecting Everything With Krsna   40:359.3ML052203
1983.09.07PH-Manila Eve DarsanaBG 4.9The Guru Lives According to Scripture   120:5627.7ML052303
1983.09.08PH-Cebu Arrival Our Main Duty Is to Spread the Holy Name   28:306.5ML052403
1983.09.08PH-Cebu Lecture Real Religion Means to Love God   60:2513.8ML052503
1983.09.09PH-Cebu Lecture The Science of The Kingdom of God; We Are Giving Degrees in Sainthood   83:3719.1ML052603
1983.09.11PH-Cebu SFLBG 8.21The World Needs More Saints   79:0518.1ML052703
1983.09.13PH-Cebu  SB 1.6.1Follow the Spiritually Wealthy Spiritual Master   59:2313.6ML052803
1983.09.15PH-Manila Eve Darsana Krsna Is Controlled by His Devotees   43:149.9ML052903
1983.09.16PH-Manila  SB 4.13.8-9To Be a Vaisnava Is Not a Cheap Thing   59:5213.7ML053103
1983.09.16PH-Manila Eve DarsanaNOD 3    79:3118.2ML053203
1983.09.17PH-Manila Eve DarsanaCcAdi 3.58Real Progress Means Solutions to Birth, Disease, Old Age and Death   58:2113.4ML053403
1983.09.18PH-Cebu SFLBG 3.21Stop Giving This Movement a Bad Name   91:3020.9ML053503
1983.09.19PH-Cebu  SB 1.6.3There Is No Love in This Material World   55:1412.6ML053603
1983.09.20PH-CebuBhaktivinoda App      21:435.0ML053803
1983.09.20PH-Cebu Interview Radio Interview   46:2910.6ML053703
1983.09.21PH-CebuHaridasa Thakura Disapp  Ye Anilo Prema Dhana Prayer   11:132.6ML282103
1983.09.23PH-Manila  CcM 19.150-157This Body Is a Good Packaging Job Only   41:309.5ML053903
1983.09.23PH-Manila Eve DarsanaBG 18.50Don't Expect Instant Success in Spiritual Life   29:346.8ML054003
1983.09.24PH-Manila Eve DarsanaBG 17.4Free From Mundane Aspirations   40:169.2ML054103
1983.09.28PH-Manila Arrival Even Narada Muni Doesn't Travel Alone   26:576.2ML054203
1983.10.01PH-Cebu  SB 1.6.16Chanting Will Take Us Out of the Material World   58:0713.3ML054303
1983.10.02PH-Cebu  SB 1.6.17We Cannot See God With Material Senses   76:2417.5ML054403
1983.10.03PH-Cebu  SB 1.6.18The Whole World Is Our Family   84:1819.3ML054503
1983.10.04PH-Cebu  SB 1.6.19A Devotee Is a Wise Man   81:3618.7ML054603
1983.10.14PH-Manila  SB 1.3.9Material Desires Inhibit Strict Following   48:2211.1ML282203
1983.10.16PH-Manila  SB 1.3.10,13Don't Be a Hoodlum   62:0714.2ML054703
1983.10.17US-Dallas, TX Arrival Our Real Wealth Is Austerity   20:424.7ML054803
1983.10.18US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.21.52Be Fearful of Maya   66:5815.3ML054903
1983.10.21US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.22.2Getting Out of the Rat Race   70:3316.2ML055003
1983.10.23US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.22.4Krsna Acts Through His Devotees   66:4815.3ML055103
1983.10.27PH-Manila  SB 1.3.21In Case of Fire (Samsara) Do Not Panic   50:1811.5ML055203
1983.10.29PH-Manila  SB 1.3.23Krsna Is Ever Youthful   63:3614.6ML055303
1983.10.30PH-Manila  SB 1.3.24Strict Devotees Can Wear Vaisnava Symbols   61:4214.1ML055403
1983.10.31PH-Manila  SB 1.3.25To Be a Devotee Is So Fortunate   59:2313.6ML055503
1983.10.31PH-Manila Eve Darsana We Don't Follow Dog Philosophy   58:5313.5ML055603
1983.11.04PH-Manila  SB 1.3.29Continuous Falldown Hardens the Heart   25:545.9ML055803
1983.11.08India-VrndavanaPrabhupada Disapp  Without Prabhupada This World Is Hell   47:1110.8ML055903
1983.11.17Hong Kong  SB 1.16.11Bring Forth Proper Leaders   45:3510.4ML056103
1983.11.17Hong Kong Eve Darsana We Have Few Because We Follow Everything Cantonese 44:0010.1ML056003
1983.11.19Hong Kong  SB 1.16.13-15The Spiritual Connection   45:0010.3ML056203
1983.11.21Hong Kong  SB 1.16.17Sadhu-sanga Is Our Fortification   38:538.9ML056303
1983.11.21PH-Manila Eve Darsana Vrndavana Is Our Real Home   59:3513.6ML056403
1983.11.22PH-Manila  SB 1.3.38See God Through Your Guru   55:1612.7ML282303
1983.11.22PH-Manila Lecture Saved From Death of the Soul   45:1210.3ML340703
1983.11.23PH-Manila Eve DarsanaBG 7.6We Need Fixed-up Devotees   60:5714.0ML056503
1983.11.26PH-Cebu Eve Darsana Sankirtana Makes One Humble   51:2411.8ML056603
1983.11.27PH-Cebu SFLBG 9.14Work for Krsna   42:549.8ML056703
1983.11.28PH-Cebu Eve Darsana Read These Books!   50:4511.6ML056803
1983.11.30PH-Cebu  SB 1.7.41Sankirtana Yoga   28:066.4ML056903
1983.12Taiwan  SB 5.5.2Nothing Risked, Nothing Gained   27:536.4ML341003
1983.12.02Taiwan-Taipei  SB 5.5.1Human Life Is Meant for Austerity   59:5613.7ML057003
1983.12.06US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.23.7Advanced Devotees Do Sankirtana   50:2411.5ML057103
1984Hong Kong  LOB 17Associate With Sadhus Cantonese 67:2519.3ML343104
1984.01.01US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.24.1-3Less Sense Gratification, More Ecstasy   85:3919.6ML057204
1984.01.04Hong Kong  SB 1.17.35Chant 16 Rounds Plus Do Service   42:0112.0ML343204
1984.01.05PH-Manila  SB 1.5.13Sankirtana - Sacrifice for Others   61:4614.1ML057504
1984.01.05PH-Manila   Press Conference: We Are Not a Cult   65:0614.9ML057304
1984.01.05PH-Manila Conversation w/ Cardinal Sin   29:466.8ML057404
1984.01.07PH-Manila  SB 1.5.15The Guru and the Disciple   48:1011.0ML279704
1984.01.08PH-Manila  SB 1.5.16Out of Many Thousands ...   58:2313.4ML057604
1984.01.09PH-Manila  SB 1.5.17Paying All Debts   71:0116.3ML057704
1984.01.10PH-Manila Meeting w/ Chief Justice Fernando   59:2013.6ML279804
1984.01.12Hong Kong  SB 1.17.45Books Create the Field for Preaching   37:2410.7ML343304
1984.01.13Hong Kong  SB 1.18.1-2Preaching in Hell   41:4812.0ML343404
1984.01.15US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.18.8Sankirtana and Cow Protection   54:3412.5ML057804
1984.01.16US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 7.9.44Target on Krsna   41:199.5ML057904
1984.01.17US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 7.9.41The Preaching Mood   53:1912.2ML341104
1984.01.20US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.24.28Don't Play Maya's Game   72:2916.6ML058004
1984.01.23US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.24.31Kirtana and Sankirtana   55:2512.7ML058104
1984.01.24US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.24.32The Green Berets of Religion   68:4115.7ML058204
1984.01.27Hong Kong  SB 1.18.15Importance of Hearing Cantonese 51:4114.8ML343504
1984.02PH-Cebu Lecture At Southwestern University   38:098.7ML058304
1984.02.02PH-Cebu  SB 1.8.36Hearing Is the Beginning   54:3612.5ML058404
1984.02.02PH-Cebu Eve Darsana     52:2312.0ML058504
1984.02.03PH-Cebu  SB 1.8.37We Must Accept the Demon's Challenges   49:4711.4ML058604
1984.02.04PH-Cebu  SB 1.8.38A Devotee's Power Is Dependence on Krsna   71:1616.3ML058704
1984.02.05PH-Cebu Initiation The Power of Chanting the Holy Name   45:1810.4ML058904
1984.02.07PH-Manila  SB 1.5.40Srimad Bhagavatam Is the Life of the Devotees   49:1611.3ML059004
1984.02.08PH-Manila  SB 1.6.1A Pure Devotee Is a Place of Pilgrimage   36:508.4ML059104
1984.02.10PH-Manila  SB 1.6.3Is Krsna or Maya Your Master?   46:5210.7ML059204
1984.02.11PH-Manila  SB 1.6.4You Cannot Bribe Krsna   40:019.2ML059304
1984.02.12PH-Manila Eve Darsana w/ a Devotee's Mother   87:5820.1ML279904
1984.02.17Hong Kong  SB 1.18.26Don't Let Impurities Enter Bhakti   36:028.3ML059404
1984.02.18Hong Kong  SB 1.18.27Sankirtan Devotees Are the Most Fired Up   35:348.1ML059504
1984.02.19Hong Kong  SB 1.18.28Learn the Art of Appeasing Guests in Our Temples   29:356.8ML059604
1984.02.21India-New DelhiBhaktisiddhanta App SB 2.5.38Scientist Bluffers  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II57:3013.2ML059704
1984.02.25India-New Delhi  SB 2.3.14Vedanta Sutra & Baladeva Vidyabhusana   52:0811.9ML059904
1984.03.01India-Mayapur  SB 4.17.24Become a Real Vaisnava Bengali 34:257.9ML060004
1984.03.15India-Mayapur  SB 4.18.11Book Distribution and the Mayapur Project   59:5313.7ML060204
1984.04.02Hong Kong  SB 1.19.9-10  Cantonese 51:5011.9ML060404
1984.04.04Hong Kong  SB 1.19.12  Cantonese 52:2512.0ML060504
1984.04.06Hong Kong  SB 1.19.14Lord Caitanya Is Present Here Cantonese 54:3512.5ML060604
1984.04.10Hong KongRama Navami  Strength From Rama Nama Cantonese 27:556.4ML061204
1984.04.11PH-Manila Eve Darsana The Rewards of Sacrifice   48:1811.1ML060804
1984.04.13PH-Cebu  BG 9.2Stay High Forever   58:2213.4ML060904
1984.04.14PH-Cebu  SB 1.9.40The Prayers of Bhismadeva   57:5913.3ML280104
1984.04.15PH-Cebu  SB 1.9.41This World Is a Prison House   70:1316.1ML061004
1984.04.16PH-Cebu  SB 1.9.42Fixing the Mind on Lord Krsna   49:2111.3ML061104
1984.04.20PH-Cebu  SB 1.9.46Proving Krsna's Supremacy   86:3319.8ML061304
1984.04.21PH-Cebu  SB 1.9.47Sankirtana Competition   55:2212.7ML061404
1984.04.23PH-Manila Eve Darsana Maintained by the Holy Name   21:084.8ML061504
1984.04.24PH-Manila  SB 1.7.40Don't Waste Another Day   58:5413.5ML061604
1984.04.24PH-Manila Eve Darsana Q&A; Two or Three Hours of Kirtana Daily   29:306.8ML061704
1984.04.26Hong Kong  SB 1.19.35Confucius' Help Is for One Life Cantonese 65:2518.7ML343604
1984.04.27US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.27.1Let Krsna Be the Proprietor   58:4613.5ML061804
1984.04.28US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.27.2Karma, Vikarma and Akarma   91:5721.0ML061904
1984.04.29US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.27.3Sanatana Dharma   147:3433.8ML062004
1984.05.04US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.27.8Watchdog of ISKCON   79:5418.3ML062104
1984.05.08US-Tampa, FL  SB 6.2.38Krsna Will Fulfill All Desires   59:0513.5ML062204
1984.05.08US-Tampa, FL Eve Darsana The Guru Also Serves His Disciples   42:369.8ML062304
1984.05.14US-New Kuruksetra, OKNrsimha Caturdasi      21:254.9ML062504
1984.05.16US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.14.11Varnasrama Dharma   40:569.4ML062604
1984.05.22US-Tampa, FL  SB 6.3.31Sankirtana in the Mood of the Gopis   32:057.3ML062804
1984.05.24US-Dallas, TX Eve Lecture Recognizing Our Real Identity   137:0131.4ML062904
1984.05.27US-Houston, TX  SB 2.3.15Eventually Everyone Must Surrender to Krsna   54:2912.5ML062704
1984.05.27US-Houston, TX SFLBG 2.51Be Free From Material Miseries   70:1216.1ML063004
1984.05.30US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.28.2A Vaisnava Is Very Humble   54:3012.5ML063104
1984.05.30US-Dallas, TX Interview w/ ITV   90:5920.8ML280204
1984.06.02Fiji-Lautoka Arrival Big Trees Take a Long Time to Grow   19:274.5ML063204
1984.06.02Fiji-Suva Arrival Lord Caitanya Is Krsna's Preaching Incarnation   40:499.3ML063304
1984.06.03Fiji-Suva  SB 1.2.6Work, Work, Work, and You Get No Pay   80:2918.4ML063404
1984.06.03Fiji-Suva Eve Darsana     43:059.9ML063504
1984.06.04Fiji-Suva Interview w/ Reporter From Fiji Times   64:5914.9ML063704
1984.06.04Fiji   God Doesn't Play Favorites   84:2719.3ML063604
1984.06.05Fiji-Suva  SB 3.29.17Don't Think Like a Common Man   54:2512.5ML064004
1984.06.06Fiji   Technology Has Its Connection With God   89:4920.6ML064204
1984.06.07Fiji-Suva  SB 3.29.23Your Time Belongs to Krsna   49:3911.4ML064404
1984.06.07Fiji-Suva Pandal ProgramBG 18.65This Is the Planet Where You Can Get Liberation   80:1918.4ML064304
1984.06.09Fiji-Lautoka  SB 3.29.25You Have to Practice This Process   66:4915.3ML064504
1984.06.09Fiji-Lautoka Pandal Program My Religion Is Sanatana Dharma   87:5220.1ML064604
1984.06.10Fiji-Lautoka Initiation     82:4719.0ML064704
1984.06.11Fiji-Lautoka  SB 3.29.33Service Isn't Different From Attraction to Krsna   51:4511.8ML064804
1984.06.12Fiji Interview w/ Fiji Sun   24:305.6ML064904
1984.06.12Fiji-Lambasa Eve DarsanaBG 4.9Learn to Feel Comfortable in Spiritual Life   88:1220.2ML280304
1984.06.13Fiji-Lambasa   Gurvastaka & Gurupuja Kirtana   25:575.9ML280504
1984.06.13Fiji-Lambasa  BG Various Speakers  38:588.9ML065104
1984.06.13Fiji-Lambasa   The Science of Consciousness   90:3920.7ML065004
1984.06.14Fiji-Lambasa   Morning Kirtana   18:384.3ML280604
1984.06.14Fiji-Lambasa  SB 7.14.1-15Ideal Family Life   63:3514.6ML065304
1984.06.14Fiji-Lambasa   Who Is Qualified to Be a Guru   78:3118.0ML065204
1984.06.15Fiji-Lambasa   Gurvastaka, Gurupuja & Nrsimha Prayers   25:595.9ML280704
1984.06.15Fiji-Lambasa   Q&A. Worship of Krsna Is the Highest   18:364.3ML065404
1984.06.16Fiji-Lautoka  SB 3.30.34Real Wealth Is Krsna Consciousness   58:0913.3ML065504
1984.06.19Hong Kong  SB 2.2.3The Secret of Remaining in Spiritual Life Cantonese 52:2415.0ML343704
1984.06.27India-Mayapur  SB 4.21.45No One Falls From Bhakti to Mukti Bengali 58:1813.3ML065704
1984.07.07Taiwan   These Books Cannot Be Defeated   82:1718.8ML065804
1984.07.08Taiwan Room Conversation w/ Professor Chang   42:569.8ML065904
1984.07.08Taiwan-Taipei SFL   Mandarin 67:5715.6ML066004
1984.07.09PH-Cebu Arrival The United Nations of ISKCON   32:387.5ML066104
1984.07.10PH-Cebu  SB 2.3.23Srila Prabhupada Is Here   88:0120.1ML066204
1984.07.12PH-Cebu Initiation Wedding Don't Panic, Be Cool Headed   120:4927.7ML066304
1984.07.14PH-Cebu  SB 1.11.34Making an Attempt to Advance Progressively   55:0412.6ML066404
1984.07.15PH-Manila Eve Lecture Follow Your Teacher   79:3218.2ML066504
1984.07.20US-Gitanagari, PA   Reading From "Servant of the Servant"   53:5312.3ML281404
1984.07.23US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.29.8You Can Approach Krsna Through Service   91:1520.9ML066804
1984.07.23US-Dallas, TX Initiation Welcome to Krsna's Family   88:0320.2ML066704
1984.07.28US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.29.10One Must Learn Pure Devotional Service   66:4415.3ML066904
1984.07.29US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.29.11-12The Real Goal Is Love of God   54:2612.5ML067004
1984.08.03US-Houston, TX Eve Darsana You Have to Give Up All Material Relationships   103:5923.8ML067104
1984.08.05US-Dallas, TX Eve Program The Nature of the Soul Is Blissful   76:4617.6ML067204
1984.08.06US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.29.20The ISKCON Camel Caravan   40:359.3ML067304
1984.08.08US-Honolulu, HI  SB 3.18.13Krsna Defends His Title Against the Demons   58:1113.3ML067404
1984.08.11Hong KongBalarama Purnima    Cantonese 38:168.8ML067504
1984.08.12Hong Kong  SB 2.3.1First Class and Economy Animals Cantonese 53:3812.3ML073304
1984.08.19India-Mayapur  SB 4.22.45The Preachers' Encouragement Bengali 55:4112.7ML067604
1984.08.21India-MayapurPrabhupada Vyasa-puja  The Vaisnavas Are Eternally Present  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II47:0110.8ML067804
1984.08.23India-Mayapur  SB 4.22.49Get Your Mahatma Diploma Bengali 66:5315.3ML067904
1984.08.27India-Mayapur  SB 4.22.53The Banyan Tree of Sex Bengali 58:2613.4ML068004
1984.09.03Hong KongRadhastami    Cantonese 57:5313.3ML060104
1984.09.04Hong Kong  SB 2.3.24Taste for Kirtana Is a Good Sign Cantonese 52:2812.0ML060704
1984.09.05Hong Kong  SB 2.3.25Our Real Attachment Should Be for Krsna Cantonese 54:0312.4ML062404
1984.09.06US-Honolulu, HI  SB 3.19.38Prabhupada's Gift to Us   46:3810.7ML068104
1984.09.09US-Houston, TXHaridasa Thakura DisappSFL     105:5324.2ML068204
1984.09.12US-Houston, TX  SB 2.6.20Meditate on Guru and Krsna   54:1412.4ML068304
1984.09.13US-Houston, TX  SB 2.6.21Ignorance Is Not Bliss   55:1912.7ML068404
1984.09.16US-New York, NY  SB 3.25.4Transcendental Friendship Within ISKCON   77:5917.9ML068504
1984.09.18US-Indianapolis, IN  SB 1.6.26Formula for Inspiration   54:3912.5ML068604
1984.09.19US-Indianapolis, IN  SB 1.1.8The Science of Loving Service   24:285.6ML068704
1984.09.20US-Indianapolis, IN  SB 1.3.43It's Time to Grow up   37:528.7ML068804
1984.09.22US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.30.19Kiss This Material World Goodbye   44:2810.2ML068904
1984.09.23US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.30.20The Court of Yamaraja   58:5913.5ML069004
1984.09.25US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.30.24-27Storm the Fortress of Maya   56:2712.9ML069104
1984.09.27US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.30.29Directly Perceive Vedic Evidence   54:2812.5ML069204
1984.09.28Mexico-Guadalajara Arrival Jesus Christ Credit Cards Spanish 29:296.8ML069304
1984.10.02US-Tampa, FL  SB 5.15.18Sadhana Is Our Training   42:239.7ML069404
1984.10.03US-Tampa, FL  SB 5.12.16The Neccesity of Sadhana   38:158.8ML069504
1984.10.06US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.31.6What Separates an Ordinary Person From Ordinary   55:1012.6ML069604
1984.10.07US-Dallas, TX SFLBG 14.14-15Planning Your Next Life   86:1619.7ML069704
1984.10.08US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.31.8-9Eclipse of the Moon   52:3612.0ML069804
1984.10.13US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.31.15Be Guided by the Mercy of Krsna   60:5013.9ML069904
1984.10.14US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.31.16Don't Neglect Your Sadhana   38:248.8ML070004
1984.10.14US-Dallas, TX SFL Understanding the Laws of Karma   68:1115.6ML070104
1984.10.17US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.31.19Sifting for Gold   66:1215.2ML070204
1984.10.19US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.31.21One Can Worship Krsna Anywhere   40:449.3ML070304
1984.10.21US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.31.24-25Everyone Must Preach   87:5420.1ML070404
1984.10.25US-Houston, TX  SB 2.7.22The Desire to Preach   80:4018.5ML070504
1984.10.26US-Houston, TXGovardhana-puja     Vaisnava Festival Days Vol I44:4310.2ML070704
1984.10.28US-Dallas, TXPrabhupada Disapp  Force Us to Preach  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II43:3310.0ML071004
1984.10.28US-Dallas, TXPrabhupada Disapp  Offering  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II8:201.9ML280804
1984.10.28US-Dallas, TX Initiation The Tradition of Guru and Disciple   71:2016.3ML070804
1984.10.29US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.31.31The Practical Yoga System   93:3721.4ML071104
1984.11.02Hong Kong  SB 2.5.23Don't Give Up Relationships, Purify Them Cantonese 69:0415.8ML071204
1984.11.04Hong KongGaurakisora Disapp SB 2.1.6  Cantonese 49:0411.2ML281104
1984.11.08Hong Kong  SB 2.1.12Same Medicine for Everyone Cantonese 47:1310.8ML071404
1984.11.10Hong Kong  SB 2.1.14My Instruction Is to Increase Sankirtana Cantonese 47:3710.9ML071504
1984.11.12Hong Kong  SB 2.2.7Live and Breathe Sankirtana Yajna Cantonese 54:2712.5ML071604
1984.11.14Hong Kong  SB 2.1.2Expand the Family Cantonese 50:2011.5ML071704
1984.11.16Hong Kong  SB 2.3.20No Sense Means Nonsense Cantonese 63:3514.6ML071804
1984.11.18Hong Kong  SB 2.3.23Learning to Take the Guru's Mercy Cantonese 53:5412.3ML281204
1984.11.18Hong Kong SFL Light of the Bhagavata Cantonese 73:4916.9ML071904
1984.11.22Hong Kong  SB 2.2.36Become a Krsna Consciousness Graduate Cantonese 70:0516.0ML072004
1984.11.23Hong Kong Departure Purpose of the Guru's Association Cantonese 6:011.4ML072104
1984.11.25PH-Cebu  SB 1.15.19We Are Practical Yogis   75:5217.4ML072204
1984.11.27PH-Cebu  SB 1.17.32Learn the Real Thing   47:0610.8ML072304
1984.11.28PH-Cebu  SB 4.19.12    27:126.2ML072404
1984.11.29PH-Cebu Lecture At Southwestern University   45:5810.5ML072504
1984.11.30PH-Cebu  SB 7.9.44God Never Sends Someone to Hell Forever   19:264.5ML072604
1984.12.04PH-Manila  SB 1.1.10We Should Be Known as Not Lazy   45:3010.4ML072904
1984.12.05PH-Manila  SB 1.1.11It's Not Proper to Decieve the Public   70:5216.2ML073004
1984.12.07PH-Manila  SB 1.1.14    51:1111.7ML073104
1984.12.07PH-Manila Press Conference God-made Laws, Not Man-made Philosophy   61:2114.0ML073204
1984.12.08PH-Baguio Lecture Self Improvement   122:5928.2ML281304
1984.12.10PH-Manila  SB 1.1.19Staying Together to Glorify Krsna   46:2610.6ML073504
1984.12.10PH-Manila Conversation w/ Guests   30:327.0ML073404
1984.12.12PH-Manila Conversation Perfect Questions and No Answers w/ Cardinal Sin   35:028.0ML073604
1984.12.13PH-Manila   Meeting w/ Members   92:1321.1ML074004
1984.12.14PH-Manila  SB 1.2.10Dog's Running Business   42:049.6ML073704
1984.12.17PH-Manila  SB 1.3.29The Only Excuse Is You Don't Care Enough   48:0311.0ML073904
1984.12.17PH-Manila Lecture To Philippines National Defense   77:0317.6ML073804
1984.12.20Taiwan  SB 1.1.3Understand by Hearing, Not Experience   36:588.5ML074104
1984.12.21Taiwan  SB 1.1.4Krsna, the Supreme Fortune Teller   91:3020.9ML074204
1984.12.23Taiwan  SB 1.1.6Peace Comes From No More Material Desires   44:3110.2ML074404
1984.12.23Taiwan SFL Buddha, Christ and Krsna Mandarin 67:4515.5ML074304
1984.12.26AU-Sydney Arrival Our Hard Work Is Sublime   27:186.3ML074504
1985.01.13US-Dallas, TX  SB 2.1.12You Must Follow the Formula   48:0611.0ML074604
1985.01.14US-Dallas, TX  SB 2.1.13Devotees Are Never Defeated   64:4814.8ML074704
1985.01.16US-Dallas, TX  SB 2.1.16You Must Prepare for Death   44:2310.2ML074804
1985.01.19US-Dallas, TX  SB 2.1.17Become Expert at Chanting Hare Krsna   42:419.8ML074904
1985.01.20US-Dallas, TX SFL Spiritual Leadership Today   87:1420.0ML075004
1985.01.26US-Dallas, TX Ista-gosthi     115:3526.5ML075104
1985.01.27US-Dallas, TX Wedding A Blending of Two Cultures   51:3011.8ML075204
1985.01.28US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.1.15Don't Be Illusioned by Maya   46:1410.6ML075404
1985.02.06South Korea  BG 4.6The Science of Taking Birth   51:4011.8ML075504
1985.02.07South Korea  BG 4.7    28:296.5ML075604
1985.02.08Hong Kong  SB 2.7.53  Cantonese 57:4816.5ML343804
1985.02.13India-Mayapur  SB 4.26.4Real Safety Is Full Engagement in Service   44:3910.2ML075704
1985.03.24US-Dallas, TX Arrival Association of Devotees Is Wonderful   31:067.1ML075804
1985.03.25US-Dallas, TX  SB 12.2.1Abortion Is Even Lower Than the Animals  Prophecies for the Iron Age52:0611.9ML075904
1985.03.27US-Dallas, TX  SB 12.2.2The Only Alternative to Nuclear Warfare  Prophecies for the Iron Age36:438.4ML076104
1985.03.31US-Dallas, TXRama NavamiSFL Appearance Day of Lord Ramacandra  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol I52:5812.1ML076204
1985.04.02US-Dallas, TX Ista-gosthi Minutes From GBC Meetings   54:3712.5ML076304
1985.04.03US-Dallas, TX  SB 12.2.4Sleep Early to Serve Early  Prophecies for the Iron Age38:378.8ML076504
1985.04.03US-Dallas, TX   Invocation to the Dallas City Counsel   2:460.6ML076404
1985.04.05US-Dallas, TX  SB 12.2.5Free Mixing of Sexes Is Not Natural  Prophecies for the Iron Age38:288.8ML076704
1985.04.05US-Dallas, TX Conversation w/ Professor Fort & Students From TCU   58:3413.4ML076604
1985.04.08US-Dallas, TX  SB 12.2.6Taking a Guru Isn't a Fashion  Prophecies for the Iron Age35:088.0ML076904
1985.04.09US-Dallas, TX   Address to the Dallas Skyline Lions Club   40:469.3ML077004
1985.04.11US-Dallas, TX  SB 12.2.7-11Establishing Brahminical Directors of the World  Prophecies for the Iron Age37:078.5ML077104
1985.04.14US-New Kuruksetra, OK  SB 4.19.24-25    28:246.5ML278804
1985.04.15US-New Kuruksetra, OKEkadasi  Appearance of Salagram Sila and Tulasi Devi; Appearance of Ekadasi   36:408.4ML077204
1985.04.16US-Dallas, TX  SB 12.2.12-16Senility Is a Reaction of Sinful Life  Prophecies for the Iron Age83:1619.1ML077404
1985.04.17US-Dallas, TX Room Conversation w/ Amy Martin   66:4915.3ML077504
1985.04.18US-Dallas, TX  SB 12.3.31At Least Give Something to Krsna  Prophecies for the Iron Age53:0412.1ML077604
1985.04.19US-Houston, TX  SB 12.3.32Serving the Greater Family  Prophecies for the Iron Age70:3316.2ML077804
1985.04.21US-Dallas, TX Room Conversation w/ Dr. Horatio Costa   70:3916.2ML077904
1985.04.23US-Wichita Falls, TX Lecture at Midwestern State University   89:5520.6ML078004
1985.04.25US-Dallas, TX Lecture at New Life Alphabiotic Center   107:0324.5ML078104
1985.05.01US-Dallas, TX  SB 12.3.33Importance of Separating the Sexes  Prophecies for the Iron Age44:3510.2ML078204
1985.05.04US-Fort Worth, TX  BG 18.47Just Understand Your Real Duty   74:2217.0ML078304
1985.05.08US-Dallas, TX Room Conversation Christ's Unknown Teachings w/ Abbot George, Father Mathais   140:3232.2ML278904
1985.05.11US-Dallas, TX  SB 12.3.34-38Focusing on Chanting Attentively  Prophecies for the Iron Age35:298.1ML078604
1985.05.11US-Dallas, TX  BG 8.9Take Real Knowledge, Kick out Hodge-podge   104:0023.8ML078404
1985.05.12US-Houston, TX  SB 12.3.39-40Working Hard Enough for Krsna  Prophecies for the Iron Age59:3113.6ML078704
1985.05.13US-Houston, TX  SB 12.3.41-42Quickly Getting Krsna Prema  Prophecies for the Iron Age47:2310.8ML078904
1985.05.14US-Houston, TX  SB 12.3.43The Guru Never Cuts Off a Disciple  Prophecies for the Iron Age42:389.8ML079104
1985.05.18US-Dallas, TX  SB 12.2.19-20Prophecies for the Iron Age  Prophecies for the Iron Age39:429.1ML079304
1985.05.20US-Dallas, TX  SB 12.2.21-23There Is No Service Which Excuses Poor Sadhana  Prophecies for the Iron Age43:2810.0ML079404
1985.05.22US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.4.23It's Very Difficult to Give up This Body   44:1510.1ML079504
1985.05.29Fiji-Suva   Narration of Tulasi Devi and Ekadasi   22:325.2ML279204
1985.05.30Fiji-Suva   Inauguration of Hare Krsna Restaurant   28:406.6ML279104
1985.05.31Fiji-Pacific Habour Villa  SB 5.19.7Transcendental Anxiety: Good for Spiritual Life   30:066.9ML279004
1985.06.09Fiji-Labasa Initiation Wedding     55:0912.6ML279304
1985.07.12Singapore Eve Darsana The Appearance of Sri Ekadasi; Ten Offenses   89:1920.4ML079604
1985.07.13Singapore Eve Darsana Readings From Nectar of Devotion   60:5013.9ML079704
1985.07.20US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.7.5Devotion Is Better Than Big Brain   43:159.9ML079804
1985.07.21US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.7.6The Greatest Boon   80:3418.4ML079904
1985.07.23US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.15.12Religion, Semi-religion and Irreligion   75:3917.3ML080004
1985.07.28US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.14.29The Deity Form Is God Himself   70:2316.1ML080104
1985.08.01US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.14.34Why Take the Slow Path -- Finish off the Race   72:0416.5ML080204
1985.08.02US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.14.36Worshiping Krsna Is Worshiping Everyone   35:518.2ML080304
1985.08.04US-Houston, TX  SB 3.4.30You Must Follow the Program   52:2812.0ML080504
1985.08.04US-Houston, TX SFL Krsna Is the Whole   118:2027.1ML080404
1985.08.05US-Houston, TX   A Pure Devotee Never Plays With Anyone's Fate   68:2415.7ML080604
1985.08.12US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.14.41A Brahmin Can Cultivate Krsna Consciousness   50:5611.7ML080704
1985.09.02US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.7.49The Ultimate Solution   53:3212.3ML080804
1985.09.04US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.7.51A Devotee in Goodness Is Steady   53:3012.2ML080904
1985.09.16US-New Vrndavana, WV  SB 4.28.1    46:4610.7ML081004
1985.09.24US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.8.12Be Careful With Personal Preference   32:407.5ML081204
1985.09.25US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.8.13-19Those on the Front Line Get Special Facilities   57:2113.1ML081304
1985.09.26US-Houston, TXBhaktivinoda App     Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II45:3810.4ML081504
1985.09.27US-Houston, TX  SB 3.5.41Carried by the Wings of the Vedas   49:2111.3ML081604
1985.09.30US-Dallas, TX Ista-gosthi Sankirtana   59:3813.7ML081704
1985.10.01US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.8.22Connecting With Krsna in All Circumstances   36:008.2ML081904
1985.10.03US-Honolulu, HI  SB 3.28.22The Sum & Substances of ISKCON   45:5410.5ML081804
1985.10.06Hong Kong   Basic Knowledge of the Soul Cantonese 46:4013.4ML343904
1985.10.09Taiwan-Taipei  SB 1.4.5Avoid Mixing Between Male and Female   25:065.7ML082004
1985.10.12Singapore  BG 4.10We Accept the Verdict of Sastra   81:2918.7ML082104
1985.10.13Singapore  BG 8.6The Soul Does Not Die   84:0219.2ML082204
1985.10.14Singapore  NOI 1How to Free Yourself From the Pushing of the Senses   52:5612.1ML082304
1985.10.15Singapore  NOI 2We Must Follow the Guidelines of Rupa Goswami   50:3111.6ML082404
1985.10.18Singapore  BG 8.22Become Expert in Process of Bhakti   82:1818.8ML082504
1985.10.19Singapore Initiation     33:337.7ML082604
1985.10.20Singapore  BG 16.1-3There Is Only One God and One Religion   116:1226.6ML082704
1985.10.24Hong Kong  SB 1.5.30Learn to Conquer Over Sex Desire Cantonese 29:128.4ML344004
1985.10.26PH-Manila  SB 2.1.15Purify Your Desires   87:1120.0ML082804
1985.10.28PH-Manila  SB 3.28.4Be Truthful to Your Vow   78:2217.9ML082904
1985.11.11India-Vrndavana  SB 4.29.52Duty of the Spiritual Master   61:1714.0ML083004
1985.12.01US-Dallas, TX Darsana Prabhupada Marathon   81:5218.7ML083204
1985.12.02US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.9.9Minimize Material Desires and Maximize Preaching   39:499.1ML083304
1985.12.04US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.9.10Experience of Krsna Consciousness Is Transcendental   46:1310.6ML083404
1985.12.05US-Houston, TX  BG 5.29Greatest Peace Formula for the World   44:5610.3ML083504
1985.12.08US-Houston, TX SFLBG 6.47The Highest Yoga   71:0916.3ML083604
1985.12.14US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.9.22How to Persevere in Krsna Consciousness   29:266.7ML083804
1985.12.15US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.9.23Integrating With Lord Caitanya's Pastimes   30:006.9ML083904
1985.12.16US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.9.24Transcendental Potency of Krsna Prasadam   32:187.4ML084004
1985.12.18US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.9.25Traveling in Outer Space & Beyond   28:326.5ML084104
1985.12.20US-Houston, TX  SB 3.7.38Manifesting the Real Ego   28:086.4ML084204
1985.12.21US-Houston, TX  SB 3.7.39The Importance of Accepting a Bonafide Guru   41:019.4ML084304
1985.12.21US-Houston, TX  BG    39:349.1ML084404
1985.12.22US-Houston, TX SFL Protecting Devotees and Killing Demons   89:0420.4ML084504
1985.12.28US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.9.36One Must Give up Lusty Propensities   42:239.7ML084804
1985.12.30US-Honolulu, HI  SB 3.30.2Victimized by the Sense Masters   30:577.1ML084904
1985.12.31Fiji-LautokaBhaktisiddhanta DisappArrival Prabhupada Wants the Fijians to Be Devotees   40:369.3ML101604
1985.12.31Fiji-Lautoka Interview w/ Fiji Sun Reporter   22:375.2ML276104
1986    Drama of Lord Jagannatha 0: Prologue  Drama of Lord Jagannatha6:075.6ML289804
1986    Drama of Lord Jagannatha 1: The Pilgrim  Drama of Lord Jagannatha18:4117.1ML289904
1986    Drama of Lord Jagannatha 2: The Worshipable Deity  Drama of Lord Jagannatha33:3130.7ML290004
1986    Drama of Lord Jagannatha 3: The Storm  Drama of Lord Jagannatha16:4815.4ML290104
1986    Drama of Lord Jagannatha 4: The Commandment  Drama of Lord Jagannatha21:2619.6ML290204
1986    Drama of Lord Jagannatha 5: The Return  Drama of Lord Jagannatha27:4225.4ML290304
1986    Drama of Lord Jagannatha 6: The Sacred Log  Drama of Lord Jagannatha15:5214.5ML290404
1986    Drama of Lord Jagannatha 7: The Appearance of the Lord  Drama of Lord Jagannatha32:3829.9ML290504
1986.01.01Fiji-Lautoka  SB 6.5.43Pulling Out the Weed of Family Life   36:308.4ML085004
1986.01.01Fiji-Lautoka Eve Darsana All Grhastas Should Have Tulasi at Home   37:038.5ML085104
1986.01.02Fiji-Lautoka  SB 6.5.44Speak Truth Without Creating Anger   37:108.5ML085204
1986.01.03Fiji-Pacific Habour Villa  SB 4.22.26Going Above Mixed Devotional Service   19:234.4ML085304
1986.01.04Fiji-Pacific Habour Villa  SB 4.27.24Learn to Preach Like Narada Muni   36:528.4ML085504
1986.01.04Fiji-Suva   Address to Life Members   79:5418.3ML085404
1986.01.05Fiji-Suva  SB 4.28.10When Opportunity Knocks, Take Advantage   37:588.7ML085704
1986.01.05Fiji-Suva SFLBG 4.10Get Over Attachment to This Body   70:2316.1ML085604
1986.01.06Fiji-Suva  SB 4.30.34Pure Devotees Are the Happiest Persons   55:1312.6ML085904
1986.01.06Fiji-Suva   Symptoms of a Real Religion   125:2428.7ML085804
1986.01.08Fiji-Suva  SB 4.29.68Devotional Service Isn't Always the Easy Way   38:288.8ML086104
1986.01.08Fiji-Nausori   Address to Prime Minister of Fiji   15:343.6ML086204
1986.01.12Fiji-Labasa SFLBG 18.54Sadhu Is in the Heart Hindi 59:5213.7ML086304
1986.01.13Fiji  SB 1.15.47-48Please Krsna First, Not Your Family   25:255.8ML276204
1986.01.14Fiji-Lautoka  SB 6.5.23    38:198.8ML086504
1986.01.14Fiji-Ba Eve LectureBG 9.16The Purpose of Vedic Ritual Sacrifices and Mantras Hindi 110:1525.2ML086404
1986.01.15Fiji-Lautoka  BG 3.4Don't Remain Attached at the End of Life Gujarati 57:5713.3ML086604
1986.01.15Fiji-Lautoka Eve LectureBG 9.24The Goal of Life   84:0219.2ML276304
1986.01.16Fiji-Lautoka  SB 6.17.16-17    32:307.4ML086704
1986.01.19US-Dallas, TX SFLBG 12.8-12Spiritual Resolutions for 1986   95:2721.9ML086804
1986.01.20US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.10.16-30Hare Krishna Is the Ultimate Weapon   44:4510.2ML086904
1986.01.21US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.11.1-2Our Devotees Should Become Modern Day Heroes   42:329.7ML087004
1986.01.25US-Houston, TX   The Power of the ISKCON Movement Gujarati 66:0515.1ML087104
1986.01.27US-Houston, TX Departure & Reading Foreword for "The Drama of Lord Jagannatha"   26:326.1ML087204
1986.01.28US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.11.12There Is No Great Service Without Great Sadhana   50:1211.5ML087304
1986.02.05South Korea  BG 8.6Totaling Life's Calculator   79:0818.1ML087405
1986.02.08PH-Manila  SB 4.20.15Hearing Is Never Finished   80:1818.4ML087505
1986.02.09PH-Manila  SB 4.22.13ISKCON Devotees Should Work Cooperatively   92:3921.2ML087605
1986.02.10PH-Manila  SB 4.22.14Don't Be Your Own Boss   43:249.9ML087705
1986.02.11PH-Manila   The Temple Uniting Everyone   64:2014.7ML087805
1986.02.12PH-Manila  SB 4.22.29The Soul Has The Illusion of Suffering   56:5513.0ML087905
1986.02.15PH-Manila  SB 4.22.45Listen to God's Will   45:4710.5ML088005
1986.02.16PH-Manila Initiation & Sri Sri Nitai-sundara Gaura-nata-raja Installation   50:1111.5ML088105
1986.02.18PH-Cebu  SB 4.22.24How to Advance in Spiritual Life   72:3716.6ML088205
1986.02.18PH-Cebu Conversation w/ Monsignor Achilees Dakay: Tightening the Screws   69:5416.0ML088405
1986.02.18PH-Cebu Conversation w/ Attorney Conde: Don't Be Miserly   90:3720.7ML088305
1986.02.21PH-CebuVaraha App SB 3.6.33Service Spirit Attracts Krsna   41:359.5ML088605
1986.02.21PH-Cebu Initiation Please Avoid These Ten Offenses   44:4210.2ML276405
1986.02.22PH-ManilaNityananda Trayodasi      30:066.9ML276505
1986.02.22SingaporeNityananda TrayodasiArrival We Fast to Remember Krsna   65:2915.0ML088705
1986.02.23Singapore   Become a Sadhu   59:1713.6ML088905
1986.02.24Singapore   Where Are You Taking Me?   79:4818.3ML088805
1986.02.27Singapore   Q&A w/ a Chinese Boy: You Must Taste the Honey   73:5216.9ML089005
1986.02.28Singapore   Meeting Krsna Face to Face   79:0118.1ML089105
1986.03.02India-Calcutta     Bengali 59:0613.5ML089305
1986.03.15India-Mayapur  SB 5.8.8Don't Be Distracted From Krsna Consciousness   51:5011.9ML089405
1986.03.24India-Mayapur Darsana Worship the Dhama's Dust and Rocks Cantonese 79:0618.1ML089505
1986.04.12Hong Kong  SB 1.8.25There Is No Good Excuse for Leaving Cantonese 38:288.8ML089605
1986.04.13PH-Cebu Arrival We Need Many Sadhus   28:036.4ML089705
1986.04.14PH-Cebu  SB 3.29.18Swanlike Devotees   61:2114.0ML089805
1986.04.18PH-ManilaRama Navami SB 2.7.23    46:0610.6ML089905
1986.04.20PH-Manila Wedding We Want to Show Ideal Married Life   37:028.5ML090005
1986.04.21   SB 5.14.10The Privilege of Being Krsna's Family   40:179.2ML339005
1986.04.23Taiwan  SB 1.2.6    56:5113.0ML341205
1986.04.23Taiwan Eve Darsana First Recognize What Suffering Is   90:5620.8ML090105
1986.04.28US-Dallas, TX Arrival Advancing Devotees Always Take On More Service   57:5413.3ML090205
1986.04.29US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.12.45Recognizing Krsna's Desire   45:1010.3ML090305
1986.04.30US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.12.46Faith in ISKCON Is Faith in Prabhupada   44:4710.3ML090405
1986.05US-New York, NY   Be a Success, But in Krsna Consciousness   5:351.3ML277105
1986.05US-Brooklyn, NY  SB 4.14.20This Civilization Makes You Forget God   44:1010.1ML286005
1986.05.01US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.12.47-48Get Joy by Giving Krsna to Others   36:528.4ML090505
1986.05.04US-Houston, TX Initiation     78:0517.9ML090705
1986.05.06US-Houston, TX   The Christian Dialog   72:5616.7ML090805
1986.05.07US-Houston, TX  SB 3.12.28Prabhupada Didn't Avoid Preaching to Women   66:5115.3ML090905
1986.05.08US-Houston, TX   Q&A   59:2513.6ML276705
1986.05.09US-Houston, TX  SB 3.12.31The Growing Pains in Our Movement   60:4413.9ML276805
1986.05.09US-Houston, TX   Hare Krsna Sat-sanga Mandala   93:2321.4ML091005
1986.05.10US-Houston, TX   Hare Krsna Sat-sanga Mandala   129:4629.7ML091105
1986.05.11US-Dallas, TX SFLSB 5.5.18Happy Mother's Day   98:1222.5ML276905
1986.05.12US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.13.12The Ideal Wife   38:158.8ML277005
1986.05.17US-Topanga, CA  SB 8.8.18-19Our Common Principle Is Krsna   36:348.4ML091205
1986.05.18US-Topanga, CA  SB 8.8.20Defining the Supreme Person   73:2516.8ML091305
1986.05.18US-Topanga, CA SFLBG 6.27The Simple Solution to Everyone's Problems   71:1816.3ML091405
1986.05.21US-Brooklyn, NY  SB 4.8.22You Have to Pilot the Plane   48:5711.2ML091505
1986.05.22US-Brooklyn, NYJayananda Disapp SB 4.8.23The Demigods Worship Krsna   46:4310.7ML091705
1986.05.22US-Manhattan, NY   Pick Your Next Birth   78:2818.0ML091605
1986.05.23US-New York, NY Home ProgramBG 2.46Preaching to Spanish Bhaktas & Guests Spanish 73:4816.9ML091805
1986.05.24US-Brooklyn, NY  SB 4.8.24Declaring War Against Maya   72:5416.7ML091905
1986.05.24US-New York, NY Home ProgramBGApproach Krsna for the Supreme Benefit   61:4514.1ML092005
1986.05.25US-Brooklyn, NY SFL Holding Hands Across America   71:1816.3ML092105
1986.05.26US-Brooklyn, NY  SB 4.8.25Krsna Sends His Representative   59:4113.7ML092205
1986.05.27US-Brooklyn, NY  SB 4.8.26Serve Krsna According to Your Nature   44:4110.2ML092305
1986.05.27US-Hartford, CT  BG 4.10You Are Not God   122:3528.1ML092405
1986.05.29US-Manhattan, NY  BG 17.2Off of the Fringe Onto the Carpet   110:2025.3ML092505
1986.05.30US-New York, NY Conversation Bhakti, the Pure Essence of Approaching God   93:3121.4ML277205
1986.06US-Brooklyn, NY  SB 4.8.35Unconditional Surrender Is the Rarest Gem   43:3310.0ML090605
1986.06US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.14.7You Won't Be Liberated Unless You Preach   37:528.7ML092605
1986.06.01US-Brooklyn, NY SFLSB 1.2.18Coming to the Point of Initiation   61:5914.2ML093205
1986.06.02US-Brooklyn, NY  SB 4.8.32Be a Credit to Our Sampradaya   58:3113.4ML092705
1986.06.02US-Lake Huntington, NY Eve Darsana We Have Big Responsibilities as GBCs   137:2431.5ML092805
1986.06.05US-Manhattan, NY   Agnostic, Atheistic or Religious   95:2921.9ML092905
1986.06.14US-Houston, TX  BG 10.10We Pray to Get "Too Much" Service   70:0416.0ML093405
1986.06.15US-Dallas, TX Initiation     52:2712.0ML093505
1986.06.16US-Dallas, TX  SB 11.17.27Work Within the Plan of the Guru   63:3714.6ML277305
1986.06.19Fiji-Lautoka Arrival Understanding How Kaliya Came to Fiji   18:204.2ML065605
1986.06.20Fiji-Lautoka  SB 3.29.8Offer Krsna the Best Things   34:458.0ML093605
1986.06.21Fiji-Lautoka  SB 3.29.16Deity Worship Is Very Nice Meditation   32:107.4ML093705
1986.06.23Fiji-Lautoka  SB 3.29.18Increase Service Year by Year   29:386.8ML093805
1986.06.27Fiji-Suva  SB 2.4.2There Is Alternative - Join ISKCON   32:537.5ML277605
1986.06.28Fiji-Suva  SB 8.3.1Remember Krsna While Conscious   29:016.6ML277505
1986.06.28Fiji-Suva   Advancement of Technology Is Big Headache   70:2316.1ML093905
1986.06.29Fiji-Suva Darsana You Are Too Impatient   56:3913.0ML094005
1986.06.29Fiji-Suva SFL Nothing More Important Than God Hindi 30:437.0ML094105
1986.06.30Fiji-Suva  SB 7.15.72The Mood of Separation Is Greater Association   43:239.9ML094205
1986.07.01Fiji-Suva  SB 6.3.25What Happens If You Don't Give Fifty Percent   30:046.9ML277705
1986.07.01Fiji-Pacific Habour Villa  CcAdi 3.1-31Krsna Blesses You If You Have the Service Mood   50:5111.6ML094305
1986.07.02Fiji-Pacific Habour Villa  SB 8.1.16We Worship Lord Caitanya as Supreme Personality of Godhead   47:0110.8ML094405
1986.07.02Fiji-Pacific Habour Villa  CcAdi 3.32-52    24:395.6ML277405
1986.07.05Fiji-Labasa  SB 8.2.30Don't Be Attached to Particular Situation; Be Attached to Krsna   44:4410.2ML094505
1986.07.08Fiji-Lautoka  SB 7.10.8Lusty Desire Diminish Good Qualities   45:2410.4ML094605
1986.07.11US-Houston, TX   Krsna Is the Controller of Maya   92:0821.1ML094705
1986.07.12US-Houston, TX   What's the Mission of the Hare Krsna Movement   77:0617.6ML341305
1986.07.13US-Dallas, TX SFL Spiritual Independence; Darwin's Theory Is Just a Theory   87:5320.1ML094805
1986.07.14US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.15.5-6Krsna's Expansions   33:287.7ML094905
1986.07.19US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.15.23Take the Risk of Preaching   38:418.9ML095005
1986.07.23US-Brooklyn, NY  SB 4.9.10Search for One's True Self   51:3611.8ML095105
1986.07.29US-Westchester, NY  BG 9.11Krsna Is Not India Myth   66:1815.2ML095305
1986.08.01US-Queens, NY   Practicing Krsna Consciousness at Home   92:2521.2ML095505
1986.08.03US-Long Island, NY  SB 3.32.10The Progressive March of Krsna Consciousness   61:0614.0ML095605
1986.08.03  SFL We Made Vegetarianism and Reincarnation Popular   57:0413.1ML277805
1986.08.06US-Brooklyn, NY  SB 4.9.28Preaching Keeps One Humble   47:3010.9ML095705
1986.08.10US-Brooklyn, NY SFL Guide Your Dependents in Krsna Consciousness   62:2614.3ML095805
1986.08.13US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.16.24-25Enter the Spiritual World by Consciousness   39:429.1ML095905
1986.08.20US-San Diego, CA  SB 10.10.8Association With Devotees Is the Greatest Gift   53:3612.3ML096105
1986.08.23US-Houston, TX Home Program Death Means Evicted Out of the Body   91:2620.9ML096205
1986.08.26US-Houston, TX  SB 3.15.15Devotional Service Is a Great Honor   42:329.7ML096305
1986.08.27US-Houston, TXJanmastami  The Most Meaningful Thing in Your LifeVarious Speakers  89:1420.4ML096405
1986.08.27US-Houston, TXJanmastami  God and His Name are Non-Different   3:350.8ML277905
1986.09US-New York, NY  SB 4.11.1Preserve the Purity of ISKCON   43:5110.0ML096605
1986.09US-Towaco, NJ SFL Give Your Children Krsna Consciousness   72:3516.6ML096505
1986.09.14US-New York, NYVamana App SB 8.18.1-8.20.18Lord Vamanadeva's Appearance Day  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol I67:4515.5ML081105
1986.09.14US-Brooklyn, NY SFL Radha Govinda Darsana Is the Best Medicine   53:0812.2ML096805
1986.09.16US-Brooklyn, NY  SB 3.25.4The Value of Transcendental Friendships Within ISKCON   50:4711.6ML096905
1986.09.26US-Brooklyn, NY  SB 4.11.12A Flourishing Creeper Is Real Success   37:478.6ML097005
1986.10PH-Cebu  SB 1.16.25Learn How to Fan the Spark   53:5912.4ML097205
1986.10Hong Kong  SB 1.13.10Establish Yourself in the Chinese World Cantonese 37:238.6ML279505
1986.10.02Germany  SB 2.2.12Sex Brings Sufferings Only   36:598.5ML097305
1986.10.06Singapore  SB 10.13.11-15Brahma-vimohana-lila   30:467.0ML093305
1986.10.09Singapore  SB 10.13.39-48Brahma-vimohana-lila; We Are of the School of Vertical Tilak   74:1717.0ML096705
1986.10.10Singapore  SB 10.13.49-60Brahma-vimohana-lila; Simply Try to Promote Krsna   75:0917.2ML097405
1986.10.11Singapore Initiation Don't Ever Break This Vow   48:2511.1ML098805
1986.10.16PHGovardhana-puja SB 10.24.1-14The Real Meaning of Servant of the Servant   42:509.8ML097505
1986.10.17PHGovardhana-puja SB 10.24.15-38    37:498.7ML278005
1986.10.19PH  SB 1.8.27Decorating Dead Bodies   20:564.8ML097605
1986.10.22PH-Manila  SB 1.6.23Krsna Consciousness Surpasses Liberation   43:5010.0ML097705
1986.10.23PH-Manila  SB 1.16.24Perceiving Krsna's Hands in Everything   48:2111.1ML097905
1986.10.27Hong Kong  SB 1.13.19  Cantonese 30:126.9ML279405
1986.10.27Hong Kong  SB 10.21.1-9The Gopis Glorify the Song of Krsna's Flute Cantonese 28:526.6ML098005
1986.10.28Hong Kong  SB 10.21.10-20The Gopis Glorify the Song of Krsna's Flute Cantonese 25:585.9ML098105
1986.10.29Hong Kong  SB 10.23.1-13The Brahmanas' Wives Blessed Cantonese 55:2112.7ML098205
1986.10.30Hong Kong  SB 1.13.26Family Life Breeds Too Much Attachment Cantonese 32:337.5ML098405
1986.10.30Hong Kong  SB 10.23.14-28The Brahmanas' Wives Blessed Cantonese 43:5510.1ML098305
1986.11.04India-Vrndavana  SB 5.12.11Don't Let Your Hearing Become Hackneyed   79:5718.3ML098505
1986.11.05India-VrndavanaPrabhupada Disapp  Prabhupada's Departure Is Glorious   14:393.4ML341405
1986.11.09Taiwan-Taipei SFL Find Any Way to Serve Krsna Mandarin 35:458.2ML278105
1986.11.11Taiwan-Taipei  LOB 11-Light of the Bhagavata Mandarin 41:339.5ML098905
1986.11.12Taiwan-Taipei  LOB 12Light of the Bhagavata Mandarin 34:468.0ML099005
1986.11.13South Korea-Seoul   Introduction to Krsna Consciousness Korean 100:2023.0ML099105
1986.11.14South Korea-Seoul   Chanting Japa   11:162.6ML278205
1986.11.14South Korea-Seoul   Introduction to Krsna Consciousness   89:5420.6ML099205
1986.11.14South Korea-Seoul Room Conversation w/ a Professor; Buddhism and Daoism Are Based on Vedas   44:5510.3ML278405
1986.11.14South Korea-Seoul Room Conversation in Morning w/ Publisher; Try It to Understand It Korean 40:249.3ML099305
1986.11.14South Korea-Seoul Room Conversation in Evening w/ Publisher; I Find Koreans Favorable Korean 30:357.0ML278305
1986.11.17US-Los Angeles, LA  BG 2.25Preaching Is Higher Pleasure Than Prasadam   42:309.7ML098605
1986.11.20US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.20.18A Vaisnava Is Always Forgiving   55:5312.8ML099405
1986.11.22US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.20.19Creating Vrndavana Everywhere   38:428.9ML099505
1986.11.22US-Fort Worth, TX  BG 9.2Wake Up From the American Dream   69:4616.0ML099605
1986.11.23US-Dallas, TX SFLBG 8.1We Are Living in a Barbaric Society   44:5210.3ML099705
1986.11.24US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.20.21Do Something to Change the World   42:479.8ML099805
1986.11.28US-Houston, TX  SB 3.17.21-22Time Makes a Fool of Everyone   23:255.4ML100005
1986.11.29US-Houston, TX  SB 3.17.23-31    32:157.4ML100205
1986.11.29US-Houston, TX  LOB 9Solution to Failing Economy Crisis   57:3113.2ML100105
1986.12US-New York, NY  SB 4.12.44, CcM 25.207-221The World Is Dependent on Us   47:5511.0ML100505
1986.12US-New York, NY  SB 4.12.49-50Take Up Selfless Service Spirit  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II23:315.4ML100405
1986.12.14US-Brooklyn, NY SFLBG 4.11Born Again and Again and Again   28:176.5ML100805
1986.12.18US-New York, NY   Kirtana & Evening Reading   38:348.8ML100905
1986.12.19US-New York, NY   Kirtana & Evening Reading   32:257.4ML101005
1986.12.20US-New York, NYBhaktisiddhanta Disapp     Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II36:558.5ML101305
1986.12.20US-New York, NY   Kirtana & Evening Reading   24:285.6ML101105
1986.12.27US-New York, NY  SB 4.13.6-7Compete to Please Krsna   25:555.9ML101505
1987Hong Kong  BG 8.9Human Life Is for Going Back to God's Kingdom Cantonese 47:4813.7ML344105
1987.01.07US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.21.33Preach Without Discrimination   47:0610.8ML101705
1987.01.09US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.21.35Our Problem Is Our Pride   67:0715.4ML101905
1987.01.09US-Dallas, TX  BG 8.28Establish Personal Relationship With Krsna   58:0213.3ML101805
1987.01.11US-Dallas, TX SFLBG 17.28You Cannot Fool Krsna   75:1517.2ML102005
1987.01.15US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.21.41Don't Dare Krsna   53:5212.3ML102105
1987.01.18US-Houston, TX SFL Introduction to Gita   63:5014.6ML102205
1987.01.20US-Houston, TX  SB 3.20.9    34:147.8ML102305
1987.01.20US-Houston, TX Eve DarsanaSB 10.29.9-11    28:296.5ML102405
1987.01.21US-Houston, TX  BG 6.41Birth in Good Family   40:079.2ML102505
1987.01.22US-Houston, TX Eve DarsanaSB 10.29.10-11The Different Types of Gopis   31:057.1ML102605
1987.01.24US-Houston, TX Eve DarsanaSB 10.29.15-22Be Lusty but in Pure Devotional Service   28:286.5ML102705
1987.01.25US-Houston, TX Initiation SFL     55:0112.6ML102805
1987.02.10US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.22.11Sankirtana Is the Real Religion   50:1511.5ML102905
1987.02.17Hong Kong  SB 10.13.14-39Balarama Doesn't Create but Shapes the Energy Cantonese 40:5811.7ML344205
1987.02.18Hong Kong  SB 1.15.29Controlling the Mind Cantonese 29:456.8ML344305
1987.02.19Hong Kong  SB 1.15.30Purifying Our Senses Cantonese 20:185.8ML344405
1987.02.26PH-Cebu Arrival Hell Is the Place Where God Is Forgotten   22:225.1ML103005
1987.03.03PH  SB 5.18.8New Standards for Gurus and Disciples   70:0216.0ML103105
1987.04.09PH-Manila  BS 5.29Intensifying Love Between Krsna and Devotees   57:0813.1ML274105
1987.04.15Hong Kong  SB 10.41.7-39Krsna and Balarama Enter Mathura Cantonese 34:299.9ML344505
1987.04.15Hong Kong  SB 10.41.40-43.31Krsna and Balarama Enter Mathura Cantonese 44:2012.7ML344605
1987.04.16Hong Kong  SB 10.43.31-44.51The Killing of Kamsa Cantonese 41:3311.9ML344705
1987.04.18Hong Kong  SB 1.17.32Only Go to Your Home for Preaching Cantonese 38:3211.0ML344805
1987.04.22Hong Kong  SB 1.17.42  Cantonese 26:507.7ML344905
1987.04.28Fiji-Lautoka Arrival Living Next Door to Vaikuntha   33:307.7ML270905
1987.04.28Fiji-Lautoka  BG 10.9Qualities of Devotees   27:016.2ML271005
1987.04.29Fiji-Lautoka  SB 4.22.30Explanation of ISKCON Standards   60:1413.8ML271205
1987.04.29Fiji-Nadi  SB 3.25.25The Ideal Husband and Wife Hindi 59:5913.7ML271305
1987.04.30Fiji-Lautoka  SB 1.2.13Religion Now Is in Bhagavatam Hindi 82:1018.8ML271405
1987.05.01Fiji-Lautoka  SB 6.5.36Preach Like Narada Muni   35:588.2ML271505
1987.05.02Fiji-Labasa  SB 6.3.19Break Cycle of Birth and Death Hindi 42:099.6ML271605
1987.05.03Fiji-Labasa  SB 7.7.30  Hindi 25:295.8ML271705
1987.05.03Fiji-Labasa Initiation The Fifth Reg: No Migration out of Fiji Hindi 59:1513.6ML271905
1987.05.03Fiji-Labasa Ista-gosthi What Is Personal Service to the Guru Hindi 65:2615.0ML272005
1987.05.04Fiji-Labasa  SB 4.21.37Take Your Spiritual Food Hindi 37:228.6ML272105
1987.05.05Fiji-Suva  SB 6.17.10Wave Goodbye to Material World   38:588.9ML272205
1987.05.05Fiji-Suva   God Consciousness Is Scientific   19:244.4ML271805
1987.05.06Fiji-Suva  SB 5.1.12Real Renunciation   44:1710.1ML272305
1987.05.06Fiji-Suva  SB 4.21.34Purpose of Yajna Hindi 41:549.6ML272405
1987.05.07Fiji-Suva  SB 8.1.16Meaning of Dasa-dasanudasa   29:466.8ML271105
1987.05.08Fiji-Pacific Habour Villa  SB 4.30.8Unity Among Devotees   48:5411.2ML272505
1987.05.08Fiji-Pacific Habour Villa   Make Decisions - Consult Guru, Sadhu & Sastra   6:241.5ML272605
1987.05.10Fiji-Lautoka Initiation Brahmins Are not Grog Drinkers   58:2613.4ML272705
1987.05.17US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.23.13I'm Going to Die at Any Moment   54:2512.5ML103205
1987.05.17US-Dallas, TX SFL Pray for the Soul   89:4020.5ML103305
1987.05.22US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.23.18Grhastha Dharma for the 90's  GRIHASTHA DHARMA FOR THE 90's110:3825.3ML272805
1987.06.14US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.24.3Grhastha Dharma for the 90's; Lenient With Others, Uncompromising With Oneself  GRIHASTHA DHARMA FOR THE 90's59:4013.7ML273005
1987.06.15US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.24.7Grhastha Dharma for the 90's; Don't Confuse Lethargy With Brahminism  GRIHASTHA DHARMA FOR THE 90's67:1215.4ML273205
1987.06.16US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.24.10Grhastha Dharma for the 90's; Cultivating a Different Kind of Taste  GRIHASTHA DHARMA FOR THE 90's34:047.8ML273305
1987.06.16US-Dallas, TX   Discussion With a Sanskrit Dramatist   59:1113.5ML103405
1987.06.17US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.24.14Grhastha Dharma for the 90's; Maintenance in Krsna Consciousness  GRIHASTHA DHARMA FOR THE 90's39:549.1ML273405
1987.07.13UK-B. Manor  SB 7.1.41& Reading Prabhupada Antya-lia Prologue - Act 3   86:4119.8ML103505
1987.07.14UK-B. Manor   Reading Prabhupada Antya-lila Act 4-8   88:3320.3ML103605
1987.08.08US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.24.60Scientists Cannot Understand God   43:159.9ML103705
1987.08.12US-Dallas, TX Darsana Going on Tour Means Padayatra   73:1816.8ML103805
1987.08.13US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.24.64Austerity Should Begin With the Tongue   47:2110.8ML103905
1987.08.13US-Dallas, TX Darsana Maya Is Causing Our Eclipse   60:5714.0ML104005
1987.08.22US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.24.68Fear and How to Overcome It   44:1410.1ML104105
1987.08.23US-Dallas, TX SFLNODHow to Discharge Devotional Service   62:5214.4ML104205
1987.08.24US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.24.70First Know the Scriptures, Then Find the Guru   53:1912.2ML104305
1987.09.19Fiji-Lautoka Arrival Material World Means Harassment   29:266.7ML104505
1987.09.19Fiji-Lautoka  HNC 4Blasphemy of Vaisnavas   47:2110.8ML104405
1987.09.20Fiji-Lautoka  SB 8.19.21Where Can You Migrate   30:557.1ML273505
1987.09.20Fiji-Rakiraki  SB 9.1.17Yajna Is the Solution Hindi 34:277.9ML104605
1987.09.21Fiji-Lautoka  SB 8.23.16Chanting Hare Krsna Makes Activity Faultless   29:406.8ML104805
1987.09.21Fiji-Lautoka  HNC 5Demigods Position   12:533.0ML104705
1987.09.22Fiji-Nadi  BG 16.23Krsna's Embassy Hindi 62:5414.4ML104905
1987.09.23Fiji-Lautoka  SB 9.18.2Is This Helping My Spiritual Life?   30:277.0ML273805
1987.09.23Fiji-Lautoka  SB 7.14.29Temple Is an Auspicious Place Hindi 60:1913.8ML105005
1987.09.24Fiji-Lautoka  SB 9.18.40Institution of Grhastha Hindi 40:109.2ML105105
1987.09.24Fiji-Lautoka  HNC 9Committing Sin on the Strength of Name   37:368.6ML105605
1987.09.25Fiji-Lautoka  SB 6.16.41Central Point of Interfaith Discussions   45:3610.4ML105205
1987.09.25Fiji-Lautoka  HNC 10Giving Name to the Unfaithful   25:155.8ML105405
1987.09.26Fiji-Lautoka  HNC 12Pramada - Inattention   35:008.0ML105505
1987.09.27Fiji-Lautoka  SB 9.4.21Our Interest Is Where Krsna Kaliya Is   35:038.0ML105705
1987.09.27Fiji-Lautoka  HNC 6Guru-avajna   30:036.9ML273705
1987.09.28Fiji-Lautoka  SB 6.17.30Consciousness Above Duality   39:339.1ML105905
1987.09.28Fiji-Lautoka  HNC 2Acceptance of the Name   45:0110.3ML105805
1987.09.29Fiji-Lautoka  SB 6.17.34-35Glorification of Vaisnavas   29:276.7ML106005
1987.09.29Fiji-Lautoka  HNC 3Nama Abhasa   42:179.7ML106105
1987.09.30Fiji-Lautoka  SB 6.4.44Preaching Easily Attracts Krsna   31:007.1ML273605
1987.09.30Fiji-Lautoka  HNC 13Attachment to Me and Mine   42:509.8ML106205
1987.10AU   Comparing the Four Major Religions  Krsna Consciousness and Main Religions63:1614.5ML106305
1987.10AU-Sydney  SB 4.2.19No One Is Equal to or Can Surpass Prabhupada   73:2216.8ML107405
1987.10.07AU-Sydney  SB 3.9.17Intelligence Equals Wealth; Deity Worship, Japa, Association   75:1017.2ML107305
1987.10.08AU-Sydney  SB 2.2.22Learning From Our Greatest Lesson   85:2919.6ML107605
1987.10.08AU-Sydney Darsana w/ Men   53:4412.3ML273905
1987.10.08AU-Sydney Darsana w/ Women: Deity Worship, Initiation   60:4513.9ML274005
1987.10.08AU-Sydney  BG 9.27Devotional Life, Never Forget Krsna   40:359.3ML107505
1987.10.09AU-Melbourne  BG 18.48Material Attachment Means Neophyte   47:4819.2ML368805
1987.10.10AU-Melbourne  SB 9.10.15We Need Modern Day Heroes   77:5231.2ML368905
1987.10.16Hong Kong  SB 2.2.27Avoid Becoming Spiritual Prostitutes Cantonese 44:1312.7ML345005
1987.10.16Hong Kong  HNCNamabhasa Is Higher Than Yoga etc Cantonese 54:0415.5ML345105
1987.10.17Hong Kong  HNCWe Have to All Be Acaryas Cantonese 58:2516.7ML345205
1987.10.18Hong Kong  SB 2.2.30Misidentification Causes Suffering Cantonese 45:2113.0ML345305
1987.10.18Hong Kong SFLBG 9.34Knowledge of Krsna Cantonese 23:076.6ML345405
1987.10.19Hong Kong  SB 2.2.32Qualifications to Know the Vedas Cantonese 39:5011.4ML345505
1987.10.19Hong Kong  HNCNamaparadha Means Lower Than Devotee Cantonese 52:0114.9ML345605
1987.10.20Hong Kong  HNC  Cantonese 47:1313.5ML345705
1987.10.22Hong Kong  SB 2.2.37Simple Living High Thinking Cantonese 59:0416.9ML345805
1987.10.22Hong Kong  HNCTake a Guru After Having Strong Faith Cantonese 59:5917.2ML345905
1987.10.24Hong Kong  SB 2.3.1Success in Humble Service Attitude Cantonese 29:356.8ML107705
1987.11.22Hong Kong SFLBG 9.25Religion & Worship Cantonese 69:5020.0ML346005
1987.11.24Hong Kong  SB 2.3.19Animal Propensities Cantonese 43:5912.6ML346105
1987.11.26Hong Kong  HNC  Cantonese 56:0912.9ML346205
1987.11.27PH-Manila  HNC 2-3Suddha Nama Is With Primary Names   57:0313.1ML274205
1987.11.28PH-Manila  HNC 4,6Blasphemy of Vaisnavas   58:5013.5ML274805
1987.11.30PH-Manila  HNC 5    47:1110.8ML274305
1987.12.01PH-Manila  HNC 10A Devotee Remains Krsna Conscious in Hell   48:4711.2ML274505
1987.12.02PH-Manila  HNC 9Simple and Easy   45:0310.3ML274605
1987.12.04PH-Manila  HNC 12Indifference, Laziness and Distraction   29:536.8ML274705
1987.12.15US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.27.3Master Doesn't Become Captivated by Sex Life   50:0811.5ML107805
1987.12.15US-Dallas, TX Eve DarsanaBG 2.70    55:5512.8ML341505
1987.12.16US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.27.4How to Observe Ekadasi   63:3014.5ML107905
1987.12.16US-Dallas, TX  NOI 1What Does It Take to Be a Guru   75:3917.3ML274905
1987.12.17US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.27.5Why the Big Fuss?   45:2610.4ML108105
1987.12.17US-Dallas, TX Meeting w/ Disciples   92:3021.2ML108005
1987.12.18US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.31.11Stay High Forever   41:069.4ML108205
1987.12.19US-Houston, TX  BG 9He Who Gives the Most Gains the Most  How To Improve Your Chanting92:1721.1ML108305
1987.12.20US-Houston, TX  BG 7.28No One Bonafide Will Claim They've Seen Krsna  How To Improve Your Chanting90:5020.8ML108405
1987.12.20US-Houston, TX       12:302.9ML275005
1987.12.21US-Houston, TX  HNCSeminar on Harinama-cintamani  How To Improve Your Chanting79:3718.2ML108505
1987.12.22US-Houston, TX  HNCWe Should Sing the Songs of Our Line  How To Improve Your Chanting87:2820.0ML108605
1987.12.23US-Houston, TX  HNCExperienced Preachers Know Who's Faithful  How To Improve Your Chanting89:3420.5ML108705
1987.12.24US-Houston, TX  HNCWithout Parampara You Cannot Be Sure of Anything  How To Improve Your Chanting80:0418.3ML108805
1987.12.25US-Houston, TX  SB 3.27.2Do the Morning Program or You Are Finished  How To Improve Your Chanting49:4111.4ML108905
1987.12.26US-Houston, TX Home ProgramBG 4.34The Minimum Is the Morning Program  How To Improve Your Chanting88:4520.3ML109005
1987.12.28US-New York, NY  SB 4.23.22Prabhupada Came to Show How to Be a Devotee   41:459.6ML275105
1987.12.29US-New York, NY  SB 4.23.23-25    57:3813.2ML275205
1988Hong Kong  SB 2.8Maharaja Pariksit's Bewilderment Is Like a Dream Cantonese 11:433.4ML346305
1988   HNC 1-4Harinama Cintamani 1   74:0917.0ML109105
1988   HNC 5-9Harinama Cintamani 2   106:0024.3ML109205
1988   HNC 10-13Harinama Cintamani 3   78:5718.1ML109305
1988.01India-Vrndavana VIHENOD 1   Nectar of Devotion VIHE45:3210.4ML106405
1988.01India-Vrndavana VIHENOD 2-3   Nectar of Devotion VIHE45:4510.5ML106505
1988.01India-Vrndavana VIHENOD 4-5   Nectar of Devotion VIHE34:437.9ML106605
1988.01India-Vrndavana VIHENOD 6-7,9   Nectar of Devotion VIHE45:4410.5ML106705
1988.01India-Vrndavana VIHENOD 10,8   Nectar of Devotion VIHE46:0610.6ML106805
1988.01India-Vrndavana VIHEHNC 1-4   Nectar of Devotion VIHE44:4510.2ML106905
1988.01India-Vrndavana VIHEHNC 4-6   Nectar of Devotion VIHE45:2410.4ML107005
1988.01India-Vrndavana VIHEHNC 7-9   Nectar of Devotion VIHE45:4710.5ML107105
1988.01India-Vrndavana VIHEHNC 10-11   Nectar of Devotion VIHE46:1210.6ML107205
1988.01India-Vrndavana VIHEHNC 12-13   Nectar of Devotion VIHE44:2610.2ML275305
1988.01India-Vrndavana VIHENOD 11   Nectar of Devotion VIHE45:4110.5ML275405
1988.01India-Vrndavana VIHENOD 12-14   Nectar of Devotion VIHE45:5310.5ML275505
1988.01India-Vrndavana VIHENOD 15-16   Nectar of Devotion VIHE45:0110.3ML275605
1988.01India-Vrndavana VIHENOD 17-18   Nectar of Devotion VIHE43:3110.0ML275705
1988.01India-Vrndavana VIHENOD 19-22   Nectar of Devotion VIHE109:3325.1ML275805
1988.01India-Vrndavana VIHENOD 23-24   Nectar of Devotion VIHE42:399.8ML275905
1988.01.02Hong Kong Initiation   Cantonese 28:488.2ML346405
1988.03.02   SB 3.25.25    44:0410.1ML109405
1988.03.18Hong Kong  BG 2.16  Cantonese 60:5817.4ML346505
1988.03.26Hong Kong  SB 2.7.30  Cantonese 26:057.5ML346605
1988.04.20Hong Kong  SB 2.8.5Glories of Pure Bhakti Cantonese 17:504.1ML346705
1988.04.22Hong Kong  SB 2.8.7Body & Soul Cantonese 24:156.9ML346805
1988.04.26Hong Kong  SB 2.8.11-12Scientific Theology Cantonese 31:479.1ML348705
1988.04.28Hong Kong  SB 2.8.15-16Bhakti Sastra Contains All Knowledge Cantonese 35:2710.1ML346905
1988.05.13Hong Kong  BG 18.56  Cantonese 43:109.9ML347005
1988.05.14Hong Kong  SB 2.9.4  Cantonese 29:248.4ML347105
1988.06.19AU-Sydney  BG 14.4Bathe the Mind   87:0519.9ML109605
1988.06.22AU-Sydney   Instructions on Guru   27:326.3ML109705
1988.06.24AU-Melbourne  HNC 1    91:2636.6ML369005
1988.06.25AU-Melbourne  SB 11.4.3    61:5824.8ML369105
1988.06.25AU-Melbourne  HNC 2    70:1228.1ML369205
1988.06.26AU-Melbourne  SB 11.4.4    65:4526.3ML369305
1988.06.26AU-Melbourne Darsana     79:4531.9ML369405
1988.06.26AU-Melbourne SFLBG 10.11    77:0630.9ML369505
1988.06.27AU-Melbourne  HNC 3    72:0528.9ML369605
1988.06.30NZ-Christchurch  SB 3.26.31Devotional Service Extinguishes False Ego and Material Desires   65:4415.0ML109805
1988.07.01NZ-Christchurch  SB 3.26.32Hearing From Spiritual Master Relieves Material Stress   59:2813.6ML110306
1988.07.03Fiji-Lautoka  SB 8.24.48Pushing and Shoving for Comfort   53:0612.2ML110406
1988.07.04Fiji-Lautoka  SB 8.22.20Everything Belongs to Krsna   29:566.9ML110506
1988.07.06Fiji-Lautoka  SB 8.22.11Surrender - Somehow or Other   28:546.6ML269706
1988.07.06Fiji-Lautoka  NOI 1    40:029.2ML110606
1988.07.07Fiji-Lautoka  SB 7.2.12Cows, Brahmanas & Krsna Consciousness   32:107.4ML110706
1988.07.07Fiji-Ba   Science and Religion   96:4922.2ML110806
1988.07.09Fiji-Lautoka  SB 7.2.35Strong Bodily Identification   40:409.3ML110906
1988.07.09Fiji-Lautoka Initiation     50:1411.5ML111006
1988.07.11Fiji-Lautoka  SB 1.18.7Krsna Becomes Arrested   18:524.3ML269806
1988.07.12Fiji-Lautoka  SB 1.18.18Benefit of Associating With Devotees   40:119.2ML111106
1988.07.12Fiji-Lautoka  NOI 2    55:5812.8ML111206
1988.07.13Fiji-Lautoka  NOI 3    71:5216.5ML111306
1988.07.14Fiji-Lautoka  SB 8.3.7A Breath of Maha-visnu   33:157.6ML111406
1988.07.14Fiji-Lautoka  NOI 4    44:4710.3ML111506
1988.07.19US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.29.1bMany Members, Few Devotees   65:1915.0ML111606
1988.07.19US-Dallas, TX  NOI 1   Nectar of Instruction Series63:4214.6ML109906
1988.07.20US-Dallas, TX  NOI 2   Nectar of Instruction Series69:2015.9ML110006
1988.07.21US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.30.19Our Goal: To Enter Krsna's Pastimes   38:498.9ML111706
1988.07.21US-Dallas, TX  NOI 3   Nectar of Instruction Series44:2710.2ML110106
1988.07.22US-Dallas, TX  NOI 4   Nectar of Instruction Series44:2410.2ML111806
1988.07.23US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.30.20The Mind Is Like a Roller Coaster   36:188.3ML112006
1988.07.23US-Dallas, TX  NOI 5   Nectar of Instruction Series111:1625.5ML110206
1988.07.24US-Dallas, TX   Ratha-yatra Lecture  Nectar of Instruction Series23:425.4ML111906
1988.07.26US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.29.51The Preacher Must Speak Boldly   76:3617.5ML112106
1988.07.26US-Dallas, TX   Real Spiritual Life   93:3321.4ML112206
1988.07.29US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.26.24Rigid Following Is the Success Formula   43:4510.0ML112306
1988.08.02US-New York, NY  BG 6.2    68:5615.8ML270006
1988.08.09US-New York, NY  SB 4.27.17The Best Devotees Are Bound by Authority  Preaching in New York57:4713.2ML112406
1988.08.11US-New York, NY  SB 4.27.19Follow Strictly and You Will Never Leave  Preaching in New York40:409.3ML112506
1988.08.24Hong Kong  BG 9.27Acting for Krsna Cantonese 31:068.9ML347206
1988.09.02Hong Kong Arrival   Cantonese 22:496.5ML347306
1988.09.08Hong Kong  SB 3.1.27See Krsna as a Family Member Cantonese 23:586.9ML347406
1988.09.29Hong Kong  BG 7.14Clear Off the Illusions Cantonese 32:509.4ML347506
1988.09.30Hong Kong  SB 3.2.15Residents of Vaikunta Cantonese 39:3511.3ML347606
1988.09.30Hong Kong  BG 6.2  Cantonese 35:0610.0ML347706
1988.10.02Hong Kong  BG 18.55Eternal Life Cantonese 41:0911.8ML347806
1988.10.03Hong Kong  BG 4.22Fixing on Krsna Cantonese 31:108.9ML347906
1988.10.04Hong Kong  SB 3.3.23Krsna's Unlimited Qualities Cantonese 31:439.1ML348006
1988.10.26India-Vrndavana  SB 7.7.30-31Surrender to Guru Never Stops  Sum and Substance of Spiritual Life52:3212.0ML112606
1988.10.27India-Vrndavana  SB 7.7.30-31The Sum and Substance of Spiritual Life  Sum and Substance of Spiritual Life45:5510.5ML112706
1988.11.18Hong Kong  SB 3.5.2Real Happiness Cantonese 46:5413.4ML348106
1988.11.20Hong Kong  BG 7.19Knowledge of Krsna Cantonese 26:087.5ML348306
1988.11.21Hong Kong  SB 3.5.4Devotees Are Always Satisfied Cantonese 39:549.1ML348406
1988.11.22Hong Kong  SB 3.5.5Real Scarcity Cantonese 40:3611.6ML348506
1988.11.25Hong Kong  SB 3.5.8Individuality Cantonese 49:4011.4ML348606
1988.11.27Hong Kong  NOD 9Follow Devotional Principles Cantonese 38:5211.1ML348806
1988.12China-Shanghai       24:325.6ML112806
1988.12.10China-Beijing Darsana w/ Students   61:1514.0ML112906
1988.12.12China-Guangzhou     Mandarin 67:3715.5ML113006
1988.12.16China-Guangzhou  BG 4.10  Mandarin 83:2319.1ML113206
1988.12.17China-Guangzhou  BG 9.2  Mandarin 91:2420.9ML113306
1988.12.18Hong Kong  BG 9.2Power of Bhakti Cantonese 29:428.5ML348906
1988.12.19Hong Kong  SB 3.4.26  Cantonese 25:537.4ML349006
1988.12.20Fiji-Lautoka  NOI 5    50:4911.6ML270106
1988.12.21Fiji-Lautoka  SB 4.12.37    35:098.0ML270206
1988.12.21Fiji-Lautoka  NOI 5-6    56:3412.9ML270306
1988.12.22Fiji-Lautoka  NOI 7    49:4011.4ML270406
1988.12.24Fiji-Lautoka  NOI 9-11    46:2010.6ML270506
1988.12.25Fiji-Lautoka  SB 6.17.10Humble Like a Blade of Grass   39:089.0ML270606
1988.12.30NZ-Christchurch Ista-gosthi     77:5517.8ML113406
1988.12.31NZ-Christchurch  SB 3.30.7    40:009.2ML113506
1988.12.31AU-Melbourne  NOI 1    69:4127.9ML369706
1989China-Guangzhou  BG 6.37Basic Knowledge of the Soul Cantonese 61:2617.6ML349106
1989China-Guangzhou   Importance of Association Cantonese 28:458.2ML349206
1989Hong Kong  SB 3.8.26  Cantonese 29:048.3ML349306
1989Hong Kong   Appearance of Lord Nrsimhadeva Cantonese 70:1116.1ML350606
1989.01.01AU-Melbourne  SB 11.9.21    65:0526.1ML369806
1989.01.01AU-Melbourne SFLNOI 2    65:0726.1ML369906
1989.01.02AU-Melbourne  SB 11.9.22-3    54:3721.9ML370006
1989.01.07AU-Sydney  SB 4.7.51The Forms of Krsna - Books   72:4016.6ML113706
1989.01.07AU-Sydney  NOI 1Sense Control   79:2418.2ML113606
1989.01.08AU-Sydney  SB 3.22.25Lesson on Emotions   56:5613.0ML113806
1989.01.08AU-Sydney SFLBG 2.29The Soul Is Amazing   73:3016.8ML113906
1989.01.09AU-Sydney  SB 3.22.26-27The Devotees Should Live Like Sages   39:018.9ML114006
1989.01.10US-Los Angeles, LA  SB 10.3.41    42:409.8ML286306
1989.01.11US-San Diego, CA  SB 1.18.18Follow the Great Souls and Serve Them   44:3310.2ML114106
1989.01.12US-San Diego, CA  SB 1.18.19Nature of Pure Devotee and Pure Devotional Service   66:3915.3ML263906
1989.01.13US-Dallas, TX  SB 5.5.2Associate With Mahatmas & Become a Mahatma   54:5612.6ML114206
1989.01.14US-Dallas, TX  SB 5.5.3Only Enough Money to Keep Body & Soul Together   63:5714.6ML114406
1989.01.15US-Dallas, TX  SB 5.5.18Deliver Your Dependents   50:3011.6ML114606
1989.01.15US-Dallas, TX SFL Authority vs. Speculation   61:4614.1ML114506
1989.01.16US-Dallas, TX  NOI 6   Nectar of Instruction Series63:0814.5ML114706
1989.01.17US-Dallas, TX  SB 5.5.8Sex Is the Grand Illusion   59:2913.6ML114906
1989.01.17US-Dallas, TX  NOI 7   Nectar of Instruction Series44:5010.3ML114806
1989.01.28US-New York, NY  SB 4.29.26Krsna Is Reality; All Else Is Illusion   79:4718.3ML115006
1989.01.31US-New York, NY  SB 4.30.34Know Prabhupada Through His Representatives   70:3016.1ML115106
1989.02.21Hong Kong  Iso InvocationConcept of God Cantonese 49:1414.1ML349406
1989.02.22Hong Kong     Cantonese 43:4312.5ML349606
1989.02.22Hong Kong  Iso 1  Cantonese 29:376.8ML349506
1989.02.23Hong Kong  Iso 2Working Honestly Cantonese 60:5117.4ML349706
1989.02.24Hong Kong  SB 2.3.23Mercy of Guru Cantonese 47:0313.5ML349806
1989.02.24Hong Kong  Iso 3Killer of the Soul Cantonese 62:4217.9ML349906
1989.02.26Hong Kong  BG 2.16Caring for the Soul Cantonese 39:3811.3ML350006
1989.03India-Mayapur  NOI 7    59:4913.7ML115206
1989.04.28China-Guangzhou  SB 1.18.14  Cantonese 57:4316.5ML350106
1989.04.29China-Guangzhou Darsana   Cantonese 60:1417.2ML350206
1989.04.30China-Guangzhou   Explanation of Gurvastakam Cantonese 43:0612.3ML350306
1989.04.30China-Guangzhou  BG 12.8-9  Cantonese 79:3418.2ML350406
1989.05.01China-Guangzhou  BG 13.26  Cantonese 73:4521.1ML350506
1989.05.10China-Shanghai   Medical College   71:1916.3ML109506
1989.05.20Hong Kong  SB 3.7.39Eagerness in Krsna Consciousness Cantonese 39:0611.2ML350706
1989.05.22China-Guangzhou  SB 1.19.3Our Best Interest Cantonese 74:3421.3ML350806
1989.05.22China-Guangzhou  BG 5.20Pemanent Happiness Cantonese 22:016.3ML350906
1989.05.23China-Guangzhou  SB 1.19.4  Cantonese 68:5319.7ML351006
1989.06AU   Extra Questions June 1989   87:1820.0ML268206
1989.06.01AU-Sydney  SB 3.25.29    43:2910.0ML115406
1989.06.01AU-Sydney   Q&A   42:219.7ML115306
1989.06.02AU  SB 4.12.6    42:519.8ML115506
1989.06.02AU-Sydney  CcM 8    44:1410.1ML267906
1989.06.03AU  SB 4.12.7Want Only "Back to Godhead"   41:039.4ML115606
1989.06.03AU  CcM 8    44:0010.1ML268006
1989.06.04AU-Sydney Initiation     49:2611.3ML115706
1989.06.04AU SFLBG 8    55:2012.7ML115806
1989.06.05AU  SB 4.12.8Follow the Spiritual Master   39:339.1ML116006
1989.06.05AU   Hinduism in the Light of Krsna Consciousness  Krsna Consciousness and Main Religions61:2614.1ML115906
1989.06.06AU  SB 3.25.42Krsna Maintains the "Gods"   32:487.5ML268106
1989.06.06AU   Buddhism in the Light of Krsna Consciousness  Krsna Consciousness and Main Religions61:2614.1ML116106
1989.06.08AU-Melbourne  SB 11.14.34    58:4323.5ML370106
1989.06.09AU-Melbourne  SB 11.14.44    44:0717.7ML370206
1989.06.10AU-Melbourne  SB 11.14.45    50:4620.3ML370306
1989.06.11AU-Melbourne  SB 11.14.46    63:0425.3ML370406
1989.06.11AU-Melbourne SFLBG 15.13    61:5124.8ML370506
1989.06.12AU-Melbourne  SB 11.15.1-5    70:1716.1ML116206
1989.06.13NZ-Auckland  SB 4.29.34The Dream of Material Existence   81:0118.5ML116306
1989.06.13NZ Eve Lecture The Mercy of Lord Caitanya   88:4720.3ML116406
1989.06.14NZ  SB 4.29.35-37We Must Surrender to Guru   84:4419.4ML116506
1989.06.15NZ  SB 4.29.38The Glories of Radha and the Gopis   58:1313.3ML116706
1989.06.15NZ  CcAntya 3The Glories of Haridasa Thakura  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II68:2615.7ML116806
1989.06.16NZ  SB 4.29.39-40ISKCON "Vrndavana" Society   64:5614.9ML116906
1989.06.16NZ   Special Program for Indian Guests   51:0411.7ML117006
1989.06.17NZ  SB 4.29.42-44The Anthropologists Are Compared to Dogs   72:5716.7ML117106
1989.06.18NZ SFLBG 4.35One Way Ticket to Goloka   64:5014.8ML117206
1989.06.19NZ  SB 4.29.45The Sacrifice for the Kali-yuga Is Harinama   67:0015.3ML117306
1989.06.20NZ  SB 4.29.46Pure Bhakti Is the Goal   42:189.7ML117406
1989.06.21Fiji-Lautoka  SB 3.4.16Contradictory Pastimes of Krsna   39:058.9ML117506
1989.06.22Fiji-Lautoka  SB 3.22.19A Ray of Visnu   43:129.9ML117606
1989.06.23Fiji-Lautoka  SB 3.29.28Nonsense of Darwin Refuted   43:179.9ML117706
1989.06.24Fiji-Lautoka  SB 3.27.26Untouched by Maya   48:5611.2ML117806
1989.06.25Fiji-Lautoka Initiation     45:1210.3ML117906
1989.06.26Fiji-Lautoka  SB 3.28.4Kapila's Instruction on Devotional Service   34:087.8ML268306
1989.06.26Fiji-Ba   Yoga - Union of Soul and Supersoul   68:5015.8ML118006
1989.06.27Fiji-Lautoka   Religion Is Not Antagonistic to Science, at Ksatriya Hall   83:0519.0ML118106
1989.06.29Fiji-Lautoka  SB 3.27.22Increasing Tapasya   60:0313.7ML118206
1989.06.30Fiji-Lautoka  SB 3.29.18Devotional Behavior   36:468.4ML118306
1989.07.01Fiji-Lautoka  SB 3.29.24    25:305.8ML268506
1989.07.02Fiji-Lautoka  SB 3.32.40Candidate for Devotional Instructions   44:4510.2ML268406
1989.07.02Fiji-Rakiraki   Worship God Not Grog Hindi 64:3914.8ML118406
1989.07.07US-Dallas, TX  SB 3.12.19Scientific Knowledge of God  Scientific Knowledge of God92:4721.2ML118506
1989.07.08US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.14.5How to Earn Livelihood in Krsna Consciousness   70:2016.1ML118606
1989.07.09US-Dallas, TX Ratha-yatra     52:1412.0ML118706
1989.07.13US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.22.22Follow Krsna's Plan   63:2014.5ML118806
1989.07.14US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.22.23Beauty Comes From the Soul   62:0014.2ML118906
1989.07.15US-Dallas, TX  SB 4.22.24Devotee Is Friend of All Living Entities   62:0514.2ML119106
1989.07.15US-Houston, TX  CcAdi 14.1-23Recognizing an Incarnation  Gauranga Lila78:3518.0ML119006
1989.07.17US-Houston, TX  CcAdi 14.24-43Simultaneously One & Different  Gauranga Lila71:1016.3ML119206
1989.07.18US-Houston, TX  CcAdi 14.51-71The Best Mantra for the Kali Age  Gauranga Lila74:5417.1ML119306
1989.07.19US-Houston, TX  CcAdi 14.72-16.18On Ekadasi & Taking Sannyasa  Gauranga Lila79:1418.1ML119406
1989.07.22US-Houston, TX  CcAdi 17.34-17.100The Deliverance of Gopal Capala  Gauranga Lila80:2618.4ML119506
1989.07.25US-New York, NY  SB 1.1.23Krsna Becomes Manifest by Hearing  Preaching in New York86:0519.7ML119606
1989.07.26US-New York, NY  SB 1.2.2Not by Birth but by Qualities  Preaching in New York75:1217.2ML119706
1989.07.30NL-Amsterdam SFLBG 18.57Krsna Is the Only Master Dutch 56:2912.9ML119806
1989.07.31Belgium-Radhadesh Eve Darsana  Bhakticaru Swami  45:0910.3ML286506
1989.08UK-B. Manor  SB 8.2.33Higher Taste Comes From Bhakti Yoga   59:4113.7ML268806
1989.08UK-B. Manor  CcM 25.57A Devotee Is Not Afraid of Maya   31:417.3ML268906
1989.08UK-Soho Street  SB 3.12.5Preaching Gives the Highest Protection   59:2013.6ML269006
1989.08UK-B. Manor  SB 8.3.10Goal in Life: Understand and Surrender to Krsna   60:1113.8ML269106
1989.08.01Belgium-Radhadesh  SB 4.28.65The ABC of Spiritual Life   88:5720.4ML119906
1989.08.03Belgium-Radhadesh  SB 4.29.2-3Soften the Heart Through Service   83:3919.1ML120006
1989.08.03Belgium-Radhadesh Eve Darsana  Bhakticaru Swami  31:177.2ML341806
1989.08.04France-New Mayapur   Sadhana Is Our StrengthBhakticaru SwamiFrench 62:3514.3ML120106
1989.08.05France-New Mayapur  SB 4.29.84Everything Can Be Purified by Practicing Krsna Consciousness French 47:3910.9ML120206
1989.08.06France-Sa Saintete  SB 7.5.23-24Hearing Is Most Important French 43:4710.0ML120306
1989.08.07UK-B. Manor  SB 8.2.9-30Stay in Krsna's Shelter   72:3516.6ML120406
1989.08.09UK-Romford   Pastimes with Srila Prabhupada   92:5121.3ML120506
1989.08.14UK-B. ManorRupa Disapp SB 8.3.2Deviation Leads to Sense Gratification   73:3316.8ML120606
1989.08.18Italy-Padova  SB 4.8.28Be Satisfied in All Circumstances Italian 43:4010.0ML120706
1989.08.18Italy-Padova  BG 7.3Devotees Have No Defense System Italian 31:587.3ML120806
1989.08.19Italy-Padova  SB 4.8.29Don't Ever Give Up Sankirtana Italian 27:066.2ML268706
1989.08.19Italy-Padova  BG 7.4Krsna Is the Source of Creation Italian 44:0710.1ML121506
1989.08.21Switzerland-Zurich  BG 3.9Serve Krsna by Serving His Devotees   30:196.9ML120906
1989.08.22Switzerland-Zurich  SB 4.21.43Unflinching Faith in Guru Is the Success Formula   49:2511.3ML121006
1989.08.23Switzerland-Zurich  SB 4.21.44Our Only Qualification   45:0710.3ML121106
1989.08.24GermanyJanmastami CcAdi 3.87The Appearance of Lord Krsna  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol I78:2317.9ML121306
1989.08.25Germany  BG 4.34What It Means to Pass the Test of the Guru   67:3315.5ML121406
1989.09    Chanting Nrsimha Prayer   1:590.5ML269206
1989.09.03UK-Manchester  BG 2.12How to Use Our Free Will   70:3516.2ML121606
1989.09.05UK-Manchester  SB 2.10.5    42:159.7ML121706
1989.09.14 Haridasa Thakura Disapp CcAntya 11Reading "The Passing of Haridasa Thakura"   21:415.0ML121806
1989.09.16Northern Ireland-Inisrath  SB 10.3.22A Devotee Is an Ocean of Mercy   46:2110.6ML121906
1989.09.17Northern Ireland-Inisrath  SB 10.3.23ISKCON Is Living Body of Srila Prabhupada   43:209.9ML122006
1989.09.30US-Dallas, TX  SB 5.13.21Everyone Is Humbled by Time   59:2213.6ML122106
1989India-Vrndavana  SB 8.6.12Vrndavana Is Meant for Developing Greed   48:0611.0ML122206
1989.10India-Vrndavana   Lessons Learned as Prabhupada's ServantsOther Devotees  57:4213.2ML286606
1989.10.02US-Dallas, TX  SB 5.13.23-24You Cannot Beat Maya in Her Game   45:2510.4ML122306
1989.10.05US-Dallas, TX  SB 5.14.1The Forest of Material Enjoyment   63:4314.6ML122406
1989.10.06US-Dallas, TX  SB 5.14.2How to Spend Money   59:2213.6ML122506
1989.10.07US-Dallas, TX  SB 5.14.3The Tigress and the Jackals   39:559.1ML269406
1989.10.08US-Dallas, TX  SB 5.14.4Burning Out Material Desires   44:1610.1ML269506
1989.10.16India-Vrndavana   Glories of Srila Prabhupada   36:578.5ML122606
1989.10.20India-Vrndavana  SB 8.2.1-6The Devotee Is the Real Scientist   51:2911.8ML122706
1989.10.25India-Mayapur  SB 1.14.41Krsna Is Always Present, Only Our Vision Is Obstructed   56:4013.0ML122806
1989.10.30India-MayapurGovardhana-puja SB 10.24.25Govardhana Hill Is Non-different From Krsna   51:1911.7ML122906
1989.11.02India-MayapurPrabhupada Disapp   Bhakticaru Swami, Bhavananda Prabhu  77:3717.8ML123006
1989.11.19Hong Kong  BG 2.29Basic Knowledeg of the Soul Cantonese 86:5124.8ML351106
1989.11.19Hong Kong   Farm Project for Devotees Family Cantonese 103:2929.6ML351206
1989.11.19Hong Kong Conversation w/ Students; Freewill Becomes Limited by Misuse   27:147.8ML351306
1989.11.24Hong Kong  SB 3.14.19The Potency for Preaching Depends on Personal Behavior Cantonese 92:0621.1ML123206
1989.11.25Hong Kong  SB 3.14.20Don't Be Independent Cantonese 56:1816.1ML351406
1989.11.28Hong Kong  SB 3.14.25Position of Lord Siva Cantonese 60:4317.4ML351506
1989.12.01Hong Kong  SB 3.14.28Blessings of Guru Cantonese 31:189.0ML351606
1989.12.13Hong Kong  SB 3.14.40Follow the Faithful Disciples Cantonese 46:5113.4ML351706
1989.12.14Hong Kong  SB 3.14.41Destroy Demoniac Natures Cantonese 32:279.3ML351806
1989.12.15Hong Kong  SB 3.14.42Approach Krsna Through Devotees Cantonese 33:289.6ML351906
1989.12.23Hong Kong  SB 3.14.50Krsna's Eternal Forms Cantonese 37:2610.7ML352006
1989.12.24Hong Kong SFLBG 2.48On Karma Cantonese 80:4223.1ML352106
1990Hong Kong  NOI 1  Cantonese 44:0112.6ML352206
1990Hong Kong  NOI 2  Cantonese 43:4912.5ML352306
1990China Darsana     85:3324.5ML352406
1990China       29:398.5ML352506
1990China Darsana     26:277.6ML352606
1990Hong Kong Letter Dictation To Guangzhou Devotees   27:227.8ML352706
1990Hong Kong Arrival   Cantonese 19:365.6ML352806
1990.01.01Hong Kong Darsana China Gets the Benefit When We Do Sankirtana in Hong Kong Cantonese 8:012.3ML352906
1990.01.01Hong Kong Darsana Sankirtana Meeting Cantonese 28:018.0ML353006
1990.01.16India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.1   Brahma-samhita 199026:426.1ML123306
1990.01.17India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.2-3   Brahma-samhita 199065:2615.0ML123406
1990.01.18India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.4-5   Brahma-samhita 199063:2214.5ML123506
1990.01.19India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.5-7   Brahma-samhita 199064:3314.8ML123606
1990.01.20India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.8-10   Brahma-samhita 199057:5613.3ML123706
1990.01.21India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.11-17   Brahma-samhita 199060:5914.0ML123806
1990.01.23India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.19-21   Brahma-samhita 199063:2014.5ML123906
1990.01.24India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.18,22-25   Brahma-samhita 199058:5913.5ML124006
1990.01.25India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.26-28   Brahma-samhita 199056:4213.0ML124106
1990.01.26India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.29-31   Brahma-samhita 199063:0114.4ML124206
1990.01.27India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.32-35   Brahma-samhita 199057:5013.2ML124306
1990.01.30India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.36   Brahma-samhita 199064:2614.7ML124406
1990.01.31India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.37   Brahma-samhita 199065:1614.9ML124506
1990.02.01India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.37   Brahma-samhita 199064:3314.8ML124606
1990.02.02India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.38-42   Brahma-samhita 199068:4015.7ML124706
1990.02.03India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.43-45   Brahma-samhita 199065:4315.0ML265706
1990.02.04India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.46-47   Brahma-samhita 199059:2813.6ML265806
1990.02.05India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.48-52   Brahma-samhita 199058:1413.3ML265906
1990.02.08India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.53-55   Brahma-samhita 199061:0014.0ML266006
1990.02.09India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.55-57   Brahma-samhita 199065:3715.0ML266106
1990.02.10India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.58-60   Brahma-samhita 199055:3512.7ML266206
1990.02.11India-Mayapur VIHEBS 5.61-62   Brahma-samhita 199046:2010.6ML266306
1990India-Vrndavana Parikrama Nanda-grama & Govardhana   100:4623.1ML266506
1990.01.05Hong Kong   Sankirtana Award Cantonese 18:435.4ML353106
1990.03.06India-Vrndavana  SB 1.18.18Elevation by Pure Association   88:0120.1ML125606
1990.03.28UK-Soho Street  SB 3.16.23    42:429.8ML286706
1990.03.30US-New York, NY  SB 1.6.25Sankirtana Attracts Krsna  Preaching in New York44:2910.2ML125706
1990.04.02US-New York, NYRama Navami      26:146.0ML125806
1990.04.04US-New York, NY  SB 1.8.25How Obstacles Become a Devotee's Good Fortune  Preaching in New York43:139.9ML125906
1990.05.02US-Dallas, TXSita App Jahnava App SB 5.26.38    44:5010.3ML126006
1990.05.03US-Dallas, TX  BG 3.36-    52:2612.0ML267806
1990.05.04US-Houston, TX  BG 4    65:0214.9ML266606
1990.05.06US-Houston, TXGovardhana-pujaSFL Installation of Sri Giriraja  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol I60:4413.9ML126206
1990.05.07US-Houston, TX  BG 4    32:347.5ML266706
1990.05.09US-Houston, TXSrinivasa App  Appearance of Madhavendra Puri, Srinivasa & Radha-Damodara  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II60:1613.8ML126406
1990.05.12US-Dallas, TX  BG 4    44:5010.3ML266806
1990.05.15US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.1.8-9    42:429.8ML126506
1990.05.15US-Dallas, TX  BG 4    69:1715.9ML266906
1990.05.16US-Dallas, TX  BG 5    86:3219.8ML267006
1990.05.18US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.1.12Beyond Neti Neti   48:0711.0ML126606
1990.05.20US-Dallas, TX SFLBG 10.8    37:368.6ML267106
1990.05.21US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.1.15God Doesn't Play Favorites   52:2912.0ML126706
1990.05.21US-Dallas, TX  BG 5.7-    58:2313.4ML267206
1990.05.24US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.1.16The Secret of Success   42:459.8ML126806
1990.05.24US-Dallas, TX  BG 5.18-    48:5911.2ML267306
1990.05.25US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.1.17Bhakti Is Followed by the Most Learned   45:4710.5ML264106
1990.05.26US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.1.18-19Surrender to Krsna Is Proper Atonement   60:4413.9ML126906
1990.05.28US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.1.20Checking Into Yamaraja's Hotel   49:4511.4ML127006
1990.05.28US-Dallas, TX  SB 5.27-6.8    65:4115.0ML267406
1990.05.29US-Dallas, TX  BG 6    55:3912.7ML267506
1990.05.30US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.1.22-24Preparing for Sannyasa   37:398.6ML127106
1990.05.30US-Dallas, TX Ista-gosthi     43:5110.0ML127206
1990.05.30US-Dallas, TX  BG 6.24-45    60:4113.9ML267606
1990.05.31US-Dallas, TX  BG 6.45    35:548.2ML267706
1990.06.01US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.1.27Sacrifice Is the Price You Pay for Krsna Consciousness   46:5110.7ML127306
1990.06.03US-Houston, TX  SB 4.17.8Devotees Inquire and Speak Krsna Katha   52:0511.9ML127406
1990.06.05US-Houston, TX  SB 4.17.10-13Devotional Knowledge Is to Satisfy Krsna   40:319.3ML264206
1990.06.05US-Houston, TX  BG 7.1-7    59:2713.6ML127506
1990.06.06US-Houston, TX  SB 4.17.14Saintly Persons Protect All Living Entities   29:136.7ML127606
1990.06.06US-Houston, TX  BG 7.8-    61:5214.2ML127706
1990.06.07US-Houston, TX  BG 7    91:4721.0ML127806
1990.06.08US-Houston, TX  BG 7.24-    90:0320.6ML127906
1990.06.09US-Houston, TX  SB 4.17.28Devotees Enter Krsna's Transcendental Association   37:218.5ML128006
1990.06.09US-Houston, TX  BG 8    93:0321.3ML128106
1990.06.10US-Houston, TX  SB 4.17.29Devotees Pacify Krsna by Chanting   30:267.0ML128206
1990.06.10US-Houston, TX SFLBG 8.1-4    47:4110.9ML128306
1990.06.11US-Houston, TX  SB 4.17.30Surrender to Krsna and Have No Fear   38:128.7ML264306
1990.06.11US-Houston, TX Eve LectureBG 8    50:5611.7ML128406
1990.06.11US-Houston, TX Guru-puja     15:353.6ML128906
1990.06.12US-Houston, TX  SB 4.17.31Serve the Servants of the Spiritual Master   44:2810.2ML128506
1990.06.12US-Houston, TXVyasa-puja      80:5118.5ML128606
1990.06.12US-Houston, TXVyasa-puja  Kirtana   12:142.8ML264406
1990.06.13US-Houston, TX  SB 4.17.32By Grace a Devotee Can Understand Krsna   66:5415.3ML128706
1990.06.13US-Houston, TX  BG 8.17    85:3519.6ML128806
1990.06.14US-Houston, TX  SB 4.17.33Krsna Is Understood by Devotion Only   56:5113.0ML129006
1990.06.14US-Houston, TX  BG 8    58:1413.3ML129106
1990.06.15US-Houston, TX  SB 4.17.34Krsna's Plans Are Not Contradictory   27:156.2ML129206
1990.06.15US-Houston, TX  BG 9    59:3313.6ML129306
1990.06.17US-Houston, TX   Ramayana and Mahabharata: Facts or Myths?   92:0321.1ML129406
1990.06.19US-Houston, TX Eve LectureBG 9.15-    65:2115.0ML129506
1990.06.20US-Houston, TX Home ProgramBG 10    79:5418.3ML129606
1990.06.21US-Houston, TX  BG 10    91:3221.0ML129706
1990.06.22US-Houston, TXBhaktivinoda App      29:416.8ML129906
1990.06.22US-Houston, TX Eve LectureBG 11    92:2521.2ML129806
1990.06.24US-Houston, TX  SB 4.18.11-13Devotees Distribute Transcendental Knowledge   36:408.4ML130006
1990.06.28Fiji-Lautoka  BG 12    42:459.8ML264606
1990.06.28Fiji-Lautoka  BG 12.8-    48:0211.0ML264706
1990.06.29Fiji  SB 6.3.22    29:296.7ML264806
1990.06.30Fiji-Lautoka  SB 3.24.36    29:526.8ML264906
1990.06.30Fiji  BG 13.8Qualities of devotees   23:315.4ML265006
1990.07Fiji  BG 14.26    20:544.8ML265407
1990.07.03Fiji-Lautoka  SB 3.24.39    42:019.6ML265107
1990.07.04Fiji-Lautoka  SB 3.24.40    58:0713.3ML265207
1990.07.07Fiji-Suva  SB 3.24.43    35:228.1ML265307
1990.07.24Fiji-Lautoka  BG 15    44:3310.2ML265507
1990.08.05AU-Sydney  SB 4.4.25    60:2913.8ML130107
1990.08.07Hong Kong  SB 3.22.29-30Don't Be Mudhas Cantonese 35:2910.2ML353207
1990.08.07Hong Kong  BG 15.5Spiritual Abode of Krsna Cantonese 54:1815.5ML353307
1990.08.08Hong Kong  SB 3.22.31Devotees Don't Lack Anything Cantonese 41:3211.9ML353407
1990.08.08Hong Kong  BG 15.6-11Body and Soul Cantonese 63:2718.2ML353507
1990.08.09Hong Kong  BG 15.12-15Glories of Sri Krsna Cantonese 39:2211.3ML353607
1990.08.10Hong Kong  SB 3.22.33Vaisnava Culture Cantonese 26:547.7ML353707
1990.08.10Hong Kong  BG 15.16-20How to Relate With Krsna Cantonese 54:3915.6ML353807
1990.08.11Hong Kong  SB 3.22.34Rules for Sense Enjoyment Cantonese 24:507.1ML353907
1990.08.12Hong Kong  BG 16.1Divine and Demoniac Natures Cantonese 58:5416.9ML354007
1990.08.26AU-Melbourne  SB 11.29.5    27:0610.9ML370607
1990.08.27AU-Melbourne  SB 11.29.6    42:2217.0ML370707
1990.08.27AU-Melbourne Eve LectureBG 10.9    39:5316.0ML370807
1990.08.28AU-Melbourne  SB 11.29.9    43:4317.5ML370907
1990.08.28AU-Melbourne Eve Darsana     43:4417.5ML371007
1990.08.29AU-Melbourne  SB 11.29.10    75:0430.1ML371107
1990.09.17India-Vrndavana  SB 2.8.16First Deserve, Then Desire   43:169.9ML130207
1990.09.24India-Vrndavana  SB 2.8.23Only Mercy Can Soften the Heart   56:0012.8ML130307
1990.09.30UK-Romford  SB 1.2.15Take Up Your Eternal Activities   59:5913.7ML130407
1990.10.03Switzerland-Zurich  SB 4.30.20Krsna Reciprocates With His Devotees  Pilgrimage to Zurich42:209.7ML130507
1990.10.04Switzerland-Zurich  SB 4.30.21The Ultimate Goal in Life  Pilgrimage to Zurich48:3611.1ML130607
1990.10.05NL-Amsterdam  KB Ch49A Devotee Wants to Render Service, Not to Take Service   37:388.6ML130707
1990.10.06NL-Amsterdam  SB 3.24.14-15Determined Intelligence by Serving Guru  Happy Days in Amsterdam71:5616.5ML130807
1990.10.06NL-Amsterdam Ista-gosthi     54:5212.6ML130907
1990.10.07NL-Amsterdam  CcM 1.44Gopala Champu Contents Explained  Happy Days in Amsterdam61:1614.0ML131007
1990.10.07NL-Amsterdam SFLBG 2.44Bhakti - Your Payment to God Dutch 92:1821.1ML131107
1990.10.07NL-Amsterdam Darsana     19:584.6ML131207
1990.10.09US-Dallas, TX   Real Business of Life Is to Surrender to Krsna   11:012.5ML131307
1990.10.10US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.4.43Performing Sacrifice (Preaching) Attains Supreme Devotion   55:3812.7ML131407
1990.10.10US-Dallas, TX  BG 16.4Divine and Demoniac Natures   44:1610.1ML131507
1990.10.11US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.4.44Purpose of Material World Is Spiritual   56:0912.9ML131707
1990.10.11US-Dallas, TX  BG 16.8Divine and Demoniac Natures   58:4413.4ML131607
1990.10.12US-Dallas, TX   Q&AGunagrahi dasa Goswami  6:511.6ML265607
1990.10.13US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.4.46Spiritual Activities Portray Krsna's Body   57:5113.2ML131907
1990.10.13US-Dallas, TX   How to Develop Your Spiritual Taste   112:0025.6ML131807
1990.10.14US-Dallas, TX  DamodarastakaPrayers to Lord Damodara  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol I73:4716.9ML132007
1990.10.15US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.4.47Only Bhakti-yoga Is in the Spiritual World   51:5111.9ML132107
1990.10.17US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.4.49-50Devotees Fixed in Krsna Consciousness Are Never Bewildered   56:4013.0ML132207
1990.10.18US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.4.51-52Soul's Nature Is to Serve, Not to Enjoy Material Life   49:4311.4ML132307
1990.10.20US-Houston, TX  SB 4.21.35Krsna Is Realized by Amount of Surrender   70:3616.2ML132407
1990.10.21US-Houston, TX SFLBG    60:3913.9ML132507
1990.10.22US-Houston, TXPrabhupada Disapp SB 4.21.37Prabhupada's Standard for All to Follow   58:2713.4ML132607
1990.10.23US-Houston, TX  SB 4.21.38World Needs a Good Example   71:2016.3ML132707
1990.10.25US-Houston, TX  SB 4.21.40Take Shelter of All the Vaisnavas   54:1912.4ML132807
1990.10.27US-Houston, TX Home Program Practice The Duties of the Soul   94:4421.7ML132907
1990.10.28US-Houston, TX SFLBG 2.41    43:209.9ML133007
1990.10.29US-Houston, TX  SB 4.21.42Vaidhibhakti Brings Spontaneous Loving Service to Krsna   41:279.5ML133107
1990.10.30US-Houston, TXGaurakisora Disapp  Srila Gaurakisora dasa Babaji Maharaja  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II30:477.0ML133307
1990.10.31US-Houston, TX   Srila Gaurakisora dasa Babaji Maharaja  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II41:549.6ML133407
1990.11PH  B.BhagBrhad-bhagavatamrta Summarized   56:2512.9ML133507
1990.11.07Hong Kong  BG 3.9Real Sacrifice Cantonese 81:3823.4ML354107
1990.11.21Hong Kong  SB 3.25.17Enemy of Devotional Service Cantonese 63:2318.1ML354207
1990.11.21Hong Kong  BG 18.54Swan and Crow Cantonese 79:2122.7ML354307
1990.11.22Hong Kong  SB 3.25.18Yukta-vairagya Cantonese 43:4512.5ML354407
1990.11.24Hong Kong  SB 3.25.20Spiritual Attachment Cantonese 34:4710.0ML354507
1990.12China-Guangzhou Darsana   Cantonese 55:4716.0ML354607
1990.12.02Hong Kong  SB 3.25.29Topmost Yoga System Cantonese 57:1416.4ML354707
1990.12.02Hong Kong  BG 4.2Real Human Being Cantonese 78:3322.5ML354807
1990.12.03Hong Kong Initiation   Cantonese 67:0119.2ML354907
1990.12.04Hong Kong  SB 3.25.30Guru and Disciple Cantonese 53:3915.4ML355007
1990.12.05Hong Kong  SB 3.25.31-32Bhakti Is Higher Than Mukti Cantonese 26:426.1ML355107
1990.12.05Hong Kong  BG 2.71Spiritual Desire Cantonese 86:2724.7ML355207
1990.12.08Hong Kong  SB 3.25.34Five Kinds of Liberation Cantonese 72:0320.6ML355307
1990.12.09Hong Kong  SB 3.25.35Deity Worship Cantonese 44:1212.6ML355407
1990.12.19Hong Kong  BG 5.7Art of Work in Krsna Consciousness Cantonese 82:2223.6ML355507
1990.12.21Hong Kong  SB 3.26.4Krsna Is Called Vibhu Cantonese 31:389.1ML355607
1991.01India-Vrndavana  SB 3.1.24Service Is the Only Solace   45:2410.4ML133607
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.01   Brahma-samhita 199154:0912.4ML290607
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.02-03   Brahma-samhita 199174:5517.1ML290707
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.04-05   Brahma-samhita 199158:0313.3ML290807
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.06-07   Brahma-samhita 199156:3813.0ML290907
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.08-10   Brahma-samhita 199153:5612.3ML291007
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.11-17   Brahma-samhita 199164:4914.8ML291107
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.19-21   Brahma-samhita 199164:3914.8ML291207
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.18,22-28   Brahma-samhita 199162:4314.4ML291307
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.29-31   Brahma-samhita 199156:4913.0ML291407
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.32-35   Brahma-samhita 199145:5110.5ML291507
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.36   Brahma-samhita 199158:1513.3ML291607
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.37   Brahma-samhita 199164:1714.7ML291707
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.38-39   Brahma-samhita 199155:2712.7ML291807
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.40-42   Brahma-samhita 199166:5015.3ML291907
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.43   Brahma-samhita 199138:428.9ML292007
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.44-46   Brahma-samhita 199160:5614.0ML292107
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.47-50   Brahma-samhita 199162:2414.3ML292207
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.51-55   Brahma-samhita 199167:5215.5ML292307
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.56-57   Brahma-samhita 199159:1013.5ML292407
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.58-60   Brahma-samhita 199165:5215.1ML292507
1991.01India-Vrndavana VIHEBS 5.61-62   Brahma-samhita 199163:1414.5ML292607
1991.01India-Vrndavana   01: Sad-gosvamyastakaGiriraja Swami Vrndavana Bhajans47:0410.8ML262607
1991.01India-Vrndavana   02: Radhe Jaya JayaGiriraja Swami Vrndavana Bhajans49:0511.2ML262707
1991.01India-Vrndavana   Radhe Jaya Jaya, Song Only  Namasvadanam CD 14:532.2ML337907
1991.01India-Vrndavana   03: Sri-krsna-caitanya-prabhuGiriraja Swami Vrndavana Bhajans60:4213.9ML262807
1991.01India-Vrndavana   04: Hari Haraye NamahGiriraja Swami Vrndavana Bhajans45:3610.4ML262907
1991.01India-Vrndavana   05: Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna 1-2Giriraja Swami Vrndavana Bhajans43:3510.0ML263007
1991.01India-Vrndavana   06: Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna 2-4Giriraja Swami Vrndavana Bhajans37:098.5ML263107
1991.01India-Vrndavana   07: Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna 5-6Giriraja Swami Vrndavana Bhajans42:069.6ML263207
1991.01India-Vrndavana   08: Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna 7-9Giriraja Swami Vrndavana Bhajans38:488.9ML263307
1991.01India-Vrndavana   09: Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna 10-11Giriraja Swami Vrndavana Bhajans32:277.4ML263407
1991.01India-Vrndavana   10: Srila Prabhupada & VrndavanaGiriraja Swami Vrndavana Bhajans48:3811.1ML263507
1991.01India-Vrndavana   11: Parama Karuna Pahu Dui JanaGiriraja Swami Vrndavana Bhajans31:017.1ML263607
1991.01India-Vrndavana   12: Gauranga Bolite HabeGiriraja Swami Vrndavana Bhajans45:0410.3ML263707
1991.01India-Vrndavana   13: Gopinatha 1-2Giriraja Swami Vrndavana Bhajans33:157.6ML293507
1991.01India-Vrndavana   Gopinatha, Song Only  Namasvadanam CD 16:383.0ML337507
1991.01India-Vrndavana   14: Gopinatha 3-8Giriraja Swami Vrndavana Bhajans28:156.5ML293607
1991.01India-Vrndavana   15: Gopinatha, Hari Haraye NamahGiriraja Swami Vrndavana Bhajans45:5910.5ML293707
1991.01.02US-Houston, TX   With Knowledge Comes Responsibility to Share   89:2920.5ML258807
1991.01.28India-Vrndavana Initiation Guru Teaches You How to Become Dear to KrsnaDhanurdhara Swami  80:0818.3ML133707
1991.02India-Mayapur       51:4911.9ML293807
1991.03India-Mayapur  SB 1.8.18Understand Krsna Through His Pure Devotees   43:5210.0ML133807
1991.03Germany  CcM 8.1-Lord Caitanya and Ramananda Raya   66:2415.2ML125207
1991.03Germany  CcM 8.57-Lord Caitanya and Ramananda Raya   84:5319.4ML125307
1991.03Germany  CcM 8.71-Lord Caitanya and Ramananda Raya   78:0617.9ML125407
1991.03Germany  CcM 8.98-Lord Caitanya and Ramananda Raya   48:5411.2ML125507
1991.03.15Hong Kong  SB 3.26.47-50Elements of Creation Cantonese 45:5913.2ML355707
1991.03.15Hong Kong  BG 16.13-15Divine and Demoniac Natures Cantonese 49:3014.2ML355807
1991.03.31Hong Kong  BG 8.9Krsna Is the Supreme Person Cantonese 52:5015.1ML355907
1991.04US-New York, NY  SB 1.14.31Fight for Krsna (SKP)  Preaching in New York65:1714.9ML134107
1991.04.01Hong Kong  SB 3.27.4Friendship With Krsna Cantonese 59:0716.9ML356007
1991.04.12UK-Soho Street  SB 3.26.22Sankirtana in Vrndavana Consciousness   75:1217.2ML133907
1991.04.12UK-Romford   Explaining Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna 1-2   91:0620.9ML259107
1991.04.13UK-B. Manor   Explaining Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna 3-4   75:4017.3ML134007
1991.04.13UK-B. Manor   Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna, Song Only  Namasvadanam CD 19:464.5ML337807
1991.04.14Germany-Berlin   Explaining Jaya Radha-madhava   90:1820.7ML134207
1991.04.15Switzerland-Zurich Arrival     54:3912.5ML134407
1991.04.15Switzerland-Zurich   Explaining Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna 5-11   83:0819.0ML134307
1991.04.16Switzerland-Zurich  SB 2.6.10Worship of Lord Caitanya Is the Highest   77:1417.7ML134607
1991.04.16Switzerland-Zurich   Siksastaka Prayers Explained   40:279.3ML134507
1991.04.20US-Dallas, TX  BG 5.7Your Duty Is to Krsna   63:3914.6ML134707
1991.04.21US-Dallas, TX SFLBG 16.10Chanting Subsides All Anxiety   34:468.0ML134807
1991.04.22US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.16.21By Serving Krsna, Krsna Protects Us   36:338.4ML134907
1991.04.23US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.16.22-24All Living Entities Are Empowered by Krsna   43:3910.0ML135007
1991.04.24US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.16.25The Lord Is Controlled by His Devotees   45:1410.4ML135107
1991.04.28US-Dallas, TX SFLBG 11.53-55    38:518.9ML026307
1991.05.15US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.16.43Bhagavata-dharma and Krsna-katha Are Identical   38:578.9ML135307
1991.05.17US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.16.45Pure Bhakti Leads One Back to Godhead   49:3511.4ML135407
1991.05.18US-Dallas, TX Eve Darsana The Medicine to Cure All Diseases   50:0511.5ML135507
1991.05.19US-Dallas, TX SFLSB 1.2.17To Hear About and Hear From Krsna Is Best   27:446.3ML135607
1991.05.24US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.16.52Drink the Nectarean Pastimes of Krsna by Reading   56:1812.9ML135707
1991.05.25US-Dallas, TX Ratha-yatraCcM 13Jayananda's Disappearance & Ratha-yatra Day  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol I60:1613.8ML135907
1991.05.26US-Dallas, TX Initiation     68:5215.8ML136007
1991.05.28US-Dallas, TX  CcAdi 9.10    60:3013.9ML136207
1991.05.29US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.16.55-56Without Knowledge of Soul Identity Is Unknown   55:3212.7ML136307
1991.05.30US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.16.57    45:5110.5ML136407
1991.06.02US-Dallas, TXRamananda Raya Disapp CcM 38.245Disappearance Day of Sri Ramananda Raya  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II34:137.8ML136507
1991.06.03US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.17.4-5Devotees Glorified by Difficulties   37:448.6ML136607
1991.06.05US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.17.8Krsna Is Our Maintainer and Protector   40:359.3ML136707
1991.06.07US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.17.11-13    44:2310.2ML136807
1991.06.30US-Houston, TX Initiation How to Meditate While Chanting Gayatri   19:254.4ML136907
1991.06.30US-Houston, TX SFLSB 1.8.18-Prayers of Queen Kunti   48:0611.0ML137007
1991.07.01US-Houston, TX  SB 1.8.25    60:1613.8ML137207
1991.07.01US-Houston, TXVyasa-puja      89:3520.5ML137107
1991.07.01US-Houston, TXVyasa-puja  Gift Giving Ceremony   45:5610.5ML137307
1991.07.03   SB 4.25.41    24:065.5ML137407
1991.07.05US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.18.42Allow Radha & Krsna to Pour Their Blessings Upon You   46:2710.6ML137507
1991.07.06US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.18.43Give Out Krsna's Mercy to All Fallen Souls   44:2110.2ML137607
1991.07.07US-Dallas, TXSrivasa Disapp CcAdi 17Disappearance Day of Srivasa Thakura  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II36:278.3ML137707
1991.07.09US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.18.46Follow Strictly and Attain Prema   40:019.2ML137907
1991.07.11US-Dallas, TXBhaktivinoda Disapp  Disappearance of Bhaktivinoda & Gadadhara  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II49:2611.3ML138107
1991.07.12   NODMaterial Worship Binds, Spiritual Worship Frees   86:5019.9ML138207
1991.07.13US-Austin, TX   Spiritual Wholeness   99:5022.9ML259307
1991.07.14US-Dallas, TX SFLBG 12.1Human Life Is Meant to Inquire About God   39:219.0ML138307
1991.07.15   SB 6.18.59-73Krsna Consciousness Develops All Good Qualities   51:3711.8ML138407
1991.07.16US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.18.74Radharani Is the Basis of Bhakti   38:098.7ML138507
1991.07.17US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.18.75Nothing Else but Full Surrender   27:416.3ML138607
1991.07.19US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.19.5Understand Master and Servant Relationship   39:289.0ML138707
1991.07.21  SFLBG 10.12-13    29:136.7ML259407
1991.07.22US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.19.7Use Your Abilities to Serve Krsna   51:4911.9ML138807
1991.07.24US-Dallas, TX  SB 6.19.10-13Force First, Feeling Later   42:369.8ML138907
1991.07.26US-Dallas, TXSanatana Disapp CcM 20.25Perfection of Renunciation  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II27:346.3ML139007
1991.07.28  SFLSB 1.2.6Chant and Serve Krsna Wherever You Are   32:227.4ML139307
1991.07.29US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.1.1Krsna Tests His Devotees   47:0310.8ML139407
1991.07.30US-Houston, TX Home Program Our Worst Disease: Envy of God  Everfresh91:5621.0ML139507
1991.07.31US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.1.3-5Spiritual Mercy Removes Material Desires   46:3010.6ML139607
1991.08.03US-Houston, TXLokanatha Disapp  Disappearance of Lokanatha Goswami  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II31:047.1ML139907
1991.08.03US-Houston, TX LectureSB 1.2.10    61:4914.2ML139707
1991.08.04US-Houston, TX  SB 4.26.1Serpents With Broken Fans   36:368.4ML140107
1991.08.04US-Houston, TX SFLSB 1.2.14Material Life Means Hope Against Hope   37:208.5ML140007
1991.08.06US-Los Angeles, LA  SB 1.12.22    34:147.8ML259507
1991.08.06US-San Diego, CA  NOD Preface    61:4914.2ML140207
1991.08.07US-San Diego, CA  SB 3.12.42The Biggest Danger: Independent Behavior   43:089.9ML137807
1991.08.08US-Los Angeles, LA  SB 1.12.24Hear About Krsna or Hear Your Mind   54:1412.4ML140407
1991.08.10Fiji  SB 7.14.7    45:2310.4ML140507
1991.08.11Fiji SFLSB 4.22.23The Inner Desire of KrsnaPrahladananda Swami  46:3310.7ML140607
1991.08.13Fiji-Lautoka  SB 7.15.15Have Faith That Krsna Will Maintain His Devotees   45:5310.5ML140807
1991.08.14Fiji  BG 7.16Rising From Sukrti to Bhakti   61:2514.1ML140907
1991.08.15Fiji Initiation     92:4321.2ML141007
1991.08.20Fiji-Labasa Arrival     37:088.5ML141107
1991.08.21Fiji-Labasa  SB 7.15.47Service to Man Is Not Equal to Service to God   43:4510.0ML141207
1991.08.22Fiji-LabasaRupa Disapp  Disappearance of Rupa Goswami & Gauridasa Pandita  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol II45:0110.3ML141507
1991.08.22Fiji-Labasa  BG 3.21Whatever Great Men Do, Common Men Follow Hindi 61:4814.1ML141307
1991.08.23Fiji-Labasa  SB 7.14.36You Are Spiritual   45:3910.4ML141707
1991.08.23Fiji-Labasa  CcM 22.104-A Sadhu Is Not Selfish   61:4914.2ML141607
1991.08.24Fiji-Labasa  SB 7.14.38Advancement Is Determined by Taste   41:419.5ML141807
1991.08.25Fiji-LabasaBalarama Purnima SB 10.15.5    48:2011.1ML141907
1991.08.26Fiji-Suva  SB 7.15.45    60:4313.9ML142007
1991.08.27Fiji-Suva  SB 4.12.8Material Happiness, Horse's Egg   38:318.8ML142107
1991.08.27Fiji-Suva Eve Lecture Reincarnation - Belief or Faith   62:0214.2ML140307
1991.08.28Fiji-Suva  SB 4.12.14Detached Feeling Is Much Lighter   37:448.6ML142307
1991.08.28Fiji-Suva   Bhakti: the Highest Yoga System   62:1014.2ML142207
1991.08.29Fiji-Suva  SB 4.12.33Don't Think That the Test Won't Come   35:168.1ML259607
1991.08.30Fiji-Lautoka  SB 4.12.37Most Difficult Intelligence: Seeing Your Own Faults   58:3813.4ML142407
1991.09.01Fiji-Lautoka  SB 4.12.51Any Boon - Use It in Krsna's Service   23:505.5ML259807
1991.09.01Fiji-Lautoka SFL On Janmastami and Vyasa-puja   28:326.5ML259907
1991.09.02Fiji-LautokaJanmastami SB 10.2.19Fearlessness   53:1912.2ML142507
1991.09.03Fiji-LautokaPrabhupada Vyasa-puja      8:532.0ML142707
1991.09.03Fiji-Lautoka Darsana     40:119.2ML260007
1991.09.04NZ-Auckland  CcM 8.56-67   Lord Caitanya and Ramananda Raya59:3313.6ML142607
1991.09.05NZ-Auckland  SB 6.5.39Take Responsibility for Spreading Krsna Consciousness   59:4113.7ML260107
1991.09.05NZ-Auckland  CcM 8.68-   Lord Caitanya and Ramananda Raya68:4915.8ML142807
1991.09.06NZ-Auckland  SB 6.5.41    55:5912.8ML260207
1991.09.06NZ-Auckland  CcM 8   Lord Caitanya and Ramananda Raya71:0416.3ML142907
1991.09.07NZ-Christchurch Arrival Devoted to the Spiritual Master   16:003.7ML143107
1991.09.07NZ-Christchurch  CcM 22.71-The Three Levels of Devotees   37:268.6ML143007
1991.09.08NZ-Christchurch  SB 4.27.21Turning Lust Into Love   60:1613.8ML143207
1991.09.08NZ-Christchurch Initiation     52:3612.0ML143307
1991.09.09NZ-Christchurch  SB 4.27.22A Vaisnava Gives Help to Others   66:5415.3ML143407
1991.09.09NZ-Christchurch  CcM 22.95-The 6 Divisions of Surrender   63:1714.5ML143507
1991.09.10NZ-Christchurch  SB 4.27.24Old Age Simply Means Closer to Krsna   47:5011.0ML143607
1991.09.11AU-Melbourne  SB 1.8.32-3    40:5716.4ML371207
1991.09.11AU-Melbourne  CcM 22.128-35    56:5922.8ML371307
1991.09.12AU-Melbourne Initiation     48:1019.3ML371407
1991.09.13AU-Melbourne  SB 1.8.34    39:4815.9ML371507
1991.09.20Hong KongVamana App    Cantonese 68:0519.5ML356107
1991.09.20Hong Kong  BG 18.55Kingdom of God Cantonese 87:2725.0ML356207
1991.09.21Hong Kong  SB 3.31.39Sex Attraction Cantonese 31:519.1ML356307
1991.09.21Hong KongBhaktivinoda App    Cantonese 14:014.0ML356407
1991.10.01China  BG 18.1-2    38:3111.0ML356507
1991.10.02China  SB 1.1.21    55:3515.9ML356607
1991.10.03China  SB 1.1.22    35:1210.1ML356707
1991.10.06Hong Kong  SB 3.32.6Devotees' Varnasrama Cantonese 30:418.8ML356807
1991.10.06Hong Kong  BG 18.46  Cantonese 27:437.9ML356907
1991.10.10India-Vrndavana Darsana Maybe We Can Visit Kamyavana   10:532.5ML262407
1991.10.15India-Vrndavana Darsana Reading Vrndavana-mahimamrta   39:419.1ML262507
1991.11.03India-Vrndavana  SB 3.25.21    47:0510.8ML261607
1991.11.30UK-Soho Street  SB 3.31.15    35:428.2ML260307
1991.11.30UK-B. Manor   Vrndavana Consciousness   73:3516.8ML260407
1991.12US-Houston, TX   Sad-gosvamyastaka 1-3   60:1413.8ML261207
1991.12US-Houston, TX   Sad-gosvamyastaka 4-5   15:043.5ML261407
1991.12US-Houston, TX   Sad-gosvamyastaka 6-8   73:1216.8ML261507
1991.12.01UK-B. Manor  CcAdi 1.103-    50:3011.6ML260507
1991.12.01UK-B. Manor   Sankirtana Ista-gosthi   56:0612.8ML260607
1991.12.03Switzerland-Zurich  SB 5.3.8Sankirtana Devotees Are Radharani's Maid Servants   46:4710.7ML143807
1991.12.03Switzerland-Zurich   On Radha-Damodara Party   43:109.9ML260707
1991.12.04Switzerland-Zurich  SB 5.3.9    37:538.7ML143907
1991.12.05US-New York, NY  SB 1.19.19Seek The Blessings of Vaisnavas  Preaching in New York45:4610.5ML144007
1991.12.07US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.5Sankirtana: The Cure for Selfishness   45:1210.3ML144107
1991.12.08US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.6Do Not Minimize the Message   44:2210.2ML140707
1991.12.10US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.8-11    40:489.3ML260807
1991.12.17US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.17Demons Depend on Maya, Devotees Depend on Krsna   35:208.1ML144207
1991.12.19US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.5.19Increase Your Love and Devotion to Please Krsna   46:0110.5ML261007
1991.12.25US-Dallas, TX   Bring Krsna to the People with Book Distribution   33:357.7ML261107
1991.12.29Hong Kong  BG 5.3  Cantonese 32:269.3ML357007
1991.12.31Hong Kong  SB 1.1.1Foundation of Srimad Bhagavatam Cantonese 32:269.3ML357107
1991.12.31Hong Kong   Sankirtana Award Cantonese 60:5017.4ML357207
1992.01India-Vrndavana VIHEV.Mahimamrta 1.1-13   Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana50:4211.6ML145507
1992.01India-Vrndavana VIHEV.Mahimamrta 1.14-31   Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana51:0911.7ML145607
1992.01India-Vrndavana VIHEV.Mahimamrta 1.32-36   Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana48:4911.2ML145707
1992.01India-Vrndavana VIHEV.Mahimamrta 1.37-44   Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana50:5111.6ML145807
1992.01India-Vrndavana VIHEV.Mahimamrta 1.45-54   Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana52:0311.9ML145907
1992.01India-Vrndavana VIHEV.Mahimamrta 1.55-56   Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana59:0013.5ML146007
1992.01India-Vrndavana VIHEV.Mahimamrta 1.57-66   Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana52:5912.1ML146107
1992.01India-Vrndavana VIHEV.Mahimamrta 1.67-84   Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana68:5715.8ML146207
1992.01India-Vrndavana VIHEV.Mahimamrta 1.85-99   Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana40:349.3ML146307
1992.01India-Vrndavana VIHEV.Mahimamrta 2.1-33   Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana58:5013.5ML146407
1992.01India-Vrndavana VIHEV.Mahimamrta 2.34-56   Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana49:5011.4ML146507
1992.01India-Vrndavana VIHEV.Mahimamrta 2.57-   Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana56:0712.8ML146607
1992.01India-Vrndavana VIHEV.Mahimamrta 2.88-99   Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana50:3111.6ML146707
1992.01India-Vrndavana VIHEV.Mahimamrta 3.1-   Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana55:1812.7ML261807
1992.01India-Vrndavana VIHEV.Mahimamrta 3.17-   Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana46:4310.7ML261907
1992.01India-Vrndavana VIHEV.Mahimamrta 3.71-4.30   Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana52:2912.0ML262007
1992.01India-Vrndavana VIHEV.Mahimamrta 4.31-   Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana53:0412.1ML262107
1992.01India-Vrndavana VIHEV.Mahimamrta 4.53-   Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana45:3710.4ML262207
1992.01India-Vrndavana VIHEV.Mahimamrta 4.71-96   Nectarean Glories of Vrndavana45:3110.4ML262307
1992.01.01Hong Kong  SB 1.1.1Foundation of Srimad Bhagavatam Cantonese 48:5914.0ML357307
1992.01.02PH-Manila Arrival Be Happy With KrsnaLokanatha Swami  19:474.5ML144407
1992.01.02PH-Manila   Gauranga Bolite Habe - Spit On Sense Gratification  Sadhu-sanga Series Vol I85:0319.5ML145107
1992.01.03PH-Manila  SB 1.2.31A Hero Is One Who Controls His Senses   30:056.9ML144307
1992.01.06PH-Manila  SB 1.2.32    30:317.0ML247507
1992.01.06PH Lecture Real Progress   92:5021.2ML144507
1992.01.07PH-Manila  SB 1.2.33Grhastha Means Double Strength for Preaching   56:2912.9ML144707
1992.01.07PH-Manila   Samsara Prayers - The Mercy of the Spiritual MasterGiridhari Swami, Purnacandra Prabhu Sadhu-sanga Series Vol I91:1620.9ML144607
1992.01.08PH-Manila  SB 1.2.34Blessings Are Offered, Not Grasped   44:2410.2ML144807
1992.01.09PH-Manila  SB 1.3.1Absolute Understanding   35:018.0ML145007
1992.01.09PH-Manila Eve Darsana Padayatra Preaching Strategies   46:2610.6ML144907
1992.01.11Hong Kong  SB 1.1.1Foundation of Srimad Bhagavatam Cantonese 40:5011.7ML357407
1992.01.12China-Guangzhou   Meeting In Park Mandarin 64:1814.7ML145207
1992.02India-Vrndavana Parikrama VarsanaGiriraja Swami, Pundarika Prabhu Govardhana and Varsana Parikrama 199290:0320.6ML145407
1992.02India-Vrndavana Parikrama Ter KadambaGiriraja Swami  33:257.7ML146807
1992.02.09India-Vrndavana Parikrama GovardhanaGiriraja Swami, Pundarika Prabhu Govardhana and Varsana Parikrama 199292:2721.2ML145307
1992.03India-Mayapur  CcAdi 3.1-Causes of Lord Caitanya's Descent  Jaya Sacinandana!101:1223.2ML147007
1992.03India-Mayapur  CcAdi 3.52-Causes of Lord Caitanya's Descent  Jaya Sacinandana!79:1818.2ML147107
1992.03India-Mayapur  CcAdi 4.1-Causes of Lord Caitanya's Descent  Jaya Sacinandana!65:2315.0ML147207
1992.03India-Mayapur  CcAdi 4.54-Causes of Lord Caitanya's Descent  Jaya Sacinandana!80:0918.3ML147307
1992.03India-Mayapur  CcAdi 4.160-Causes of Lord Caitanya's Descent  Jaya Sacinandana!81:3918.7ML147407
1992.03.24PH-Manila  SB 1.3.39Somehow, Become Greedy for Krsna  Glories of Reading Srimad-bhagavatam42:509.8ML147507
1992.03.25PH-Manila  SB 1.3.40No Time to Read SB Means You Are Living in Hell  Glories of Reading Srimad-bhagavatam32:587.5ML247907
1992.03.25PH-Manila  BG 3The Cycle of Sacrifice  From Karma-yoga to Bhakti41:199.5ML147607
1992.03.26PH-Manila  SB 1.3.41Srimad Bhagavatam, Cream of Vedas  Glories of Reading Srimad-bhagavatam31:107.1ML147707
1992.03.26PH-Manila  BG 3.8-All Debts Are Paid by Sankirtana  From Karma-yoga to Bhakti37:518.7ML248007
1992.03.27PH-Manila  BG 3.33Make Krsna the Goal of All You Do  From Karma-yoga to Bhakti59:2113.6ML147807
1992.04.14Hong Kong  SB 1.3.25Advent of Lord Kalki Cantonese 38:2011.0ML357507
1992.04.15Hong Kong  SB 1.3.26Unlimited Incarnations Mandarin 33:499.7ML357607
1992.04.16Hong Kong  SB 1.3.27-28Krsna Is the Source of All Avataras Mandarin 47:3913.6ML357707
1992.04.17Hong Kong  SB 1.3.29Mysterious Appearance Cantonese 37:0110.6ML357807
1992.04.19India-Mayapur  SB 11.5.32Surrender to Lord Caitanya or Prepare for Kali-yuga  Preaching to Bengali Students66:1715.2ML147907
1992.04.19India-Mayapur   Use Your Youth for Krsna, Go and Preach  Preaching to Bengali Students93:1821.4ML148007
1992.04.22India-Bombay  CcAdiCauses of the Descent of Lord Caitanya   69:2615.9ML148107
1992.04.23India-Bombay  SB 5.17.13-14Hold On to the Lifeboats Krsna Sends   59:3513.6ML148207
1992.04.23India-Bombay  CcAdi    52:2412.0ML148307
1992.04.23India-Bombay Darsana Come to Vrndavana   8:582.1ML248307
1992.04.24India-Bombay  CcAdi    71:0416.3ML148407
1992.04.25India-Bombay  CcAdi    61:5714.2ML248207
1992.04.26India-Bombay  CcAdi    68:5815.8ML148507
1992.05Germany  CcM 8    78:3318.0ML248607
1992.05Italy  CcAdi 9 Satsvarupa dasa GoswamiItalian 40:579.4ML254107
1992.05.01UK-B. Manor  SB 1.6.22We Want Uttama-bhakti   53:0212.1ML148607
1992.05.01UK-B. Manor Lecture Practice Giving to Krsna   24:405.6ML248407
1992.05.01UK-B. Manor Ista-gosthi     81:5318.7ML148707
1992.05.02UK-Soho Street  SB 4.2.16Beware of Vaisnava Aparadha   41:349.5ML148807
1992.05.03UK-B. Manor  CcAdi 3.41-Lord Caitanya, Giver of Vraja Bhakti  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol I64:5514.9ML149507
1992.05.03UK-Soho Street   Sankirtana DarsanaKesava Bharati Prabhu  57:4613.2ML148907
1992.05.06Switzerland-Zurich  CcM 12.135Cleansing the Heart Through Sankirtana  Pilgrimage to Zurich68:1215.6ML149007
1992.05.07Switzerland-Zurich  SB 5.13.7Sankirtana: Frontline Training for Going Back to Godhead  Pilgrimage to Zurich50:1311.5ML149107
1992.05.08Switzerland-Zurich  SB 5.13.8Go On Distributing These Books!  Pilgrimage to Zurich45:2010.4ML149207
1992.05.09Italy-Medolago  SB 5.7.13  Italian 51:5911.9ML254007
1992.05.09Italy-Milan Home Program Sri Panca Tattva - Their Positions and Mission Italian 83:1419.1ML253907
1992.05.11US-New York, NY  SB 2.4.9-10A Devotee Is More Merciful Than Krsna  Preaching in New York55:5712.8ML149307
1992.05.16US-Dallas, TXNrsimha Caturdasi SB 7.9.2Nrsimhadeva, Remover of Obstacles  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol I58:1713.3ML149607
1992.05.17US-Dallas, TX Ratha-yatraCcM 12.135Gundica Marjana: Cleansing the Heart  Vaisnava Festival Days Vol I67:4515.5ML149707
1992.05.19US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.9.6Serve Krsna Now, Stop Wasting Time   52:3112.0ML149807
1992.05.20US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.9.7Become Sold Out Exclusively to Krsna   45:2210.4ML149907
1992.05.21US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.9.8Humility Is Vaisnava's Most Important Quality   56:0912.9ML150007
1992.06.02US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.9.18Offering Prayers   41:549.6ML150208
1992.06.04US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.9.20Scientific Foolishness   61:3014.1ML150308
1992.06.06US-Dallas, TX   Bhagavad-gita Is Meant for Everyone's BenefitBhakticaru Swami  75:5217.4ML150408
1992.06.07US-Dallas, TX  SB 7.9.23Traversing the Path on Cruise Control   54:0912.4ML150508
1992.06.13US-Houston, TX Home Program Creation of Universe and Lord Krsna   76:56