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Year 2000 Lectures

While listening to any lectures by His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami, please keep in mind that these lectures were given over three decades. The times changed and therefore some of the comments are obviously relevant to that point in time only. However, at the same time, most of the content is inspired from the eternal teachings of the Vedic Literatures and Gaudiya Vaisnava sampradaya (disciplic succession). In that light, the messages on these lectures have eternal instructions that can benefit listeners regardless of time, place, and circumstances.

Term of Use: You can download the lectures for your personal use or to share with other devotees. You are not allowed to charge others for the lectures. You are not allowed to host the lectures on your own website. Feel free to link to our website from your website.

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Date   PlaceVerseLengthSizeTitleSeries
2000.03Tel Aviv, IsraelEve Lecture55:5112.8MOn Krishna Consciousness and Other Religions 
2000.03.19IsraelCcAdi 1.694:0721.5M  
2000.04.02B. Manor, UKCcM 11.5849:2211.3M  
2000.06.21London, UKVyasa-puja87:1920.0M  
2000.07.16Soho Street, UKLilamrta58:0613.3M  
2000.08.23HungaryJanmastami CcAdi 4.15-35103:2823.7M  
2000.08.24HungaryPrabhupada Vyasa-puja120:2427.6MSrila Prabhupada and the 26 Qualities of a Devotee 
2000.09.05Soho Street, UKRadhastami88:0520.2M  
2000.09.23B. Manor, UKCcM 13.11947:0010.8M  
2000.11.16Dallas, USPBC 1.178:1317.9MSri-guru-carana-padma; Find Service to the GuruPrema Bhakti Candrika Series
2000.11.17Dallas, USPBC 1.256:5113.0MGuru-mukha-padma-vakya; A Little Deity Service Goes a Long WayPrema Bhakti Candrika Series
2000.11.21Dallas, USPBC 1.364:0114.7MCakhu-dana dila jei; Meaning of the Word "Acarya"Prema Bhakti Candrika Series
2000.11.22Dallas, USPBC 1.4-559:5813.7MSri-guru karuna-sindhu; Sri Vaisnava MahimaPrema Bhakti Candrika Series
2000.11.23Dallas, USPBC 1.680:3218.4MSri Rupa Sanatana Mahima; A Practical Guidance: Do Selfless ServicePrema Bhakti Candrika Series
2000.11.23Dallas, USInitiation65:1614.9M  
2000.11.24Dallas, USPBC 1.7-842:289.7MSri Rupa Sanatana Mahima continued; Selfless Practical Service Will Purify Your HeartPrema Bhakti Candrika Series
2000.11.25Dallas, USDeparture9:132.1MFinancially Independent, Spiritually Dependent 
2000.11.25Houston, USPBC 1.9-1075:2617.3MSuddha Bhakti Tattva; KirtanaPrema Bhakti Candrika Series
2000.11.26Houston, USInitiation80:2818.4MWhy the Material World Is Like a Prison House 
2000.11.26Houston, USSFL PBC 2.039:399.1MUttama Bhakti Explained; Hearing, Chanting & AssociationPrema Bhakti Candrika Series
2000.11.27Houston, USSB 11.2.2237:488.7MHow Not to Feel Estranged in the World; Humility Is the Key 
2000.11.27Houston, USPBC 2.1-293:1921.4MEkanta Bhakti; Q&A, KirtanaPrema Bhakti Candrika Series
2000.11.28Houston, USPBC 2.3-555:1212.6MEkanta Bhakti Continued; KirtanaPrema Bhakti Candrika Series
2000.11.29Houston, USPBC 2.675:2017.2MFive Stages of Smaranam; Kirtana, Closing RemarksPrema Bhakti Candrika Series
2000.12.21Lautoka, FijiB.Bhag Intro65:3415.0MIntroduction to Brhad-bhagavatamrta; Story of Vidura DasaBrhad-bhagavatamrta Series Vol I
2000.12.21Lautoka, FijiB.Bhag 6.1-4093:4821.5MNarada Meets Uddhava; Understand Krsna's HeartBrhad-bhagavatamrta Series Vol I
2000.12.22Lautoka, FijiB.Bhag 6.41-6269:1515.9MWords of Rohini, Rukmini, Satyabhama, Balarama; Chant With Lila-smaranaBrhad-bhagavatamrta Series Vol I
2000.12.22Lautoka, FijiB.Bhag 6.63-8650:2011.5MKrsna Joins the Conversation; When Did Krsna Leave VrndavanaBrhad-bhagavatamrta Series Vol I
2000.12.23Labasa, FijiBG 6.20-2360:2513.8M  
2000.12.24Labasa, FijiInitiation89:5220.6M  
2000.12.24Labasa, Fiji 46:4210.7MNityananda Hall Address 
2000.12.25Suva, FijiArrival33:377.7M  
2000.12.25Suva, FijiB.Bhag 6.87-11079:4518.3MVrajavasis' Separation From Krsna; Q&A, KirtanaBrhad-bhagavatamrta Series Vol I
2000.12.26Suva, FijiB.Bhag 6.111-12372:3116.6MWork Is Lila in Vrndavana; Q&ABrhad-bhagavatamrta Series Vol I
2000.12.26Suva, FijiB.Bhag 6.123-7.3658:4613.5MKrsna Is Brought to Nava-vrndavana; Krsna Wakes UpBrhad-bhagavatamrta Series Vol I
2000.12.27Suva, FijiB.Bhag80:4118.5MHow Can Krsna Be Forgetful; We Do Our Best and Srila Prabhupada Will Do the RestBrhad-bhagavatamrta Series Vol I
2000.12.27Suva, FijiB.Bhag 7.34-6875:1717.2MKrsna Runs Around in Nava-vrndavana; Krsna Returns to DvarakaBrhad-bhagavatamrta Series Vol I
2000.12.28Suva, FijiB.Bhag 7.68-9681:3718.7MQueens of Dvaraka Praise the Gopis; Why Krsna Doesn't Visit VrndavanaBrhad-bhagavatamrta Series Vol I
2000.12.28Suva, FijiB.Bhag 7.97-131120:0727.5MKrsna the Insolvent Debtor; The Truth of Viraha-bhavaBrhad-bhagavatamrta Series Vol I
2000.12.30Lautoka, FijiInitiation96:5122.2M  
2000.12.30Lautoka, FijiB.Bhag 7.131-160113:4526.0MNarada Asks for "Benedictions"; How to Follow in the Footsteps of the GopisBrhad-bhagavatamrta Series Vol I
2000.12.31Auckland, NZSFL40:299.3MWhy Is It the Right Choice to Come to This Temple