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We're here to serve you!

Please contact Krsna Kirtana dasa at:

You can email me and let me know your address and what you want to order.  I will let you know how much you need to pay.  Then you can pay by the methods described below.  Once I receive the fund I will send out your order as soon as possible.


Title Price
Joy of Hearing MP3 11-DVD set USD 50.00
Namasvadanam 1 CD  USD 7.00
Prayers of Narottama Dasa Thakura CD USD 7.00
Antyopadesamrta 9-VCD USD 30.00
God, Demigods and Incarnations DVD USD 8.00
God, Demigods and Incarnations VHS(NTSC) USD 5.00
Title Price
The Drama of Lord Jagannatha (album) USD 27.00 Listen Online
The Drama of Lord Jagannatha (softcover) USD 3.50
The Final Pastimes of Srila Prabhupada (hardcover) USD 7.95
A Hare Krishna at SMU (hardcover) USD 19.95
Living Theology of Krishna Bhakti (hardcover) USD 24.95
Reason and Belief (softcover) USD 10.95
Servant of the Servant (softcover) USD 19.95
Song of God (album) USD 35.00 Listen Online
TKG Memories Volume One (softcover) USD 12.00
TKG Memories Volume Two (softcover) USD 12.00
TKG Memories Volume Three (softcover) USD 12.00
TKG's Diary (hardcover) USD 16.95
Yoga for the 21st Century (softcover) USD 4.50

Shipping and Handling:

Our shipping & packaging prices are calculated AT COST. Please let us know what you want to order and we will give you a quote on the shipping price.

Payment Methods (all payments in US Dollars) :