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Year 1980 Lectures

While listening to any lectures by His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami, please keep in mind that these lectures were given over three decades. The times changed and therefore some of the comments are obviously relevant to that point in time only. However, at the same time, most of the content is inspired from the eternal teachings of the Vedic Literatures and Gaudiya Vaisnava sampradaya (disciplic succession). In that light, the messages on these lectures have eternal instructions that can benefit listeners regardless of time, place, and circumstances.

Term of Use: You can download the lectures for your personal use or to share with other devotees. You are not allowed to charge others for the lectures. You are not allowed to host the lectures on your own website. Feel free to link to our website from your website.

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Date   PlaceVerseLengthSizeTitleSeries
1980.01Chicago, USArrival16:473.8MKishor Kishori's Special Plan for Chicago 
1980.01.01St. Louis, USArrival29:406.8MNew Year's Resolution 
1980.01.05Chicago, USEve Darsana62:5014.4MPreaching to Indian Community 
1980.01.06Chicago, USLecture Iso 1649:1811.3MYou Can't Approach God DirectlySri Isopanisad Series
1980.01.07Chicago, USSB 7.2.1-850:0811.5MGod's Potencies Are IncomprehensibleSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.01.08Chicago, USSB 7.2.9-1153:2212.2MDemoniac Means Full of Bodily ConceptionsSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.01.10Chicago, USSB 7.2.12-2038:328.8MFrom Demon to DevoteeSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.01.11Chicago, USSB 7.2.21-2636:298.4MKrsna Is That Lover You'll Never LoseSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.01.12Chicago, USSB 7.2.27-3150:2411.5MDon't Scratch the Itch Called MayaSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.01.13Chicago, USInitiation59:0213.5MThe Guru Speaks and Acts Religion 
1980.01.15St. Louis, USSB 7.2.32-6121:485.0MWiden Your Perspective for PreachingSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.01.18Harmony Farm, USSB 7.3.1-560:2313.8MA Real Yogi Connects With God 
1980.01.20Harmony Farm, USSB 7.3.9-1250:5911.7MLove and Trust Develops by Association 
1980.01.23Dallas, USEve Darsana85:5219.7MLove Means Where There Is Krsna 
1980.01.24Dallas, USSB 7.3.1352:1412.0MThe Austerities of the Devotees 
1980.02.01Harmony Farm, USSB 7.3.3035:478.2MAvoiding Service Means Mental Platform 
1980.02.01Houston, USEve Lecture Iso 1735:088.0MTry All the Nine ActivitiesSri Isopanisad Series
1980.02.02Houston, USSB 7.3.35-3898:5222.6MStop Cheating Krsna 
1980.02.02Houston, USDarsana23:505.5MDistinguishing Supreme and Individual Spirit 
1980.02.03Houston, USSB 7.4.155:5312.8MMaterialists Want More Power Than God 
1980.02.04Houston, USSB 7.4.2055:3412.7MHankering for Sense Gratification Kills Determination 
1980.02.04Houston, USEve Darsana88:3820.3MPreaching to a Christian 
1980.02.05Houston, USEve Darsana73:3816.9MGood Chanting Means Good Hearing 
1980.02.06Austin, USEve Darsana68:3515.7MIt's Very Hard to Serve the Void 
1980.02.07Austin, USSB 7.4.22-2541:249.5MAct to Please Krsna 
1980.02.07Austin, USEve Darsana73:3716.9MThe Cure for All Diseases 
1980.02.08Austin, USSB 7.4.2732:467.5MTime to Get Out of Maya's Lap 
1980.02.08Houston, USEve Darsana89:5620.6MAbstract Conception of God Makes One Feelingless 
1980.02.09Houston, USSB 7.4.30-3257:0413.1MGlories of the Pure Devotees 
1980.02.09Houston, USEve Darsana46:2310.6MSuit and Shaved Head 
1980.02.10Houston, USSB 7.4.33-3552:1612.0MPick a Path and Follow It 
1980.02.10Houston, USLecture Iso 1848:1411.0MMore Struggle Means More AnxietySri Isopanisad Series
1980.02.11Houston, USSB 7.4.37-4142:359.7MSatisfied in the Lap of Krsna 
1980.02.12Dallas, USSB 7.4.4251:5611.9MConsciousness Determines Material From Spiritual 
1980.02.12Dallas, USEve Darsana68:5515.8MKrsna's Form Isn't a Concoction 
1980.02.15Dallas, USEve Darsana67:4215.5MWE Should Support ISKCON 
1980.02.17Harmony Farm, USSB 7.5.536:348.4MLiving Together in Peace 
1980.02.23Mayapur, IndiaSB 2.1.254:5412.6MTogether We Can Save the World 
1980.03.07B. Manor, UKArrival61:2914.1MReal Taste Comes From Connection to Krsna 
1980.03.09New York, USSB 7.12.17-2487:4920.1MDevotees Should Have Simple Goals 
1980.03.23Chicago, USRama Navami35:108.1MThe Rule of Lord RamacandraVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1980.03.26Kenosha, USEve Darsana74:1517.0MBuilding for Krsna 
1980.03.27Kenosha, USSB 7.5.2289:1820.4MWe Should Open Our Own BankSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.03.27Kenosha, USEve Darsana152:2134.9MContemporary Preaching Strategies 
1980.03.27Kenosha, USEve Darsana122:0728.0MHarmony Farm Masterplan 
1980.03.28St. Louis, USEve Darsana58:0613.3MReconditioning Oneself 
1980.03.29St. Louis, USSB 7.5.23-2444:0010.1MSravanam, KirtanamSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.03.29St. Louis, USDarsana133:1830.5MExpanding the Circle 
1980.03.30St. Louis, USSB 7.5.23-2454:4112.5MTen Offenses to the Holy NameSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.03.31Dallas, USEve Darsana43:5710.1MAccept an Authorized Process 
1980.04.01Dallas, USSB 7.5.23-2437:518.7MSmaranam, Pada-sevanamSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.04.01Dallas, USEve Darsana42:579.8MSankirtana: the Self Realization Process 
1980.04.03Dallas, USEve Darsana59:2013.6MTo Meditate on God You Must Know Him 
1980.04.04Dallas, USSB 7.5.23-2432:027.3MArcanamSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.04.05Los Angeles, USSB 4.16.353:2512.2MBhakti Yoga Is Easy to Perform 
1980.04.17Chicago, USSB 7.5.23-2450:3111.6MVandanam, Dasyam, Sakhyam, Atma-nivedanamSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.04.18Chicago, USSB 7.5.25-2640:049.2MRevive Your Spiritual Vision Through Devotional ServiceSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.04.19Chicago, USSB 7.5.3061:3814.1MTranscending the ModesSri Prahlada Series Vol 1
1980.04.19Chicago, USEve Darsana CcAdi 3.12-66114:3726.2MEven a Gorilla Is Vegetarian 
1980.04.20Chicago, USSFL81:1118.6MWhy We Should Worship Krsna 
1980.04.23Wisconsin, USEve Darsana148:2334.0MJoin Krsna's Navy and See the World 
1980.07.16Dallas, USEve Darsana87:1820.0MDevotees Are Not Affected by Time 
1980.07.17Dallas, USSB 1.17.2040:319.3MDepriving Our Children of Prison Life 
1980.07.17Dallas, USEve Darsana CcAdi 8.1-89:2320.5MWho Is Older, You or Your Mother 
1980.07.18Dallas, USSB 1.17.21-2243:4910.0MFind the Glories of the Devotees 
1980.07.20Dallas, USSB 1.17.2447:3810.9MWe Can Create Satya Yuga 
1980.07.20Dallas, USEve Darsana138:5631.8MReading Diary 
1980.07.21Dallas, USSB 1.17.2538:348.8M  
1980.07.21Dallas, USVyasa-puja35:168.1MThe Most Important Relationship in Our Life 
1980.07.21Dallas, USEve Darsana66:0215.1MReading Diary 
1980.07.24Dallas, USDebate90:2120.7MChicken Eating Sannyasis Don't Go Back to Godhead 
1980.07.30Houston, USEve Darsana71:2616.4MOnce Burned, Twice Shy 
1980.07.31Houston, USSB 1.15.3049:2711.3MFools Cannot Understand Krsna's Appearance 
1980.07.31Houston, USEve Darsana90:5520.8MWe Are Always on Vacation 
1980.08Houston, USEve Darsana91:2120.9MPrasadam Cures Death 
1980.08.07Lautoka, FijiArrival43:5810.1MSomeone Is Worried About Us 
1980.08.08Lautoka, FijiSB 1.12.10-1141:419.5MKrsna Is Within Our Heart 
1980.08.10Lautoka, FijiSFL44:0910.1MThe Story of Prahlada 
1980.08.11Lautoka, FijiSB 1.12.1344:2210.2MPrabhupada's Words Are Better Than Cinema 
1980.08.11Lautoka, FijiEve Darsana41:269.5MSteadiness and Determination 
1980.08.12Lautoka, FijiSB 1.12.1437:308.6MThe Qualification Is Devotion 
1980.08.12Lautoka, FijiEve Darsana37:088.5MStopping Crime 
1980.08.13Lautoka, FijiSB 1.12.15-1623:215.3MProtected by the All-Pervasive 
1980.08.13Lautoka, Fiji 63:1114.5MPreaching to the Son of a Village Chief 
1980.08.13Lautoka, FijiEve Darsana44:3510.2MWho Are You? 
1980.09.20Sydney, AUSB 7.15.454:0212.4MA Yajna Fit Even for Animals 
1980.09.21Hong KongSFL BG 7.2846:1710.6MBhakti: The Posession of Pure Devotees, w/ Hindi 
1980.09.23Hong KongBG 15.127:186.3MNot False but Temporary 
1980.09.28Hong KongSFL BG 15.538:048.7MInduce Bhakti to Come Out 
1980.10.05Hong KongSFL BG 16.2374:2117.0MSeven Days Bhagavata Isn't Enough, w/ Hindi 
1980.10.24Dallas, USSB 1.19.2637:378.6MTake the Recommended Method 
1980.10.28Dallas, USSB 1.19.3051:0311.7MOpen Your Eyes, Don't Be an Owl 
1980.10.30Dallas, USDarsana176:4540.5MThe Highest Form of Psychiatry 
1980.10.31Dallas, USSB 1.19.3330:487.1MEverything Is a Facility for Krsna's Service 
1980.10.31Houston, USEve Darsana30:086.9Mw/ Mr. Tarun Kanti Ghosh 
1980.11.02Houston, USSB 1.18.427:506.4MThe Higher Taste 
1980.11.02Houston, USSFL BG 10.258:4613.5MBeg, Borrow or Steal Love of God 
1980.11.04Dallas, USSB 1.19.3744:2110.2MSpiritual Life Is a One Way Street 
1980.12USDarsana28:366.5MNo Lack of Variety in Krsna 
1980.12 Darsana5:591.4MThere Are Many Degrees of Devotees 
1980.12.15Dallas, USSB 2.2.220:574.8MGain More by Regulation 
1980.12.15Dallas, USDarsana68:0015.6MDivorce Now More Popular Than Marriage 
1980.12.25Houston, USBhaktisiddhanta Disapp83:3519.1M  
1980.12.25Houston, USDarsana53:0912.2MGiving a Blessing by Cursing 
1980.12.26Houston, US 14:443.4MMrdanga Lesson 
1980.12.26Houston, USEve Darsana116:3626.7MWhat Is to Be Done and Why 
1980.12.26Houston, USDarsana25:415.9MDiscussing Jaipur Visit 
1980.12.27Houston, USSB 1.19.535:538.2MDon't Be a Kali Yuga Coward 
1980.12.27Houston, USConversation35:488.2Mw/ a Lawyer 
1980.12.27Houston, USConversation3:390.8Mw/ a Mother and a Daughter 
1980.12.27Houston, USEve Darsana82:5819.0MChoose by Whom to Be Controlled 
1980.12.28Houston, USSB 1.19.630:126.9MHow Many Devotees and How Many Books 
1980.12.28Houston, USEve Darsana62:2414.3MThere's Always Another Chance