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Year 1994 Lectures

While listening to any lectures by His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami, please keep in mind that these lectures were given over three decades. The times changed and therefore some of the comments are obviously relevant to that point in time only. However, at the same time, most of the content is inspired from the eternal teachings of the Vedic Literatures and Gaudiya Vaisnava sampradaya (disciplic succession). In that light, the messages on these lectures have eternal instructions that can benefit listeners regardless of time, place, and circumstances.

Term of Use: You can download the lectures for your personal use or to share with other devotees. You are not allowed to charge others for the lectures. You are not allowed to host the lectures on your own website. Feel free to link to our website from your website.

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Date   PlaceVerseLengthSizeTitleSeries
1994.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE83:1419.1M01 Saranagati: Sri-krsna-caitanya Prabhu Jive, Bhuliya Tomare, Manasa Deho GehoSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE88:4020.3M02 Saranagati: Sarvasva Tomar, Atma-samarpane, Tuwa-bhakti-pratikulaSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE54:5612.6M03 Saranagati: Ami To' Swananda, Suddha-bhakata, Gurudev Krpa-bindhuSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE85:4319.6M04 Saranagati: Vaisnava Thakura, Kabe Habe Bolo; Gitavali: Nadiya-godrume, Gay Gora, Radha-Krsna Bol, Doyal NitaiSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.01Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE90:0520.6M05 Gitavali: Narada Muni, Radhika-carana, Rasika nagari, Yadi TeSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.01.14Hong KongBG 11.48-5141:2511.9MPower of Bhakti, w/ Cantonese 
1994.01.15Hong KongSB 1.18.1337:298.6MSadhu Sanga, w/ Cantonese 
1994.01.24Hong KongSB 1.18.2145:4310.5MAdvancing by Mercy, w/ Cantonese 
1994.01.24Hong KongBG 18.5737:478.7MSelfless Love, w/ Cantonese 
1994.01.27Vrndavana, IndiaSB 5.1.1154:1012.4MBeg for the Highest GiftComing Home to Vrndavana
1994.02Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE85:4819.6M06 Kalyana-kalpataru: Ruper Gauraba, Mana Tumi Tirthe, Mana Tore BoliSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.02Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE89:1320.4M07 Kalyana-kalpataru: Ami Ati Pamara, Durlabha Manava, Ore Mana Badibar, Kabe Mor MudhaSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.02Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE87:1020.0M08 Kalyana-kalpataru: Bhavarnave Pade, Gopinatha Mama; Gita-mala: Heno Dusta, Anya Asa, Agre Ek NivedanaSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.02Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE80:2018.4M09 Gita-mala: Tumi Jagater Pita, Ami Ati Dina-mati, Bandhilo MayaSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.02Vrndavana, IndiaVIHE40:269.3M10 Gita-mala: Kabe Gaura-vane, Dekhite Dekhite & Nandanandana's Solo SingingSongs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura
1994.02.07Vrndavana, IndiaSB 5.1.2257:4413.2MDevotees Don't Fear ActivityComing Home to Vrndavana
1994.02.16Vrndavana, IndiaParikrama93:1921.4MJavat, Ter Kadamba, w/ Giriraja Swami, B.B. Govinda Swami 
1994.03.13Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Madhya 2343:5310.0MLord Caitanya Starts the Sankirtana Movement 
1994.03.14Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Madhya 1146:4110.7MThe Glories of Lord Nityananda, w/ Giriraja Swami, Nitaicand SwamiGauranga Lila
1994.03.15Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Madhya 1863:5114.6MLord Caitanya Dances as Laksmi Devi, w/ Giriraja Swami, w/ HindiGauranga Lila
1994.03.17Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Madhya 761:3814.1MPundarika Vidyanidhi, w/ Giriraja Swami 
1994.03.19Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Adi 660:4513.9MNimai Begins Study and Performs Mischief, w/ Giriraja Swami, Umapati SwamiGauranga Lila
1994.03.20Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Adi 1163:0014.4MNimai Pandita Meets Isvara Puri, w/ Giriraja Swami 
1994.03.21Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Adi 1461:5514.2MLord Caitanya Travels to East Bengal, w/ Giriraja SwamiGauranga Lila
1994.03.22Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Adi 1461:2714.1MDealing With Feelings of Separation, w/ Giriraja SwamiGauranga Lila
1994.03.23Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Adi 1531:457.3MSri Nimai Marries Sri Visnupriya, w/ Giriraja SwamiGauranga Lila
1994.03.24Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Madhya 1349:4511.4MHow Jagai and Madhai Were Saved, w/ Giriraja SwamiGauranga Lila
1994.03.25Navadvipa, IndiaC.Bhag Madhya 1533:207.6MMadhai Attains Transcendental Bliss, w/ Giriraja SwamiGauranga Lila
1994.04.18IsraelSB 1.8.2953:1312.2M  
1994.04.24Hong KongSB 2.1.1157:0913.1MChanting in Association, w/ Cantonese 
1994.04.24Hong KongBG 6.635:478.2MTrain Up Our Mind, w/ Cantonese 
1994.04.25Hong KongBG 6.825:305.8MIgnite Devotional Fire, w/ Cantonese 
1994.04.26Hong KongSB 2.1.1341:479.6MPraying for Compassion, w/ Cantonese 
1994.04.27Hong KongSB 2.1.1433:037.6MImportance of Hearing, w/ Cantonese 
1994.04.27Hong KongBG 6.1034:449.9MSense Control, w/ Cantonese 
1994.05.03Hong KongSB 2.1.1938:358.8MObject of Meditation, w/ Cantonese 
1994.05.05Zurich, SwitzerlandCcAntya 20.1270:2216.1MCeto Darpana MarjanamOn Mahaprabhu's Order
1994.05.05Zurich, Switzerland 56:2412.9MPrayers to the Six Goswamis, w/ Sacinandana Swami 
1994.05.06Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 7.8.5353:3112.3MThe Real ProtectionOn Mahaprabhu's Order
1994.05.07H.t.Heide, NLHome Program106:1524.3MEducation, Association, ElevationHappy Days in Amsterdam
1994.05.08Amsterdam, NLSFL BG 7.397:3922.4MWhy a Pure Devotee Is Very Rare, w/ DutchHappy Days in Amsterdam
1994.05.08Amsterdam, NLDarsana64:2314.7MQuestions and AnswersHappy Days in Amsterdam
1994.05.09Amsterdam, NLSB 1.8.3475:0717.2MMatter Requires the Touch of KrsnaHappy Days in Amsterdam
1994.05.09Hillegom, NLHome Program83:0319.0MKnowledge Which Led to Surrender, w/ DutchHappy Days in Amsterdam
1994.05.10Amsterdam, NLSB 1.8.3556:0012.8MKrsna Consciousness Removes Blocks From The HeartHappy Days in Amsterdam
1994.05.10 Darsana50:2811.6Mw/ BhaktasHappy Days in Amsterdam
1994.05.22Houston, USSFL SB 736:098.3M  
1994.05.23Houston, USNrsimha Caturdasi SB 7.9.2857:1613.1M  
1994.06.10Dallas, USHome Program SB 11.5.36113:1525.9M  
1994.06.11Houston, USEve Darsana91:1720.9MSymptoms of Kali Yoga Exposed, w/ Dhanurdhara Swami 
1994.06.12Houston, USSFL33:527.8MIn Spiritual Life Everyone Is a WinnerGifts of a Sadhu
1994.06.17Houston, USBG 5.1-593:2221.4MWork for Krsna Will Make Detachment EasyBhagavad-gita Ch 5 - Action in Krsna Consciousness
1994.06.18Houston, USSB 6.16.756:0812.9MTake Shelter of Eternal RelationshipsLesson in Detachment -- History of King Citraketu
1994.06.18Houston, USBG 5.7-10101:3923.3MKrsna Consciousness Is Not for FoolsBhagavad-gita Ch 5 - Action in Krsna Consciousness
1994.06.19Houston, USSB 6.16.852:3612.0M  
1994.06.19Houston, USFather's Day36:018.2M  
1994.06.21Houston, USEve Darsana56:4113.0MAssociation of Pure Devotees Brings Us Into the Spiritual World 
1994.06.25Houston, USSB 6.16.2064:2514.7MFast From Maya, Feast With KrsnaLesson in Detachment -- History of King Citraketu
1994.06.28Houston, USSB 6.16.23-2459:4513.7MA Devotee Is Prepared to Do Anything for KrsnaLesson in Detachment -- History of King Citraketu
1994.06.29Houston, USSB 6.16.2539:129.0MHow to Please Krsna and Receive His MercyLesson in Detachment -- History of King Citraketu
1994.07.01Houston, USBG 5.17-2185:2619.6MHow to Rise Above the Modes of Material NatureBhagavad-gita Ch 5 - Action in Krsna Consciousness
1994.07.02Houston, USBG 5.22-2674:5217.1MCultivating Inner HappinessBhagavad-gita Ch 5 - Action in Krsna Consciousness
1994.07.03Houston, USBG 5.26-2949:3911.4MThe Peace FormulaBhagavad-gita Ch 5 - Action in Krsna Consciousness
1994.07.04Houston, USSB 6.16.2937:058.5MQuick Surrender, Quick LiberationLesson in Detachment -- History of King Citraketu
1994.07.06Dallas, USSB 9.5.2652:4412.1MBe Prepared for DetachmentTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1994.07.07Dallas, USCcM 1357:1013.1MLord Caitanya Dances at Ratha-yatraLord Caitanya Dances at Ratha-yatra Festival
1994.07.08Dallas, USCc47:4910.9MLord Caitanya Dances at Ratha-yatraLord Caitanya Dances at Ratha-yatra Festival
1994.07.11Houston, USSB 6.16.46-4742:009.6MA Devotee Has No Double StandardLesson in Detachment -- History of King Citraketu
1994.07.12Houston, USSB 6.16.48-5068:3915.7MStay on Board for the OceanlinerLesson in Detachment -- History of King Citraketu
1994.07.23Houston, USVaraha App66:0115.1MThe Story of Lord Varahadeva's AppearanceVaisnava Festival Days Vol I
1994.07.27Houston, USGopala Bhatta Disapp64:4614.8M  
1994.08.02Dallas, USSB 9.8.2440:269.3MPeace of Mind Comes From Serving KrsnaTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1994.08.06Dallas, USSB 9.9.2-554:5312.6MOur Only Worry: To Love KrsnaTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1994.08.10Dallas, USSB 9.9.652:0911.9MTake Bath in Saintly AssociationTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1994.08.07Dallas, USSFL20:564.8MBeware of Govinda, Stealer of HeartsTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1994.08.10Hong KongSB 2.4.655:2715.9MKnowing the Creation Helps to Love Krsna More 
1994.08.10Hong KongBG 3.10-1445:1312.9MYajna Karma, w/ Cantonese 
1994.08.11Hong KongSB 2.4.744:4710.3MNo One Falls From Vaikuntha 
1994.08.11Hong Kong 28:448.2MQ&A, w/ Cantonese 
1994.08.12 Initiation SB 2.4.839:038.9MInconceivable Creation 
1994.08.27Hong KongSB 2.4.2068:1515.6MRealizations of Sukadeva 
1994.08.28Hong KongSB 2.4.2149:4611.4MProcess of Samadhi 
1994.08.28Hong KongWedding43:4320.0Mw/ Cantonese 
1994.08.29Hong KongJanmastami Initiation91:4621.0Mw/ Giridhari Swami 
1994.09.02Hong KongSB 2.4.2350:5814.6MReciting Prayers With Feeling 
1994.09.07Hong KongSB 2.5.445:5513.1MFavorable Questions 
1994.09.10New Delhi, IndiaSB 10.21.573:1616.8Mw/ Hindi 
1994.09.12Vrndavana, IndiaRadhastami64:1114.7Mw/ Various Speakers 
1994.09.27Vrndavana, India 47:2510.9MSrila Prabhupada's Arrival in USA 
1994.10.07Vrndavana, IndiaSB 5.13.2236:148.3MThe Art of AssociationComing Home to Vrndavana
1994.10.28Vrndavana, IndiaRadhakunda App69:2715.9MRadhakunda Appearance DayComing Home to Vrndavana
1994.11.06Vrndavana, IndiaPrabhupada Disapp89:3920.5MPrabhupada's Disappearance Pastimes, w/ Giriraja Swami, Radhanatha SwamiComing Home to Vrndavana
1994.11.24Bombay, IndiaSB 7.5.2651:4011.8MConstant Preaching Will Protect UsParivrajakacarya
1994.11.24B. Manor, UKSB 2.5.2340:419.3MWhy We Need to Study the CreationParivrajakacarya
1994.11.28Zurich, SwitzerlandCcM 1.21845:4310.5MHow to Deal With Envy in Spiritual LifeOn Mahaprabhu's Order
1994.11.29Zurich, SwitzerlandSB 7.15.4586:3619.8MFight Maya With Strength of GuruOn Mahaprabhu's Order
1994.11.29Zurich, SwitzerlandCcAdi 9.4238:568.9MBook Distribution Facilitates Perfection of DutyOn Mahaprabhu's Order
1994.11.30Amsterdam, NLArrival27:386.3MTrue Safety Is Found at Krsna's FeetGlimpse Into Goloka Series
1994.11.30Driebergen, NLHome Program129:0629.6MThe Gift of Lord CaitanyaGlimpse Into Goloka Series
1994.12.01Amsterdam, NLSB 1.10.2861:1614.0MThe Glories of Conjugal LoveGlimpse Into Goloka Series
1994.12.02Amsterdam, NLSB 1.10.2983:0419.0MDevotion Outweighs DisqualificationGlimpse Into Goloka Series
1994.12.02Amsterdam, NLBG 5.1-386:3719.8MDo Your Duty and Remember Krsna, w/ DutchGlimpse Into Goloka Series
1994.12.03Amsterdam, NLInitiation37:508.7M  
1994.12.06Washingon DC, USEve Program45:0310.3Mw/ Giriraja Swami 
1994.12.08Dallas, USSB 1.2.1244:0210.1MPull Up Your AnchorTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1994.12.09Dallas, USSB 1.2.1334:337.9MDo Your Share of PreachingTaste of the Ripened Fruit
1994.12.10Austin, USC.Bhag53:1212.2MDistribute the Mercy & You Will Get the MercySankirtana Spirit
1994.12.11El Paso, USSB 1.8.4139:028.9MOn Family AttachmentSankirtana Spirit
1994.12.13Houston, USCcM 1575:0017.2MAmogha Lila 
1994.12.14Houston, USSB 7.2.3938:228.5MWake Up From Maya -- Visnu's Dream 
1994.12.15Houston, USBG 10.1781:5518.8MThe Hare Krsna Life Insurance PolicyEverfresh
1994.12.17Houston, USBG 18.1189:5720.6MCome and Live With Us!Everfresh
1994.12.18Dallas, USBG 4.3827:326.3MThe Best CharityEverfresh
1994.12.20Dallas, USSB 1.2.2240:309.3MDevotional Service Brings Great Delight 
1994.12.22Dallas, USSB 1.2.2331:337.2MOnly Visnu Can Give Liberation 
1994.12.24Dallas, USSB 1.2.2532:337.5MLive Your Life in the Order of Guru